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Legal issues with a Magic Item Shop generator for 5th edition


I am a programmer and Web developer. I am creating little javascript app to generate a magic shop item inventory. Various items will either be in stock or not in stock based on randomization, with common items being more likely and rarer items being less likely. The app will also randomize prices of items based on their rarity. I also think that I want to be able to display the description of the item on a hover or click of the item.

I am making this for myself and my home game, but I am considering offering this for free to whomever else wants it through a public website link. What are the legal issues and IP rights I need to be aware of? Could I do this if I am not making any money on it (not even add revenue from the site)?

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
The amount of money you make from it is irrelevant. Copyright infringement doesn't take price into account (well, until it gets to the damages stage).

You could probably do it under the Open Gaming License. Just check the SRD to make sure the content you want to include is in there.