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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 2.

Encounter #5 Ygrut's Last Trap (1-10)

[sblock=The Map]

Ygrut’s Last Trap takes place in area 1-10 on the map (see below).


Ragnarr leads the adventurers left from the secret door up a short flight of stairs and in to another ruined chamber choked with rubble, the walls are covered with a myriad rotten tapestries.

“Shush!” The rogue warns, but it’s too late a ragged band of ancient looking ravens, squawk and hop, then take to the air, clearly intent on doing the dwarves harm.

“Odd.” Koda states.

Tordek and Grimm move in to the chamber…

Bad Guys 400 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Ancient Raven Level 1 Lurker x4

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


The ravens swoop and swerve, the dwarves move in to the chamber ducking and dodging, the birds seem a little… ill-equipped for the fight; they’re not even very agile in the air.

Ragnarr spins out a dagger, wings one.

Grimm swears an Oath and then delivers his Focussed Fury, a second raven is swatted to the floor, one wing smashed, it’s beyond bloodied almost terminally broken.

Koda takes a nip, no more than a peck en route to the centre of the chamber; the monk unleashes his Five Storms, the raven that Ragnarr hurt is left bloodied on the floor, the one that Grimm smashed down is stomped underfoot- dead.

“Odd!” Koda states again, this really is an easy fight.

Tordek moves in and smashes the first raven dead.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note is alas a little off key.

The dwarves look about the broken chamber, as they pick their way through the piles of rubble, there is alas nothing else here to challenge them.

The two remaining ravens flutter and circle, one of them manages to claw Fenchurch, but again- a scratch, no more.

Then suddenly an crossbow bolt flies out from… somewhere? Ygrut the Trapmaster is in to the action, concealed in an alcove behind one of the tapestries, he’s firing through a small hole.

Although at this point the adventurers have no idea which tapestry.

Bad Guys 800 XP Level 3 Encounter.
Ancient Raven Level 1 Lurker x4
Ygrut the Trapmaster, Dwarf Level 5 Elite Soldier

[sblock=Ygrut, the Trapmaster]


[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Fenchurch clutches at his side, removes his hand- slick with blood, he then slides down the wall and comes to rest in a crumpled heap on the floor, the bard is dying.

Ygrut hits with combat advantage for 23 points of damage, Koda was on 23 hit points at the time- the dwarf is also taking ongoing 5 poison damage. The healer’s down.

“Where?” Ragnarr begins, and then slashes and cuts one of the ravens as it dives at him.

“Save him!” Grim shouts and then delivers his Oath, and cuts again- the same raven Ragnarr cut is sliced in two.

Koda is quickly to Fenchurch, alas the monk cannot stir the bard.

Tordek thumps the last of the ancient raven’s, the bird- still alive but almost broken, hops around the floor- unable to take flight.

And the guys make a Perception Check; 14 is the dwarves best score- Ygrut remains hidden.

The last raven hops up to Tordek and begins pecking at the fighter’s shins.

“Ow!” Tordek mocks, and giggles.

Less than a second later he sprouts a crossbow bolt from his chest; Tordek swoons, staggers and has to grab out to stop himself from falling.

Tordek is hit for 22 points of damage, reducing the fighter to 4 hit points- he also has ongoing poison damage to contend with.

Ragnarr’s still none the wiser- he has no idea who is shooting at them, the rogue scuttles over and with a Clever Strike cuts the last raven- dead.

Grimm however spots where the last crossbow bolt came from.

The avenger rushes forward and rips a tapestry aside, beyond is an alcove- crudely carved in to the stone wall, within is Ygrut the Trapmaster, an ancient mad-eyed dwarf armed with a crossbow fitted with a blade. Grimm swears his Oath and stabs at Ygrut, he misses.

Koda meanwhile grabs out a potion of healing and pours the liquid in to the dying Fenchurch, the bard opens his eyes.

Tordek gets his Second Wind, screams and then launches himself at Ygrut, who swats the fighter aside.

Both Tordek and Fenchurch are still however bloodied, that is until…

Fenchurch stands and offers some Majestic Words to Tordek, the fighter feels fit again- ready for more action.

Ygrut grins, and then speaks-

“Birrrrrrrrrrrds!” The Trapmaster offers and then makes chirruping sounds, seconds later another crossbow bolt whizzes past Tordek’s ear.

Grimm stabs twice at the mad dwarf monster (an Action Point), both minor cuts, his Radiant Vengeance seems a little impotent.

Ygrut still has over 100 hit points left.

Koda manoeuvres out of Ygrut’s range and sight.

Tordek stabs with his Steel Serpent Strike, with a little help from Grimm’s Divine Guidance- he skewers the mad dwarf who grimaces back, he then tries again (Action Point) but fails to land his attack.

Once more Fenchurch’s Staggering Note is off-key.

Ygrut fires again, the dwarf capers and giggles, another miss- although Tordek almost gets a centre-parting.

Ragnarr throws his dagger, Grimm stabs with his greatsword- both connect but their hearty blows turn out to be mere scratches.

Koda dodges out from hiding, throws rocks and stones grabbed in haste from the floor of the chamber.

“Kill him.” The monk states and nods at Tordek, occupying Ygrut to give the fighter the advantage.

Tordek winks back at Koda, swings with all his might- and misses.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note is off-key- thank the Lord for Copy & Paste.

And yet another crossbow bolt whizzes… oh no- the bolt takes part of Tordek’s right ear off, the fighter’s bloodied, and bleeding.

Ygrut has a high AC, the rest of his defences are average for his level- he's very hard to hit, particularly for Level 1 PCs.

Grimm scratches at the mad dwarf again, he’s still not bloodied- the rest of the dwarves repeat the previous formula, with absolutely no success.

Tordek gets his other ear pinned, he staggers.

I should have used my Action Point here for Ygrut- I forgot.

Ragnarr and Grimm, again, fail to make their mark; Koda cannot get in to the action and so continues to throw rocks and insults.

Tordek takes advantage, and slices Ygrut with his Weapon Master’s Menace, the Trapmaster experiences a doubt, he’s bloodied.

Fenchurch offers up more Majestic Words and Tordek is looking well again, the bard then hits the spot with his Staggering Note, Tordek swipes with his battleaxe and almost cuts through Ygut’s right leg just above the knee.

A critical hit by Tordek for 23 points of damage, leaving the Trapmaster on just 24 hit points.

Ygrut is on his last legs (no pun… yeesh), and at this point I remember that the Trapmaster has an Action Point to spend.

Ygrut fires two crossbow bolts in to Tordek- both bolts smash through the dwarf’s armour and in to his chest, he staggers- looks down, grins and then pulls both bolts out.

I roll minimum damage- twice.

Ragnarr’s blade flies out and thumps in to the Trapmaster, Tordek rushes in and runs him through.

The Trapmaster falls forward and I allow Tordek and Koda, who are in close, to make Perception checks- DC20. Koda spots that the grizzled mad dwarf has a rope tied around his waist, the rope heads back to some sort of mechanism, a system of pulleys... I ask (Dave) Koda what he wants to do- 'catch him' comes the reply, as simple as that.

Koda needs to make an Athletics check DC20, he rolls '18', and is +2, what do you know- Koda saves the day.

With a little help Ragnarr finds and nullifies the trap- the entire ceiling was triggered to collapse, if and when, Ygrut’s body hit the deck.

1050 XP Level 5 Encounter.
Ancient Raven Level 1 Lurker x4
Ygrut the Trapmaster Dwarf Level 5 Elite Soldier
Ceiling Collapse Trap Level 6 Trap

There's little in the way of treasure here, although the bladebow used by Ygrut is a very strange weapon, otherwise a few gems and coins are discovered.

Ygrut is however the first of the dwarves the characters have got close to- the adventurers spend some time examining the dead dwarf. The Trapmaster wears nothing to indicate the name of his clan, his armour and clothes are seemingly ancient- certainly several centuries old. The dwarf is also venerable, however he bears other strange markings- Ygrut’s skin is sallow, almost all of the pigment gone from it. His hair is brittle and in places seems to have fallen out in great clumps leaving bald patches; it is likewise unkempt and clotted with grease, and dirt, and worse. The dwarf is hunched and crippled; his skin covered with spots and boils, and in places open sores.

He looks ill- very ill, there’s something not quite right here, and yet the adventurers are at a loss, various Heal checks only add to the mystery- the consensus is the dwarf is suffering from some long-term disease, or even poison; the ailment may also be causing mental problems- the Trapmaster certainly acted strangely, making weird noises and gestures.


The adventurers however are broken- Tordek and Koda have no Healing Surges left to spend, and Tordek is on 6 hit points. Fenchurch still has three Healing Surges left but Grimm and Ragnarr have only one each.

They can go no further, reluctantly the dwarves agree to take an Extended Rest, the players understand the consequences of this action- a dwarf (from the original group) will be sacrificed this evening.

The dwarves backtrack to the secret door through which they entered the goblin lair- back in to the zombie chamber; they drag all of the bodies with them, and the goblin chief- so that the chambers look empty. Then they rest.

A little later on, after a short discussion, the goblin war chief is slaughtered, for sending them in the wrong direction, there are no moral dilemmas here.

Overnight Adrik, Priest of Moradin, is sacrificed to the Mountain King- that's three of the original five adventurer’s dead now. Obviously the players don’t get to know this.

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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 2.

Encounter #6 The Platform (1-8a)

[sblock=The Map]

The Platform is in area 1-8A on the map (see below).


The adventurers extended rest is not without incident- on several occasions Ragnarr is roused and made to listen again at the secret door- dwarven voices, raised dwarven voices- arguing, the last one a screamed- “Well they didn’t just bloody disappear!”

It seems the goblins the adventurers slaughtered are being missed. Fortunately the secret entrance remains undiscovered.

Rest over Ragnarr leads the dwarven adventurers back through the secret door, creeping all the way. Surprisingly there's no one guarding the place, the chamber has been left abandoned, as has the goblin war chief's former quarters.

In reality the kindly DM wanted to give the players a chance to visit a few more places, I could have left a lone guard or two but that would just cut down my options later on.

The guys move out, and head west rather than east, away from Ygrut the Trapmaster’s chamber, Koda and Ragnarr creep forward, both roll high on their Stealth checks.

The pair scurry out in to a much larger room- a huge set of closed doors to the west, and a large open stair to the east- noises from up the stairs. The rest of the dwarves catch up and the scouts move ahead again- towards the noise, sounds of the goblin tongue, up the stairs.

Moments later, and after more good (20+) Stealth checks, Ragnarr and Koda are crouched below the level of the stairs looking up at a crude campsite inhabited by four goblins, all armed with javelins, one of the four is a thickset Hobgoblin.

The players recognise the area (OOC), they're atop the platform from which they were peppered with javelins in their first attack on the lair.

This time however the tables are turned, the remainder of the dwarves creep up the stairs, as far as they can get without alerting the inhabitants to their presence, they take a moment to ready themselves, and then launch their attacks.

Bad Guys 575 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Goblin Javelintosser Level 2 Artillery x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant Level 5 Soldier

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Ragnarr’s dagger starts the rot (for the goblins) it slams in to the hobgoblin’s back, Koda follows up but his target somehow evades his chop, the other dwarves scream and rush in to the fray.

Koda is straight in to the thick of the action, his famous Five Storms is put to the test- alas only the hobgoblin suffers, and then only just enough to leave it bloodied.

Ragnarr and Koda are struck by javelins, two of the goblins retreat to the very edge of the balcony and begin screaming for reinforcements from below.

Tordek’s Steel Serpent Strike almost takes out the hobgoblin lieutenant while Fenchurch ensures that Koda will not fall, his Majestic Words buoy the monk.

The goblin’s screams and shouts echo below- deeper voices, certainly not goblins, whoever they are they’re on their way up the stairs.

Bad Guys 925 XP Level 4 Encounter.
Goblin Javelintosser Level 2 Artillery x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant Level 5 Soldier
Orc Berserker Level 4 Brute x2

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Tordek grimaces as the hobgoblin spears him, the creature orders his compatriots to finish the dwarf fighter. Ragnarr gets his Second Wind then shuffles behind the hobgoblin- stabs the critter in the back and takes it down- the goblin’s leader is dead.

Koda smashes one of the goblin’s in the head, punches it in the gut- the fiend staggers back bloodied.

The adventurers will have to be quick, the orc berserkers from below and rushing up the stairs.

Ragnarr’s struck by a javelin, another of the goblins draws its short sword and stabs Koda.

Tordek and Grimm slice at the nearest enemy, another of the goblins is left bloodied. Fenchurch helps out with his Staggering Note, the goblin only just manages to prevent the bard’s power from hurling off the balcony.

And down below a pair of dwarf guards take notice of events above. they head on up to join in the fun.

Bad Guys 1225 XP Level 5 Encounter.
Goblin Javelintosser Level 2 Artillery x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant Level 5 Soldier
Orc Berserker Level 4 Brute x2
Dwarf Guard Level 3 Soldier x2

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Ragnarr takes the first goblin down with a Torturous Strike, Koda accounts for the second with his Dancing Cobra attack.

The last of the goblins hurls another javelin at Tordek, the fighter is bloodied, and then screaming all the while heads down the stairs trying to hide behind the orcs.

Tordek and Grimm share a nod- the pair make their way to the top of the stairs just in time to great the first orc berserker, they cut and the orc dies- sent hurtling over the side. Tordek gets his Second Wind and grins.

The action moves to the stairs, the dwarven adventurers descending to meet their enemies rush- Grimm slashes the remaining orc with a Focussed Fury, Fenchurch’s Staggering Note leaves the brute bloodied.

Steel rings- the fracas is frantic.

The two dwarven guards arrive- charging at full speed, Koda is slashed, Tordek is cut. The monk is not happy, he moves again in to the midst of his enemies and unleashes his Five Storms once more.

Pathetic, for all his effort Koda’s attack is ineffective, only a glancing blow to the orc berserker. Koda loses his cool and tries again (Action Point) with his Spinning Leopard Strike (Daily)- ooof!

The last orc berserker is chopped and kicked clean off the stairs, the poor bastard falls just short of fifty feet and smashes in to the ground- dead. Both of the dwarf guards and kicked, slapped and punched.

That’s better.

The last goblin hurls another javelin, Tordek staggers- almost falls.

Tordek is on 4 hit points.

Grimm swears his Oath and goes after the nearest dwarf guard- two hits Focussed Fury (Action Point) and the squat humanoid is left bloodied and staggering.

Fenchurch screams out his Shout of Triump, alas the effect is minimal, only one of the dwarf guards is affected- and then only slightly. Ragnarr’s wounds heal over after the bard utters a few Majestic Words.

Grimm is sliced by a dwarf guard, Ragnarr manoeuvres around the enemy and stabs the squat bugger in the back- the dwarf falls.

The rogue is slashed and stabbed by a javelin for his efforts, the goblin edges a little further away from the action.

Grimm’s Focused Fury leaves the last dwarf guard bloodied, and trying desperately to retreat. Fenchurch gets in to the action- smashes the dwarf guard who is left spinning like a top, not long for this world.

The last enemy dwarf is down to 1 hit point.

Ragnarr spins a dagger out- the dwarf falls.

Koda is on his toes, and down the stairs in an instant- straight in to the goblin javelintosser’s face- he hits the fiend with his Dancing Cobra and accompanying Flurry of Blows., the creature staggers bloodied.

The goblin is the last enemy left standing- it runs.

Koda punches it, Ragnarr spins out a dagger, while Tordek chases after- screaming and threatening, and waving his battleaxe above his head- but the goblin is far too quick.

The dwarven fighter skids to a halt, grabs out a throwing axe and… hurls it.

The blade thumps in to the retreating goblin’s back, it flops forward and surfs its way in to a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs.


1225 XP Level 5 Encounter.
Goblin Javelintosser Level 2 Artillery x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant Level 5 Soldier
Orc Berserker Level 4 Brute x2
Dwarf Guard Level 3 Soldier x2

The area is thoroughly searched, as are the chamber’s former inhabitants, there’s little to find, some coins and a few other valuables.

The two dwarfs are given examined, like Ygrut the Trapmaster, they bare signs of some sort of ravaging disease; they are likewise sallow of skin, subject to minor malformations- one has only four fingers on one hand, the other has one ear massively larger than the other.

The dwarves are creepy.

Ragnarr continues his search meanwhile, he finds a secret compartment, a cache hidden behind a loose brick, the dwarven rogue however fails to disarm the trap and is briefly poisoned- again the pickings are slim.

The adventurers take a short rest and then take a nose around- they soon realise that the vast portals to the north stuck solid- Ragnarr that some massively heavy object prevents the doors from opening.

Which is a shame as this is the direction they need to travel to rescue their friends, as directed by the goblin war chief earlier.

Comment: And the player’s anger after the loss of the first adventuring party is somewhat assuaged, those that perpetrated the foul deed are now all very dead.

And with that the second session comes to an end, again some lovely combat encounters that had the players whooping for joy, and other emotions, in places.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Encounter #7 Gates of Iron & Flesh (1-4)

[sblock=The Map]

The Gate of Iron & Flesh is in area 1-4 of the map (see below).


The adventurers head down the great stairs and to the remains of the orc campsite below, they ransack the place but once again there’s little of value to find. There is however some strange contraption, a mechanism of some sort- all levers and valves.

The dwarves are wary however, they decide to leave the thing alone- at least for now.

A passage leads down in to an incredibly well-made and smooth corridor, there’s a dripping grate high on one wall, and ahead… a set of massive copper doors, slightly ajar.

The sounds of gruff voices come from beyond the portal- Orcs.

Bad Guys 432 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Orc Spearman Level 4 Minion x3
Orc Raider Level 3 Skirmisher x2

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


The guys creep forward and then leap through the great portal and in to the midst of the bad guys.

The closest orc raider is mobbed- it takes a dagger to the chest courtesy of Ragnarr, Grimm delivers a Whirlwind Charge which leaves it staggering and bloodied. Fenchurch follows up with his Staggering Note- the creature doesn’t have long to live.

It screams and shouts, more orcs come rushing.

The raiders are armed with greataxes- the first sucks up the hurt with a Warrior’s Surge and smashes Tordek, the second slashes and cuts Grimm.

Koda gets in to the mix, the monk unleashes his Five Storms, he chops an orc spearman down- dead, then punches and kicks both of the raiders, leaving the first staggering and almost broken.

But not for long, Ragnarr sticks his blade in the raider’s back, its dead; and then for good measure the dwarven rogue repeats the trick (Action Point) with the second orc raider, it’s bloodied.

The orc spearmen get busy- Ragnarr and Koda are spiked but it’s too little too late, the fight is becoming even more one-sided. Grimm swears his Oath against the last raider- slashes the orc with his Focussed Fury, Tordek finishes it off.

Fenchurch bellows out his Shout of Triumph and an orc spearman staggers and plummets off the edge of the cliff- there’s just one orc left standing.

Ragnarr manoeuvres with Koda- the pair have the orc flanked, the dwarven rogue finishes it.

432 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Orc Spearman Level 4 Minion x3
Orc Raider Level 3 Skirmisher x2

The orc’s bodies are searched, and then thrown over the cliff- in to the watery ravine, the sound of the waterfall is deafening here- the adventurers eventually retreat inside, pulling the portals shut- but not locked.

Comment: A very easy fight, and why not after some of the stuff they’ve been through. The guys saw the orcs at the entrance earlier, it would be silly for the front door to be unguarded- therefore I re-stocked the area with an easy encounter.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.


[sblock=The Map]

The dwarves start their exploring in area 1-6 on the map (see below).


The adventurers start by taking a wander down the passage (1-6)…


It ends in a drop, and what a drop- it’s at least forty, maybe even fifty feet, down- although what lies below is unknown, the area beyond is shrouded in darkness.

“Let’s find another way.” Ragnarr states and wanders back the way they came.

The adventurers make their way back in to the main entrance chamber- with the balcony above (1-8), there’s a ladder on one of the walls leading up in to an opening, Tordek waves Ragnarr forward.

“Why me?”
“Why indeed miscreant rogue?”

At the top of the ladder is a passage, clogged with debris and… traps, traps that have been activated. Ragnarr looks back down to his comrades.

[sblock=The Map]


“I’m not going down there… besides, I think it just leads back to the place we killed the mad dwarf, and I’m not going back in there again either.”

Ragnarr climbs back down the ladder.

There’s nothing for it, the dwarves head back to goblin war chief’s chamber- to the waterlogged door they encountered earlier.

[sblock=The Map]


Ragnarr listens at the door and hears, no hang on...

“EurrgghhAhAhAh!” Ragnarr screams and then pants, clutching at his ear with one hand.
“What is it?” Fenchurch enquires.
“Something just crawled in…” The rogue sounds desperate, he hops from foot to foot- doing a little dance, thumping the right side of his head with the flat of his hand in an effort to dislodge whatever now resides in his left ear.

“There’s nothing…” Fenchurch spots a worm or an… “Earwig! Urrrggghh!”

There follows approx. twenty minutes of bedlam- ideas are mooted, and then soon after rejected. Ragnarr’s ear is filled with water- the water does not however enter his ear canal. Fenchurch fashions a prodder and has a look around but… there’s seemingly no way to get whatever is in the rogue’s ear out.

He’s stuck with it.

Whatever it is.

Ragnarr is thereafter constantly aware that something is wandering around in his inner ear, until this situation is resolved all of his skill checks are subject to penalties.

The kindly DM states that only during an Extended Rest, or else a deliberate break of several hours or more, can another adventurer attempt to remove the foul creature, even then the adventurers must first fashion or find suitable tools.

“Open the door…” Tordek states, and points Ragnarr in the right direction.

Comment: Check out the earwig creature in the module book, on page 32.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Encounter #8 Lost Sons of Tannheim (1-14)

[sblock=The Map]

The Sons of Tannheim encounter takes place in area 1-14 on the map (see below).


It takes a little longer than the adventurers expected to get the door open- there’s really no other way at this juncture, and they must go on. In the end the guys are reduced to battering and smashing the door with hammers and axes, the door is wedged in its frame, swollen with the damp- and when it’s open the reason for this becomes obvious.

Three steps descend in to the dark chamber ahead, the room stinks like rotten eggs, is clogged with fallen timbers- and worse still is submerged, or at least in part. It seems the majority of the flagged floor of the chamber has fallen away leaving only islands of stone, in between foul water covered in a thick layer of black algae.

:):):):)!” Ragnarr sums up events.

Tordek tosses a sunrod in to the chamber, it floats, illuminating more of the same and several new and interesting features- the first is a chest, floating on what looks to be an island of algae; the second is a second set of stairs out of the chamber- only ten or so feet away, the exit.

The third is an unsettling darting shadow that…

“What was that?” Ragnarr asks.
“I didn’t see anything.” Fenchurch reassures the rogue.
“Get to the exit.” Tordek states and gingerly lowers himself in to the foul water, Grimm follows- the water is two or more feet deep, up to their waist… and warm.

“That’s odd…” Tordek exclaims as he wades forward.

Alas the rest of the sentence is cut off by Grimm’s scream, oh and the foul looking dwarves that suddenly lurch up out of the water and begin ripping, tearing and biting at Grimm and Tordek.

Their enemies are no ordinary dwarves…

“Undead!” Grimm shouts, and so it proves.

Bad Guys 600 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Dwarf Ghoul Level 5 Soldier x3

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Grimm and Tordek are slashed and clawed- their blood freezes in their veins, they’re immobilised, each faces off against a dwarven ghoul- a third creature waits beneath the surface of the water, hidden for now.

Grimm slashes back and cuts his enemy badly in a Whirlwind attack.

The ghouls attempt to bite their immobilised prey, fortunately both dwarves manage to keep their attackers at bay, the third ghoul however surfaces and rips in to Grimm, the avenger is bloodied.

Ragnarr gets in to the action, and in to the water- the rogue launches his Clever Strike and the already wounded ghoul is left bloodied. Grimm screams and brandishes his holy symbol Abjuring the Undead- the same injured ghoul is blasted, but only slightly. He follows up (Action Point) with his Focussed Fury but still the ghoul battles.

Fenchurch’s Majestic Words salve the avenger, Grimm’s wounds heal over.

Tordek opens with his Steel Serpent Strike (‘1’), and then follows up (Action Point) with a Weapon Master’s Strike, Koda helps out by Opening the Gate of Battle, with an added Flurry- the second dwarven ghoul is damaged but fights on.

The three ghouls thrash and surge- Grimm is bitten (for 18 damage), left bloodied and stunned- unable to act, Tordek is likewise affected- the front row has been neutralised; Ragnarr is clawed and immobilised still in the gunk.

Ragnarr misses with his Torturous Strike and so tries again with a Deft Strike (Action Point & Critical Hit), the badly wounded ghoul is slashed across the throat and sinks beneath the water- dead.

Grimm gets his blood pumping again, he’s no longer stunned; alas Tordek is less fortunate.

Fenchurch’s Shout of Triumph is much too early in the encounter, the ghouls are unaffected, the bard follows up with a Guiding Strike (Action Point), the uninjured ghoul is wounded.

Koda meantime employs his Dancing Cobra attack, and when that misses he tries again (Action Point), this time connecting- and with an additional Flurry the second ghoul is left bloodied.

The ghoul ignores the monk and bites again at Grimm, ripping a great chunk of flesh from the dwarves arm, Grimm swoons and sinks beneath the water, dying (& stunned, Grimm is on -9 hit points). The dwarves scream…

Ragnarr, who is still immobilised, slashes with another Clever Strike, Fenchurch adds his Guiding Strike and the third ghoul is now also bloodied. The bard then climbs in to the foul water- trying to get closer to the action.

Grimm however is drowning, and Tordek is still stunned.

For drowning I just stated that Grimm takes 1 damage the first round, 2 the second, 4 the third- doubling each time. Right now Grimm is on -10 hit points, -15 is his negative bloodied total so he’ll be dead in two more rounds.

Koda smashes the second ghoul again with his Dancing Cobra (& Flurry), the creature staggers and almost goes under, and yet it fights on.

Fenchurch is clawed, Koda is clawed- both are left immobilised, the ghouls have not given up yet, the bard however is playing the part of the hero- he grabs up Grimm and does his best to keep the avenger’s head above the water- alas Grimm does not look well, the dwarf convulses (having failed his first Death Save).

Ragnarr cuts at his opponent, slashes hard with another Clever Strike and cuts deep, Koda continues his pummelling- another Dancing Cobra (& Flurry) attack and the second ghoul sinks below the water.

Tordek, alas, still stands statue- unmoving.

The last ghoul manoeuvres and bites- Fenchurch, the bard is bloodied and left still clutching on to the dying Grimm (who’s no longer stunned). The effect however is short lived, moments later Fenchurch shrugs off the ghoul’s poison and grips tight to Grimm.

Ragnarr spins out a dagger and catches the ghoul, although only a graze. Koda shrugs off the immobilisation and goes in hunt his prey.

Tordek awakes- blinks his eyes and screams- he’s alas still immobilised and away from the action.

The last ghoul dives under the water, surfaces back in the midst of the adventurers, it claws at Ragnarr who is left bloodied and immobilised, the rogue stabs back but misses and gets his Second Wind.

Fenchurch intones Majestic Words and Grimm opens his eyes, Tordek glugs down a healing potion and makes threats at the last ghoul (still immobilised).

Koda meantime makes his way back over and unleashes, one more time- Dancing Cobra (with Flurry) the last enemy is dead.

600 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Dwarf Ghoul Level 5 Soldier x3

The adventurers head back in to the goblin chief’s chamber- take a short rest before they venture back in to the foul chamber. Ten minutes later, their injuries healed and forgotten they wade back in to the filth and make several more discoveries, first up- the floating chest.

The chest is dragged out of the water and back in to the previous chamber- within, it’s not locked, are six rotting heads- clearly the ghoul’s previous victims- all goblins, which reassures the adventurers somewhat. Also in the chest is a dirty ki focus, Fenchurch identifies it as a +1 Blurred Strike Ki Focus, Koda is happy to receive it.

The second discovery a steam vent over the far side of the chamber, Ragnarr almost finds this the hard way- discovering a great crack in the wall, the dwarf goes to take a look inside just as a gout of superheated steam is expelled, the rogue gets clear just in time.

Still that accounts for the warm water.

The last discovery is the exit door, which seems to be in much better shape- although still damp, it’s clear some effort has been put in to keeping the door serviceable, Ragnarr gingerly listens in…

Davek, the dwarven speech- not much of it and gruff and biting, more of the bad guy dwarves lair beyond the door it seems.

The adventurers get ready for another confrontation.

Comment: Shame I didn’t get the steam vent in to play but the adventurers has no intention to go wandering in to the chamber, left to their own devices they would have just crossed to the exit and got out.

Three ghouls is just a wonderful way to spend XP for a first level encounter, the players hated (that is whooped and hollered, and swore) the encounter.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Encounter #9 Company of the Blackhammer (1-23)

[sblock=The Map]

The Company of the Blackhammer are located in area 1-23 on the map (see below).


Ragnarr quietly ensures the door is unlocked and will open easily, it has after all been well-maintained- Tordek readies his boot.


And they’re in, the chamber is a barracks room, there are eight dwarves present- four of them in bunks, asleep; two are knelt on the floor in prayer and two are chatting in the middle of the chamber. The two standing are armed with greatswords, sheathed; the others all have similar weapons within reach- all of them are armoured, even those asleep.

Bad Guys 800 XP Level 3 Encounter.
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x8

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Ragnarr spins out a dagger with a Deft Strike and the first is bloodied, Fenchurch’s Staggering Note shakes the same dwarf up with its thunderous attack- the rest of the adventurers scuttle in to the action but are ineffective in their attacks.

Ragnarr spins out another dagger but its high and wide- the foul dwarf guards react, rolling out of their beds and/or grabbing out their greatswords; Tordek is slashed and cut twice.

Koda skitters in to the centre of the chamber and unleashes his Five Storms in to the mix- all three of his targets take a beating, one of the nasty fellows crashes to the floor, another two are injured in the Flurry.

Grimm sees his opportunity and launches his Thunder and Echo (Daily), alas again he’s mostly off target, one of the foul dwarves is left bloodied and battered, flung in to a wall; another is only slightly injured.

Tordek fails again to land his Steel Serpent Strike and so tries once more with a Weapon Master’s Strike (Action Point), he slices and another foul dwarf is bloodied. Fenchurch’s Shout of Triumph is still underperforming, another of the dwarf guards clutches at his ears- left bleeding and bloodied- but the rest of his enemies are unaffected by his roaring menace. The bard however adds some Majestic Words to the mix and Tordek’s wounds heal over.

There was a brief chat at this point between the players, their conclusion- time for their daily powers, not so much because they’re desperate but because they think this is going to be the last fight before another Extended Rest- some of them are low on Surges.

Ragnarr unleashed a Blinding Barrage, but again with only limited success, two of the dwarves a cut- actually scratched, a third is killed.

Two of the guards double team Tordek, the fighter is very swiftly bloodied- another two attempt to get past him- to the softer Fenchurch back in the doorway. Tordek is having none of it- he cuts both of the foul dwarves, stops them in their tracks and leaves them bloodied for good measure.

Meanwhile Ragnarr and Koda are sliced and cut- it’s a real melee now, and Koda is perfectly placed- Five Storms and Flurry follow, two of the guards are killed outright, another left staggering (on 1 hit point) and a fourth is injured.

Tordek slashes at another, leaves it staggering and bloodied (on 2 hit points), and then sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind.

Fenchurch finishes off another of the enemies with a Staggering Note, actually on his second attempt (Action Point), the first being a bum note.

There are only three guards left, make that two- Ragnarr cuts one down with a Clever Strike.

“RuUuNN!” the first guard groans and then follows his own instructions, en route the foul fellow is chopped by Tordek, punched by Koda, and then finally just as he’s opening the door taken out as Koda comes again, Opening the Gate of Battle on his ass.

The second guard, the last guard, is in motion- trying to escape; Grimm, at last, gets in to the action, he swears his Oath and brings a Focussed Fury, and the last guard is cut down.

800 XP Level 3 Encounter.
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x8

The adventurers are pretty low on resources, and they can hear a loud rhythmical chanting coming from the open door, through which the guards tried to escape. Ragnarr is ordered to take a look- he’s helped by the fact that the doorway is covered by curtains, or else a tapestry- either way he hides behind the hanging and observes.

The chamber beyond is massive…

[sblock=The Map]

Ragnarr spies on area 1-24 on the map (see below).


The chamber is an enormous temple, ahead a towering stone statue of a mad looking dwarf with a beard seemingly made of writhing tentacles, the statue is at least fifty feet high- stretching all the way up to the domed ceiling. Hissing steam escapes from the statue’s mouth- Ragnarr shudders.

Scattered around the chamber are easily a dozen bedrolls, towards the far side a trio of dwarves pray before the statue- there seems to be a ledge above also, possibly for the temple priests to stand upon to conduct their foul ceremonies, there’s movement up there.

One by one the other draws are ushered in to the doorway to take a moment to stare at the defiled temple.

The guys are not sure- they have enough XP for level 2 and they’re very low on resources, two of the players have only one Healing Surge, another only has two. They’re also worried that this chamber could prove to be very dangerous, and so after talking amongst themselves, after a little light searching of the chamber and a short rest, they have a proposition- for me.

The guys don’t want to lose another comrade and so they propose to stay in this chamber, to try and take an Extended Rest, and level up- but they will constantly observe the temple, after wedging the waterlogged door behind them, they will abandon their rest if anyone approaches, or else it looks like something untoward is going to happen (particularly to another of the prisoners).

I realise there’s a fair amount of OOC information that has been thrown in to the mix here but, it’s a game- and fun, and while it would be fun for me to see them go against what I have in store for them in this chamber with their PCs level 1… I figure, what the hell, there’s a good chance it’s going to be a TPK even if they’re level 2- go for it.

And so the guys settle down to rest, to watch and to wait.

Comment: An odd encounter, in that eight bad guys all the same, shows you how much Goodman Games had not got the hang of the different rolls for monsters, but hey-ho, short and bloody and brutal will suffice.

Looking forward to the next encounter, meantime to follow the PCs are level 2.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Tordek Dwarf Fighter 2
Grimm Dwarf Avenger of Moradin 2
Fenchurch Dwarf Bard 2
Ragnarr Dwarf Rogue 2
Koda Dwarf Monk 2

Note because of complications, like I’ve no longer got the Character Builder files for these guys then I’ve had to make a few guesses, basically built them again in the Character Builder, these are close enough-


Battlecry 'To the DEATH!'
(Played by Becky)
Male Dwarf Fighter Level 2
HP 46 Surges 12 Speed 5 Init +1
AC 20 Fort 18 Ref 13 Will 11
Str 20 Con 16 Dex 10 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 8
+5 Saves vs Poison
+1 Vicious Battleaxe & 4 Throwing Axes
Scale Armour & Heavy Shield
Trained Skills: Athletics +9, Endurance +9 & Intimidate +5
Feats & Class Features: Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resistance, Stand Your Ground, Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Fighter Talents- One-Handed Weapon Talent, Dwarven Weapon Training, Toughness.
At Will: Combat Challenge, Weapon Master's Strike, Tide of Iron.
Encounter: Second Wind, Dwarven Resilience, Steel Serpent Strike.
Daily: Villain's Menace, Unstoppable.


Battlecry 'He's Dead Dave.'
(Played by Iain)
Male Dwarf Avenger of Moradin Level 2
HP 44 Surges 8 Speed 5 Init +0
AC 16 Fort 13 Ref 14 Will 16
Str 10 Con 12 Dex 13 Int 15 Wis 19 Cha 8
+5 Saves vs Poison
+1 Thundering Greatsword & 6 Daggers
Cloth Armour & Holy Symbol
Trained Skills: Heal +10, Intimidate +5, Religion +8 & Streetwise +5
Feats & Class Features: Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resistance, Stand Your Ground, Armour of Faith, Avenger's Censure- Censure of Unity, Channel Divinity, Oath of Enmity, Toughness, Holy Weapon Expertise.
At Will: Focussed Fury, Radiant Vengeance.
Encounter: Second Wind, Dwarven Resilience, Oath of Enmity, Whirlwind Charge, Abjure Undead, Divine Guidance, Enduring Spirit.
Daily: Thunder and Echo.


Battlecry 'Dave not forsake oh my darlin', on this our Slaying Day.'
(Played by James)
Male Dwarf Bard Level 2
HP 35 Surges 10 Speed 5 Init +5
AC 18 Fort 14 Ref 13 Will 16
Str 12 Con 16 Dex 10 Int 11 Wis 8 Cha 18
+5 Saves vs Poison
Longsword & Wand
Chainmail & Light Shield
Trained Skills: Arcana +6, Athletics +6, Diplomacy +10, Dungeoneering +7 & Nature +5
Feats & Class Features: Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resistance, Stand Your Ground, Bardic Training, Bardic Virtue- Virtue of Valour, Majestic Word, Multiclass Versatility, Skill Versatility, Song of Rest, Words of Friendship, Ritual Caster, Implement Expertise (Wand), Improved Initiative.
At Will: Guiding Strike, Staggering Note.
Encounter: Second Wind, Dwarven Resilience, Majestic Word, Word of Friendship, Shout of Triumph.
Daily: Sprightly Rhythm, Song of Courage.


Battlecry 'Stabby! Stabby!''
(Played by Paul)
Male Dwarf Rogue Level 2
HP 35 Surges 7 Speed 5 Init +9
AC 17 Fort 14 Ref 17 Will 11
Str 16 Con 13 Dex 18 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8
+5 Saves vs Poison
+1 Dagger & other Daggers (x lots & lots)
Leather Armour
Trained Skills: Dungeoneering +8, Intimidate +5, Perception+6, Stealth +10, Streetwise +5 & Thievery +10.
Feats & Class Features: Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resistance, Stand Your Ground, First Strike, Rogue Tactics- Brutal Scoundrel, Rogue Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack, Weapon Expertise (Light Blade), Improved Iniriative.
At Will: Clever Strike, Deft Strike.
Encounter: Second Wind, Dwarven Resilience, Torturous Strike, Sneak in the Attack.
Daily: Blinding Barrage.


Battlecry 'Hai-Aaaaarrgghh Karate!'
(Played by the 'original' Dave)
Male Dwarf Monk Level 2
HP 40 Surges 8 Speed 5 Init +5
AC 17 Fort 15 Ref 16 Will 13
Str 16 Con 12 Dex 18 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 8
+5 Saves vs Poison
+1 Blurred Strike Ki-Focus.
Cloth Armour & Flip-Flops.
Trained Skills: Acrobatics +10, Heal +6, Stealth +10 & Thievery +10.
Feats & Class Features: Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resistance, Stand Your Ground, Monastic Tradition- Stone Fist, Unarmed Combatant, Unarmed Defence, Weapon Expertise (Unarmed), Toughness.
At Will: Stone Fist Flurry of Blows, Dancing Cobra, Five Storms.
Encounter: Second Wind, Dwarven Resilience, Open the Gate of Battle.
Daily: Spinning Leopard Manoeuvre, Supreme Flurry.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Encounter #10 The Defiled Temple (1-24).

[sblock=The Map]

The adventurers start in area 1-23 on the map, the Defiled Temple is in area 1-24 (see below).


The extended rest passes without interruption, in fact the first interruption occurs about two minutes after the adventurers rest has concluded- funny that, coincidence?

However before we get to the interruption there’s the small matter of the earwig surgery, Ragnarr passes his Masterwork Thieves Tools over to Grimm- the avenger drew the shortest straw. I ran the operation as a Skill Check, with other PCs aiding Grimm’s rolls- success and the earwig in Ragnarr’s ear is removed, failure and damage is done and the earwig remains- note critical failure will leave Ragnarr deaf…

A short series of startling dice rolls later and the earwig is fished out, Grimm (played by Iain) it seems not just a religious nut-case, he’s also an adept surgeon (Iain made four primary skill checks and never rolled below a ‘15’).

The adventurers are all up to Level 2- see previous post.

And then comes the interruption, it goes a little like this-

Ragnarr, on watch reports that one of the dwarves from the other party has been brought in to the Temple- from a door, hidden behind curtains/tapestries on the same side as the one he’s peeking through- it’s Berend, the ranger. The restrained prisoner is settled before the great idol, and kicked a few times for good measure.

The adventurers in the room start to get excited.

Then one of the praying dwarves, perhaps a temple guard is ordered by someone on the ledge to do something… he can’t hear what’s being said, the temple guard however is heading this way. The rogue dodges back inside the room and a welcoming committee is hastily organised.

Moments later the door opens and a Dwarf Cult Warrior saunters in to the room…

Bad Guys 100 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Ragnarr stabs the bastard in the gut with a Deft Strike, Grimm’s Radiant Vengeance bloodies the foul dwarf and then Koda punches it in the head with a Dancing Cobra attack.

The dwarf’s dead.

Ragnarr shuts the door, nearly- the rogue leaves it open an inch or two and spies out, as best he can. The guys hold their collective breath.

He watches the action- which is nothing for a bit, then the guy on the ledge seems to be looking over, the other two foul dwarves are called over and a shouted conversation is had- certainly the dwarf on the ledge is in charge here.

Ragnarr hears the end of the chat-

“…and find out what's taking the fools so long?”

The two foul dwarves head over to the door.

“They’re coming.” Ragnarr relays.

The guys get back in position.

Bad Guys 300 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x3

The first of the cult warrior’s opens the door, and then does something the adventurers hadn’t accounted for- he looks in rather than entering the chamber- damn!

Ragnarr stabs the dwarf with a Deft Strike, bloodying the humanoid, the cult warrior screams-

“We’re under attack!”

Then draws his greatsword and steps in to the doorway, blocking the exit- he even has time to stab Tordek, who charges in to the mix.

The second cult warrior goes running back the way he came, screaming up at the ledge, echoing his colleagues call, activity breaks out.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note pushes the first dwarf back out of the doorway, almost.


The sound comes from within the defiled temple- it seems the alarm is being sounded, between the frantic Gongs comes the sound of dwarven voices- more orders are being given, and presumably received.

Bad Guys 750 XP Level 3 Encounter.
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x3
Dwarf Initiate Level 3 Soldier x2
Dwarf Cult Priest, Master Gambolge Level 3 Controller

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Grimm meanwhile calls out his Oath and with a Focussed Fury smashes the cult warrior in the door down, the adventurers spill out in to the temple proper.

There are three dwarves on the ledge at the far side of the chamber- two more warrior types in armour, and one in robes- the priest.

There’s another warrior on the bottom floor of the chamber- to the north, frantically beating a gong, and before the great statue is Berend of course.

Koda runs and tumbles all the way with his dancing Cobra Move, followed by a Charge at the gong ringer, the cult warrior keeps the monk at bay using the beater.

Ragnarr rushes over and spins out a dagger, the gong dwarf bleeds and then quickly makes his decision, he throws down the gong beater, draws his greatsword and chops a chunk out of Koda.

Moments later the dwarf is manoeuvred away from the gong by Fenchurch’s Staggering Note.

Up on the ledge the robed dwarf priest, actually known as Master Gambolge screams down at the adventurers to surrender, and when that doesn’t work fires down a Lance of Hate at Koda- the psychic missile leaves the monk bloodied and morose.

Tordek and Grimm arrive on the scene in a rush- the pair smashes the dwarf cult warrior down, Koda moves off- looking up to the ledge-

“How do we get up there?” The monk screams, Ragnarr points at a patch of wall-
“There’s a door, behind the tapestry…” The rogue screams.

Koda however is over to Berend, the ranger is tied up, he needs to act quickly to find a way to… (Dave who plays Koda rolls a ‘20’)… Koda pulls at one rope and Berend is free in the blink of an eye. The monk gets his Second Wind, and then grins.

Suddenly a door slams open, the tapestry is ripped aside and a screaming gnoll appears in the doorway, there are many more gnolls behind the first.

[sblock=The Map]

The Gnolls start in area 1-21 on the map (see below).


Bad Guys 1502 XP Level 6 Encounter (Now with 6 PCs).
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x3
Dwarf Initiate Level 3 Soldier x2
Dwarf Cult Priest, Master Gambolge Level 3 Controller
Broken Fang Gnoll Warrior Level 6 Minion x4
Broken Fang Gnoll Veteran Level 6 Brute x2

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Ragnarr screams at the new arrival, spins out a dagger with a Deft Strike and cuts the Gnoll Veteran. Fenchurch meanwhile offers some majestic Words to Koda- the monk’s wounds heal over.

Up on the ledge the three foul dwarves there- Master Gambolge and a pair of Dwarf Initiate’s begin to ready the great statue for action.

Tordek screams and (double move Action Point charge) hurtles in to the gnoll in the doorway- smashing at the veteran and blocking the way, two veteran gnolls strike back, the fighter is cut but Tordek is preventing the gnolls from entering the temple. He counts six of the foul humanoids in the chamber- another guardroom.

[sblock=Broken Fang Gnolls]


Grimm rushes for the opposite wall, to where Ragnarr pointed, wrestles with the tapestry a moment and then finds the door- moments later the avenger is taking the stairs two and three at a time. Koda follows on behind.

Berend meanwhile, unarmed and bruised, and battered; stumbles and staggers, trying to get away from the action.

Ragnarr and Fenchurch move over to help Tordek, although the pair prove ineffective with their attacks, they did however move just in time- a rolling fireball bursts from the huge dwarf statue and engulfs the central pathway of the chamber, which is uninhabited- even Berend is out of the way.

Master Gambolge atop the ledge screams in frustration.

Tordek gets his Second Wind and smashes at the already injured gnoll veteran with his Steel Serpent Strike, and still the humanoid figts on, although Tordek manages to keep the gnolls at bay.

Grimm rushes on to the ledge- spots the first dwarf initiate, issues his Oath and smashes in to the dwarf with his Whirlwind Charge. The second dwarf initiate appears, the pair flail wildly and menace Grimm- moments later the avenger is smashed twice in quick succession and left bloodied and bruised (the second hit was a critical hit).

Koda quickly appears on the scene and unleashes his Spinning Leopard attack (Daily after a double move followed by an Action Point), the monk smashes in to the first dwarf initiate leaving bloodied and almost broken and then for good measure jabs at the second, even finds out Master Gambolge and cuffs him a little.

Berend meantime grabs up a greatsword from one of the fallen foul dwarves and then stands sentry, waiting to see where he’s needed.

And so we have two distinct fights going on, in the chamber proper Tordek is blocking a doorway preventing a whole host of gnolls rushing in- he’s battling hard, with help from Ragnarr and Fenchurch but he’s facing two gnoll veteran’s (Level 6 Brutes with 80+ hit points each).

Meanwhile up on the ledge Grimm and Koda are in action against three enemies- two dwarf initiates and Master Gambolge, the high priest.

Ragnarr spins out a dagger, Fenchurch hits with Staggering Note, and Tordek follows up with a solid bash- and again with his Weapon Master’s Strike, the first gnoll veteran is finally bloodied, and much the worse for wear. The pair of gnolls continue to wail on Tordek, who takes another hit- the fighter grits his teeth, he’s not going anywhere.

Up on the ledge Master Gambolge smashes Koda with his Holy Strike, the monk staggers, he’s blind; but that’s not enough to slow him down. Even as Gambolge slips away Koda strikes out and smashes an initiate, Grimm delivers a Focussed Fury and the first of the foul dwarves is down. The avenger sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind.

Berend makes his mind up, rushes over to help Tordek- mostly ineffectively poking and prodding at the gnolls in the doorway (Aid Another checks).

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note strikes again, and again it allows Tordek to cut at the veteran gnoll, the fighter follows up with his Weapon Master’s Menace and the first veteran is cut down- the second stabs in and slams its greataxe in to Tordek, the fighter is bloodied.

Suddenly something smashes in to Koda from behind, Master Gambolge hits with Vampiric Strike- the blind monk staggers bloodied, while Gambolge is flooded with fresh energy (gain 12 Temp hit points). Koda staggers off in the wrong direction completely; however moments later he can see again, he turns around just in time.

Grimm smashes the second initiate down with his Strength of Many attack, this after failing to connect with his Focussed Fury (Action Point).

Berend suddenly screams- and points…

Bad Guys 1834 XP Level 7 Encounter (Now with 6 PCs).
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x3
Dwarf Initiate Level 3 Soldier x2
Dwarf Cult Priest, Master Gambolge Level 3 Controller
Broken Fang Gnoll Warrior Level 6 Minion x4
Broken Fang Gnoll Veteran Level 6 Brute x2
Orc Spearman Level 4 Minion x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant Level 5 Soldier

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


[sblock=The Map]

The Orcs and Hobgoblin start in area 1-22 on the map (see below).


Yet another door opens, the tapestry before it ripped aside, a trio of Orcs rush in to the temple, behind them comes a heavily armoured hobgoblin wielding a wicked looking spear.

Ragnarr moves to intercept, spins out a dagger en route and takes the first orc down, the second stabs the rogue with his spears. Berend rushes over to help but as before proves to be spectacularly unhelpful. The hobgoblin lieutenant smashes in to Ragnarr with his cruel spear- the rogue is bloodied.

Fenchurch meantime hits again with his Staggering Note, Tordek slices and then follows up with his Weapon Master’s Menace, the gnoll veteran however fights on. Tordek however is flooded with healing- courtesy of Fenchurch’s Majestic Words, he feels Unstoppable (and another 10 Temp hit points).

Up on the ledge Gambolge backpedals and fires another Lance of Hate in to Koda, who’s almost down (on 5 hit points), Grimm swears his Oath and then rushes in with a Focussed Fury (a critical hit), then unleashes the power of his sword- Thunder rolls and rips in to Gambolge. Koda follows up by Opening the Gate of Battle, then a Supreme Flurry (Daily power)- Gambolge staggers back, almost broken (on 5 hit points).

Ragnarr spews daggers, his hands a blur, his Blinding Strike- an orc spearman is done for and the hobgoblin left scarred and blinded, the rogue stabs again. Ragnarr delivers a Torturous Strike (Action Point) and leaves the blind hobgoblin staggering and bloodied, the dwarf gets his Second Wind. Berend swats ineffectively, it’s what he does (I think Berend’s highest attack roll has been a ‘3’ so far- that’s how bad it is). The blind hobgoblin however is not beaten, it stabs again at Ragnarr with its spear, the rogue is bloodied again.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note hits again, alas Tordek does not- the bard goes for the big guns and screams his (Action Point) Shout of Triumph- the veteran is bloodied and pushed back, a gnoll warrior clutches at his temples briefly, staggers, and then drops dead. The gnoll veteran is furious- he charges back in to the action (a critical hit with a greataxe for 27 damage), and smashes Tordek who’s left rocking on the spot, bloodied and almost broken (Tordek is on 10 hit points). Three of the gnoll warriors close in on Tordek, alas two stray too close to the dwarf fighter and are cut down (AoO’s).

Gambolge smashes his Morningstar in to Grimm (another critical hit), the avenger staggers- bloodied and broken (on 4 hit points). Koda however is there to save the day, the monk’s Dancing Cobra attack, and Flurry, smashes Gambolge off the ledge. The high priest falls to his death.

Ragnarr hits with another Deft Strike to the blind hobgoblin, the lieutenant is nearly broken, the spear in the hobgoblin’s hands flares with light and he rages. Ragnarr ignores the hobgoblin scrambles out a potion of healing and glugs the contents down. Just in time- the rogue is stabbed by the remaining orc spearman, and then again by the hobgoblin- he falls. (Ragnarr is on -2 hit points and dying). Berend is left to keep the pair at bay…

Fenchurch meanwhile is off target, as is Tordek with his Brutal Strike (Reliable Daily), the gnolls however are not giving up- the veteran hits Tordek with its greataxe, the last gnoll warrior stabs with dwarf with its spear- Tordek drops (Tordek is on -3 hit points and dying).

Is it going to happen again?

Grimm and Koda are rushing as fast as they can down the stairs to get back in to the temple.

Ragnarr suddenly opens his eyes (Death Save ‘20’), he takes in the action- readies himself to leap in to the fray, but for now plays dead.

The last orc spearman rushes at Fenchurch, the bard is speared, and furious- he invites his enemies to join him in a Sprightly Rhythm- the cacophony is all too much, the last orc spearman clutches at his ears and then flops dead, as does the last gnoll warrior- the last gnoll veteran staggers away bloodied, the hobgoblin does likewise and is almost entirely broken.

Tordek shivers and shakes- coughs up a slick of blood (Failed first Death Save).

Berend moves away, grabs up a pair of spears from fallen orcs and improvises- he flings both at the hobgoblin lieutenant with a Twin Strike, one hits and his Quarry staggers and dies.

Grimm and Koda rush out of the door and in to the temple, help is at hand, and the only enemy left standing is the bloodied gnoll veteran.

Ragnarr and Fenchurch close in on the miscreant, the former hits with a Deft Strike, the latter with his Staggering Note, Ragnarr hits again when the gnoll veteran guts and runs- the last enemy is almost done for (on 10 hit points).

Tordek suddenly screams out, vomits up more blood and shudders and shakes (Failed second Death Save)- Grimm, Berend and Koda are quickly on the scene- the three combine to stabilise the dwarven fighter just in the nick of time.

Ragnarr jogs in to the chamber ahead, from which the gnolls emerged, the veteran is fleeing- the rogue spins out his dagger a Deft Strike, his aim is true the last enemy flops to the floor- dead.

The battle for the defiled temple is over.

Berend is rescued, and a few minutes later a bound and gagged Travok is found- the pair relay the bad news, Adrik was sacrificed, and eaten, last night. Note the two rescued are still first level.

1834 XP Level 7 Encounter (Now with 6 PCs).
Dwarf Cult Warrior Level 1 Soldier x3
Dwarf Initiate Level 3 Soldier x2
Dwarf Cult Priest, Master Gambolge Level 3 Controller
Broken Fang Gnoll Warrior Level 6 Minion x4
Broken Fang Gnoll Veteran Level 6 Brute x2
Orc Spearman Level 4 Minion x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant Level 5 Soldier

The area, actually areas, are searched- including the guardrooms, all manner of junk is found but also lots of treasure- gold, silver, gems, jewellery and even a few platinum coins- the prize is of course the magical spear wielded by the hobgoblin lieutenant, Fenchurch identifies it as being a +2 weapon which has other magical powers- an artefact almost, certainly a one-off.

Grimm gets a +1 Holy Symbol

Koda gets a Belt of Vigour

Berend gets a +1 Vicious Longsword and a suit of +1 Hide Armour

Ragnarr gets a suit of +1 Leather Armour​

Comment: A titanic battle, basically three encounters in one, played out in a massive arena, this is what happens when you mess with Goodman Games scenarios. The players towards the end were whooping and hollering with high fives and much laughter- even when Tordek and Ragnarr fell they kept the faith, although when Tordek failed his second Death Save in a row… well, three PCs came running to make sure that he didn’t fail his third- it’s fair to say that this gang has jelled, they’re in it together.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Encounter #11 Vault of the Silver Seal (1-20).

[sblock=The Map]

The Vault of the Silver Seal is in area 1-20 on the map (see below).


The adventurers complete several circuits of the Defiled Temple, scene of their last battle- and all of the guardrooms located around the great chamber, they discover only one possible exit. Somewhat disappointed Ragnarr and Koda are sent forward- creeping along a dank and musty corridor.

The pair see lights ahead, they edge in to a chamber dominated by an enormous stone slab embedded in the centre of the floor, around which is some sort of metal frame work, a system of levers and pulleys being worked by a gang of dishevelled goblins.

There’s a sudden growling sound.

“Shhhh!” Koda shushes Ragnarr, the rogue must be hungry, his stomach is making a terrible growling noise.

The noise comes again.

“I said…” Koda whispers, but Ragnarr is ignoring the monk, the dwarf is pointing at something… oh that’s it, a great big cave bear- the source of the growling.

About four seconds later-

“Oh I get it.” Koda states.

Then the monk and the rogue scream for their friends.

Bad Guys 799 XP Level 1 Encounter (Now with 7 PCs).
Goblin Slave Level 2 Minion x4
Ivinrix the Mad, Human Mage Level 4 Artillery
Fang, Cave Bear Level 6 Elite Brute

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


The cave bear lurches forward and is met by Ragnarr’s spinning dagger- a Deft Strike, the creature roars some more and comes on (only another 155 hit points to go).

A goggle-eyed human dressed in ripped and dirty robes steps around the corner, behind the bear, grinning- second later a Magic Missile smashes in to Ragnarr.

“Kill ‘em!” The mage stutters and shouts.

Koda and Fenchurch charge in to the cave bear swinging- the monk punches the ursine beast on the snout, which only makes it mad. The bear claws both dwarves, neither of them looks pleased. Travok charges in and slashes the brute- the bear just growls some more.

Grimm moves in to the chamber delivers his Radiant Vengeance on one of the goblin slaves and cuts it dead. The other three goblins rush over to help the bear repel the invaders- forming a line between the adventurers and the mad human mage.

Berend and Tordek charge in to the melee, the later cuts another one of the goblins dead.

Ragnarr steps back, out of the melee- unleashes another dagger, another Deft Strike and connects with the bear, the rogue gets his Second Wind.

The ground beneath the melee suddenly lurches and buckles- momentarily, a thunder clap explodes (Thunder Burst attack from the mage); the spells toll is terrible. Koda, Fenchurch, Berend, Travok and the cave bear are caught in the burst- all of them are left injured and dazed, the first pair are also bloodied.

The mage grins and moves back a little.

Koda Opens the Gate of Battle, with added Flurry, and the bear is smashed. Koda’s Shout of Triumph causes both of the remaining goblins to stagger and then keel over- dead, alas the bear seems unaffected, however Berend and Travok see an opportunity and move through the ranks of their enemies to get at the mage.

The bear yowls and snaps at the monk, Koda, who staggers but manages to stay on his feet. Grimm swears his Oath and then rushes in with a Whirlwind Charge- the cave bear is bloodied.

Travok and Berend Charge the mage, although only the ranger connects and then only with a half-hearted effort.

Tordek manoeuvres and gets around the rear of the bear, he slashes with his Steel Serpent Strike and rips in to the beast’s flank- the bear staggers.

Ragnarr spins out another dagger, deadly accurate as always.

The mage dodges back and then presents his open hands to Travok and Berend- lightning shoots forth; Berend ducks while Travok does a little dance, the bolt arcs and Ragnarr is also made to dance- both of the dwarves are bloodied.

Koda gets his Second Wind, Fenchurch offers himself some Majestic Words- both dwarves and healed, and still dazed, they cannot shake off the effect.

The cave bear bites Tordek- rips in to the dwarf, and then tries to repeat the action (Action Point), the dwarf is too quick. Grimm and Tordek slash at the bear, only the avenger is on target with his Focussed Fury.

Travok sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind, then menaces the mage with his Divine Pursuit, the human is left bloodied and almost broken, Berend’s Twin Strike leaves the mage clutching at the wall to stay on his feet.

Ragnarr manoeuvres away from the cave bear and in to range- his dagger spins out Ivinrax, the mage falls to the floor dead.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note shakes the bear and then delivers up the ursine for Tordek to slice, the fighter obliges- although the dwarf is bitten for his efforts, and left bloodied.

The remaining dwarves crowd the bear slashing and cutting, although only Grimm and Berend make their mark on the great beast (the cave bear is on 1 hit point).

The crush continues- smashing, and slashing and… not one of the dwarves can connect the bear lashes out in a FRENZY, swiping at all those that surround it- Koda staggers back bloodied and battered (on 6 hit points), Grim is sliced, Tordek slashed and bloodied (and down to 9 hit points), while Travok is ripped and clawed across his face, he’s left staggering to stay on his feet and bloodied (on 2 hit points after a critical hit).

“Moradin’s great hairy testicles!” Grimm announces and cuts the bear down.

799 XP Level 1 Encounter (Now with 7 PCs).
Goblin Slave Level 2 Minion x4
Ivinrix the Mad, Human Mage Level 4 Artillery
Fang, Cave Bear Level 6 Elite Brute

The dwarven adventurers are battered, bruised and for the most part bloodied- again they have more or less used up all of their resources, they’re eager to take another extended rest as soon as they can. However first comes the search of the chamber-

The guys quickly make sense of the situation; they find a note which states-

Speak raxim
Molten silver/hoist lift
Demon forges below, born in flames/bound in coal

They figure the seal, the great stone thing in the centre of the chamber needs lifting, they likewise figure after a search by Ragnarr that the seal is trapped and that ‘raxim’ is the magic word that nullifies the trap.

They just need to find something to melt the seal, then it’s just a matter of operating the hoist… how difficult can it be.

They move on in to the mage’s lair (area 1-20A on the map), the chamber is hung with skeletons, its domed ceiling painted to resemble a starry night sky- there are cobwebbed shelves filled with books and scrolls, a stone altar- recently used, and a pile of small barrels marked with ‘X’s.

They begin to tear the place apart in search of more clues when a bunch of ghostly dwarves flutter in to the chamber and begin throwing things at them- Grimm is not happy, he unleashes his Abjure Undead and moments later the spirits are gone.

The dwarves discover long-winded tales about the hold, and the mage’s spellbook, and a few coins and gems. They make two much more important discoveries, the first is a stone drill- several of the adventurers know how to use this dwarven machine, and finally they discover that the stack of barrels hold some sort of long-burning charcoal and oil mix- ideal for melting the silver of the seal.

Ragnarr finds a +1 Amulet of Protection​

Oh and one last thing- Fenchurch finds a secret door, although he doesn’t find a way to open it, most frustrating.

The secret door is swiftly forgotten.

They guys are going to take another Extended Rest, and after sleeping figure out a way of lifting the seal, and so it goes- Berend is also elevated to level 2, that’s nice.

And so the third session of play comes to an end- there have been titanic fights, a marvellous amount of exploration, and the promise of more hidden places to be explored.

Comment: For some reason I didn’t just allow Berend and Travok to automatically level up with the other PCs- it would have been far easier, but hey-ho.

I know you must be tired of hearing it but this scenario is just lush, so easy to make so very nasty.
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Let's Play #4 Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 4.

Berend Level 2

Battlecry 'Cut Loose!' usually followed by 'Foot Loose!'
(Played by Paul)
Male Dwarf Ranger Level 2
HP 42 Surges 8 Speed 5 Init +2
AC 16 Fort 18 Ref 14 Will 13
Str 20 Con 14 Dex 12 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 8
+5 Saves vs Poison
+1 Longsword & Longsword & Javelin (x6)
+1 Hide Armour
Trained Skills: Athletics +10, Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +9, Nature +7 & Stealth +6.
Feats & Class Features: Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Cast Iron Stomach, Encumbered Speed, Dwarven Resistance, Stand Your Ground, Fighting Style- Two Blade Fighting, Hunter's Quarry, Prime Shot, Toughness, Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade), Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade).
At Will: Hunter's Quarry, Twin Strike, Marauder's Rush.
Encounter: Second Wind, Dwarven Resilience, Two-Fanged Strike, Yield Ground.
Daily: Jaws of the Wolf.
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