D&D 5E Leif's First 5E Homebrew In-Character Thread 1A


"Where supposed to go down there? Down some dark dingy hole, I don't recall many tales of adventure starting with heroes shimmying through cracks."

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Watch Tower -- Search for the Back Door

OOC: Ow Great xD so basicly Fifthteach thinks they have been lead along?

OOC: No, not what I meant to imply. I've edited that post below now. All I meant was that Fiftheach can't see the tracks clearly.

OOC: I was hoping that some others would roll to see if they can pick up the trail any better.


OOC: Well Harald was trying to avoid rolling around in the dirt but if needs must. [roll0]
Harald inspects the ground he thinks he read a book on hunting once and he didn't trust the dwarf they where often drunk and unreliable.


Harald and Lee both find the trail and it leads ominously into the deepening and darkening defile. After a bit, the defile becomes more of a wide natural ditch, and the tracks lead up to a bare rock face in one side of it.

OOC: I thought that was what bards were for. :D
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Lee examines the rock and surrounding area for tracks and then for a means of entering a tunnel that might exist beyond the rock.

OOC: Investigation [roll0]


Goblin Watchtower
Round 0

“Come, Harald. Adventure awaits!” Risia said, and dragged the bard after her down the defile and to the tower.

“Well, this is disconcerting,” Risia mused. “Gravel wasn’t lying to me.” She studied the rock as well, trying to find an entrance.

Investigation: 1D20+1 = [18]+1 = 19

Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

HP: 10/10
AC: 13

Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation
L1 (0/1/R): Faerie Fire, Sleep
Fey Presence (0/1/R)


The Back Door

Lee and Risia inspect the rock face and find a secret door, but the method for openiong it is not readily apparent. There are some tracks here, but not the confusion and profusion of tracks that might be expected to surround an often-used door.

[OOC, Searinox Nagharha -- Hold your horses, Fiftheach! Don't get too far ahead of the DM.]


Harald inspects the door his mother was a dab hand at finding hidden doors or so he was told after looking at the door Harald looks to the foot prints to see if a pattern emerges.
OOC: Not what roll you want or a combination of rolls.


Search for Door Mechanism (how to pop that sucker open)

OOC: Not quite sure what roll(s) to ask for. For now, let's go at it in a more narrative fashion. Just describe what your characters do, and we'll go from there. Be as specific as you can in describing the actions taken. No hinges are evident from this side of the door, obviously.
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OOC: Um, all we know is there is a slab in a ravine with little foot traffic. Describe the slab better.

Is the slab leaning against more stone? Is there anything unusually in the dirt around the slab? How thick does the slab seem? Are there any bumps or grooves in the slab? Any bumps or groves on the ground in front of the slab? Is the slab fully vertical or at an angle? Is there anything unusual topside of the ravine near the slab?

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