D&D 5E [Legendary Games] Templars & Tyrants 5E Quickstarter Coming Next Week - 11/1!


The latest Quick-Starter from Legendary Games for DnD 5th Edition! Sign up now to get notified on launch next week on 11/1 - All Saints Day! This book is already completed in layout and will be ready for immediate download as soon as the KS ends, with print books available as soon as we can get them ready for you!

Templars & Tyrants shines a light on the holiest heroes of them all in DnD 5E: paladins eternally devoted to the ideals of goodness and righteousness. These ardent crusaders against darkness take charge to push back lawless and treacherous intruders even as they stand as stoic sentinels against the onslaught of evil. You’ll find new class features like divine scourges and repel evil, new sacred oaths like the celestial centurion, auroran, grail knight, and oath of zeal, in addition to options for blending other classes with the chivalric ideal like the barbarian angel of wrath and warlock saint patron, plus the versatile paraclete subclass for the pure in heart of every class from bard to wizard!

This book also balances such champions of virtue with masters of vice with the new antipaladin class! These villains of the deepest dye are perfect foils for your mightiest heroes or ideal for an evil campaign. Unleash class features like tainted blade, infernal defiance, aura of terror, and sacrifice minion, or specialize with the oath of the dark deacon or oath of the black knight or feats like Piercing Corruption, Face of True Fear, and Bound to Blackest Witchcraft.

This incredible class expansion features over 40 feats and class abilities and nearly 20 new oaths, backgrounds, and alternate classes for paladins and antipaladins. In addition, you’ll find an incredible collection of enchantments both sacred and profane, with nearly 40 magic items from the crusader aegis and holy purifier to the midnight beacon, knight fall bracers, and unholy reaver. You’ll also find over 100 new spells from angelic aspect and blaze of glory to ruthless beating and word of pain to make your spellcasting truly shine, including unique paladin and antipaladin-only spells and lists for every 5E casting class!


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