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The pure shadow assassin was DDI/Dragon only. And IMHO, the guilds (executioner) are just fluff to bind the favorite weapon types together to a common theme. They added recently another type in the dragon (the toc is still free ;) )

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Thanks, Dad, it's always nice to receive praise from the parental units!

Scotley -- looking more at Heroes of Shadow to check out your assassin schtuff. Did you pick up on the fact that you need to be a member of an assassins' guild? I'm thinking there's most likely an InterPlanar, Eladrin guild headquartered in the Feywild that would be apprpriate. I'll let you name it and stuff, or if you're too busy I can take a crack at it in the days ahead. However, I'm pretty much going to insist that the guild be mostly composed of followers of the 'dark side,' with a disproportionately high number of members who are Drow, Revenant, and other 'undesirable' types. Oh yeah, Scotley, and are just a vanilla Assassin, or are you an Executioner? I guess you must be an Executioner, because I don't see coverage [powers and so forth] of any other sort of Assassin....

I went with the plain vanilla assassin rather than the Essentials type executioner in Heroes of Shadow. I'll send you the details.


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Where does getting tasked with investigating the DweomerFall fit into our level progression?

Was it at level 1? Or later in our careers?


That's a good question, Sparky. Hmmm, I gave a rough timeline of your progression so far, I think. You learned of the DweomerFall from Archangault the Black Dragon, who holds Eladrin and Human practitioners of magic responsible for the DweomerFall. Before that, some of the Eladrin Elders had "poo-poo'ed" the notion of a DweomerFall. By now, it is virtually universally accepted, if not really understood.

[If any of this post conradicts my previous statments about the DweomerFall, then the earlier post controls and is accurate.]
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