Lichtenhart has some problems


First Post
I'm borrowing my sister's computer to write this (and believe me, this is a Bad Thing TM).

My hard drive suffered a major crash yesterday (just as I was posting :() and my fat got damaged. Until I get around it, I'm gonna have some trouble posting or meeting you in chat. Considering that i'll be away from home from 27th to 29th, I'm not very likely to be operative before new year.

So I'd just like to send you my best wishes for these holidays now while i can. May your lives be full of joy. :)

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Brother Shatterstone

Dark Moderator of PbP
ouch... I can't see it solving your issues at all but you might want to try this from the command prompt:

fdisk /mbr

This will rewrite the master boot record but nothing else. It’s a 30 second fix for a few old problems you don’t really see anymore.

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