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Legend of the Seeker #9: Puppeteer


Zedd uses magic to outsmart Darken Rahl and steal the third and final Box of Orden.

This week's episode.

Pretty good episode, and once again Zedd managed to steal the show. He seems to do that whenever he goes off on his own. Watching him
make a fool of Darken Rahl
was definitely worth the hour.

Truth Seeker

Sorry, must disagree, the little girl (the princess' playmate), was just dandy.

But something strange happen last night, there was another new show (LOFS) right after, my VCR mysteriously taped 2 hours worth of new eps.

(Thanks the Heavens with a grateful prayer)


Both of the girls I think played the roles pretty well.

But I still stand by my assertion that Zedd stole the show here.


This week's repeat. This episode was one of my favorites from the season.

Looks like we get some new stuff next week. Probably wrapping up the season.


Been catching up with this, and glad it's been getting better after a rather shoddy pilot. This episode and the one before this was excellent.

Though I thought if the woman went around hawking the pink sapphire she'll probably find herself in the dungeons before long...