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D&D 5E Leif's First 5E Homebrew In-Character Thread 1A

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All this talk of bandits was making Harald's legs turn to jelly but then a worse thought comes into mind his boots where coveted in mud, they where a Samuel original! Quickly he cleans the mud from his boots using magic. Before he mumbles more to himself than anyone that may be listening"Odd how these bandits know about these diamonds and that there are three of them, yet no one else knows of a third. Ahem your holiness." Harald sounds unsure addressing the priest like this prehaps he simply doesn't know how to address him or maybe he is uncomfortable showing such respect to some one beneath him I mean that robe could never be in style."The mayor's wife, did she love the mayor? Did he love her? Where they seen fighting? I have a theory.'"

Fifthteach is muttering to himself at the moment trying to get everything in straigth. Then one part Comes out much clearer, clear enough for Most to head.
"Mmh... perhaps... it's just that they need three in total? Maybe... similar demands have been Made at the Griphons 'ead and Red Wall?

He continues muttering


Stone Mill -- Priest of Diancecht's home, Father O'Bannon

Continuing to sweat profusely, the priest mops his brow with his handkerchief before he continues: "Yes, yes, I believe you have the right of it, Sir Dwarf -- the impression that I gathered was that the bandits did not seek these stones because of any particular properties of the stones, but only ones that were valuable and relatively small and easy to carry or hide, so any gemstones would do. The ones that they asked for are just the most valuable items commonly known around here. One does wonder just where they plan to sell such stones, because doing so near this region would surely be ill-advised. And we are not familiar with the methods and practices of these bandits. To my knowledge, they were unknown to anyone here before this demand was made. Also, my impression was that three were demanded because three are worth more than two, and if they know of two, why could there not also be more?"
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Stone Mill
Round 0

“I suppose that makes sense,” Risia mused, though she was still a bit skeptical. “When and where was the mayor’s wife taken?” she asked. “Did anyone see it happen? Or was it just a ransom note that showed up?”

Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

HP: 10/10
AC: 13

Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation
L1 (1/1): Faerie Fire, Sleep


Stone Mill -- Priest of Diancecht's home, Father O'Bannon

"The mayor's wife was taken in broad daylight, right out in the street. She was doing her daily shopping when she was grabbed by a big half-orc brute, who announced that she was being taken for ransom. It was appalling! I didn't see it, but I heard soon after."


Stone Mill -- Priest of Diancecht's home, Father O'Bannon

"Doubtless lying low like sensible folks. Town guards are not expected to make suicidal attacks."

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