Level Up (A5E) Level Up 5E Curse of Strahd?

My group is considering playing Curse of Strahd with the Level Up 5E rules. Has anyone done this?

Our group has played A5E before with the same GM who would be running CoS. I will be a player, but am discussing how the system might work with the GM since I played CoS before but didn't finish it during the early COVID-era.

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No experience running CoS, but plenty of experience running 5e and a5e in published campaigns. Anything 5e can do, a5e does better. It really is that simple. There is basically no headache when using a5e for 5e products. The only thing I recommend is that you don't use WotC monsters: use either Flee, Mortals! (MCDM) or Monstrous Menagerie (EN) - but that's just a recommendation I give regardless.


Well, that was fun
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O5E adventures work out of the box with A5E. We played Tomb of Annihilation with it. Just grab the adventure and run with it!

(I'd use the A5E version of monsters but you can use the O5E ones if you want to).

Thanks for the replies, everyone. We should be starting in a few weeks.

By the way, I loved playing the Marshal in our earlier game. I definitely liked having the leadership and maneuver abilities in A5E. And we played in Roll20.

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