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Lilliputian and Brobdingnagian

So how would you make Lilliputians and Brobdingnagians into PC races?

Is it possible to make them into PC races?

Part of my thinking on this is how the recent D&D Beyond video observed larger-than-medium creatures can create mechanical issues.

That said, I think reskinning the storm giants should do for the Brobdingnagians? But what about the Lilliputian?

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I was thinking something like that - and it could be interesting if they had an item that boosted their strength to normal, human levels. It could be a bit like Ant-Man in the movies.


It's possible to do lilliputians as a hive. Swarms of rats and bats are in the MM, why not try it for PCs? Instead of one 6-inch tall character, you are a group of 100 energetic 6-inch-tall folks. To keep them from just spreading out across an entire town (talk about splitting the party!), they have a hive mind, anyone indivitual that gets more than 5 feet from the rest of the group is uncontrolled, with just enough instinctual intelligence to try to walk itself back toward the group, and dies soon if they don't. They have hit points as a group, and individuals have a lifespan of just a few weeks, so there's a constant replenishing process going on; no need to adjust stats as long as at least half of them remain. (Yeah, at this point they no longer seem like 'little humans' if they reproduce new 'adults' almost every day like that -- maybe sprites or some sort of insects or demons that take human shape?)

There are still many questions to work out... like do you have to wear 100 tiny suits of armor, is a bunch of tiny swords as effective as one big sword, can 100 tiny people bash a door down as effectively as one big person, can they drink a healing potion or use a normal-size wand of magic missiles? Personally I think it works better for spellcasters than melee... but I dunno, it seems odd even then. But it's fun to think about.
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