D&D 5E [Legendary Games] The Templars & Tyrants Quick-Starter is Live!


Some like to celebrate Halloween with horror, but as the calendar flips to November we're flipping the script and celebrating All Saints Day with a tribute to paladins, the saintliest class in 5E - the paladin! - and their nefarious nemeses, the brand-new antipaladin class! The Templars & Tyrants Quick-Starter has launched, featuring an awesome 80-page class expansion already complete and ready for immediate PDF fulfillment when the Kickstarter ends 11/21, with books going to the printer as soon as we finalize counts in Backerkit!

This fabulous class book includes over 40 feats and class abilities and nearly 20 new oaths, backgrounds, and alternate classes for paladins and antipaladins. Champions of purity wield new class features like divine scourges and repel evil, new sacred oaths like the celestial centurion, auroran, grail knight, and oath of zeal, in addition to options for blending other classes with the chivalric ideal like the barbarian angel of wrath and warlock saint patron, plus the versatile paraclete subclass for the pure in heart of every class from bard to wizard! Dastardly antipaladins unleash class features like tainted blade, infernal defiance, aura of terror, and sacrifice minion, or specialize with the oath of the dark deacon or oath of the black knight or feats like Piercing Corruption, Face of True Fear, and Bound to Blackest Witchcraft.

In addition, you’ll find nearly 40 sacred and profane magic items from the crusader aegis and holy purifier to the midnight beacon and unholy reaver. You’ll also find over 100 new spells from angelic aspect and blaze of glory to ruthless beating and word of pain to make your spellcasting truly shine, including unique paladin and antipaladin-only spells and lists for every 5E casting class!

PLUS, we've got incredible add-ons, over 1000 pages of incredible adventures, treasures, monsters, NPCs, class options, and more for DnD 5E, plus a spectacular Pathfinder RPG bonus bundle for crusading campaigns of holiness and heresy at 60% off! Head over to Kickstarter and pledge now!

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