Lightsaber duels as official sport?


The French Fencing Federation is allowing lightsaber duels.


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I don’t particularly care for the idea of lightsaber duels as an Olympic sport, but I could easily see it as a televised combat sport. Solo and team. Done right, it could be quite fun to watch.

Note: I’m taking the fun of participation to be self-evident. (I used to do NERO sparring.)

Tangential note: when I was in high-school, a bunch of us used to play “Tron”. Inspired by the disc game in the movie, we closed a door on a vacant classroom and swatted a superball around with notebooks, textbooks or ring binders. All ricochets were live unless they bounced off of another player. If you were hit, you were “derezzed”. Nobody used any protective gear. No desks or chairs were rearranged, so they were part cover and part hard obstacle that could mess you up if you collided with it the wrong way...


Acceptable, but only if the mandatory backing music is Duel of the Fates.



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I think that's pretty darned cool. The movement requirement seems pretty crafty, too.


That was a well presented explanation of the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.\

Yes, I think that's cool. I took fencing in college. It was fun. I have a rack full of wooden sparring swords of various types. I'm not good at any of them, but I've always had an interest in sword play. I'm not even a huge fan of StarWars, but Lightsabers still count.


Well, that was fun
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Wow, that guy talks fast. I can only pick up about half the words he's saying!