Starfinder Little House In The Vast


The rotary blades of an antiquated ceiling fan spin slowly above the service area of the Voyager Vehicles, the lone rental service company in the tiny colony of Kreba Farms. A mostly featureless grey counter runs the length of the room with a single potted plant that appears to be of some local variety adding the only significant dash of colour outside of the company logo emblazoned on the wall. The leaves run from pale yellow to aquamarine, with thin streaks of vibrant green where they fade into one another. The flowers, slightly wilted, have petals that mix of magenta, red and purple. The building, like most others you have seen in this settlement, is primarily prefab construction. Just outside a handful of exploration buggies are parked along one wall of the building.

Over two weeks of transit through the Drift had been fortuitously calm, but you heard from the crew that while the transport had been approaching Ixo's lone planet Pan that there had been some uncomfortable moments when another ship had seem to have been shadowing yours before heading off when you broke atmosphere. Owing to that the captain had seemed eager to let you and a number of other passengers off in this farming settlement before quickly lifting off again and heading towards one of the bigger coastal enclaves. It was unlikely that they would be waiting around there for long before making the return journey to the Pact Worlds.

The journey, however, had left you plenty of time to socialize with other passengers. A ysoki outlaw on the run and his sizable vesk companion might not have been quite so cautious as to set down in what was little better than a village in the middle of nowhere had they not made the acquaintance of an android and her unlikely business partner from the Azlanti Star Empire looking for crew members for their recently acquired starship. But here they were, their sparse luggage pulled in with them through the door of the rental company, out of the arid plains air and into the slightly less arid confines of this office. During the descent you had been able to briefly make out the form of the ship some distance off and partially obscured by a sparkling dust cloud. Trying to walk would likely be a significant trek, though doable, but wheels seemed a much more attractive option. At least there were a few chairs to either side of the door, though no attendant was currently in view.

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For any student of human psychology, Tara was clearly on edge, but those who knew her knew that Tara was always on edge. She paced, looking through windows and around doors for the signs of any approaching trouble.

Her armor was Azlanti, but a quick spray job had obscured the green that signaled the coming of the Empire; still, physically, there was definitely something about her that said "Azlanti." Those who mentioned the Empire around her were treated to the site of her spitting on the ground; asides from that, she didn't talk much.

Skitter had become less nervous as the days ran out and they got further from the Pact Worlds. He practically bounced with excitement as he stepped off the transport onto the dusty arid planet. Skitter felt the excitement of a new adventure as he breathed in the hot air and looked around. He followed the others across to the rental office walking in the door and collapsing into one of the empty chairs. The ysoki looks down at the cat-like robot that shadows him everywhere.

"Sparky we're finally here. The grand adventure is beginning, now if only someone worked in the place."

Skitter looks around the office for any sort of bell or display to indicate where the proprietor might have run off to. He looks at the others of his group and grins. He had only gotten to know each of them briefly during the journey but he already knew they where good people.

Zyzzy reaches down and touches the dirt. Planets are such odd things, she thought. They lack the crisp, sharp lines of deck plating or the arithmetic curves of hallway design. She once heard they sometimes models planets using fractals. But no obvious fractals were at play describing the farm she was viewing. The ground is uneven and irregular. The dirt found its way into everything. She would need an oil bath when she claimed her ship to clear out her exposed bearings.

She steps into the office. "Wood furniture? How quaint." She raises the volume of her voice, "Hello, is anyone here?"


At the sound of your voices footsteps approach from a back room. A lashunta man, damaya by the look of him, enters. He gives a weak though professional looking smile, which is something of a contrast to his attire. His white Voyager Vehicles uniform with its stylized VV across the chest is unfastened in the front, and it does not look like he is wearing an undershirt. Of course it is consistent with the light environment controls in here, and the man does not otherwise look uncomfortable with the heat.

The man pulls a datapad out from behind the counter. "Looking to rent one or more of our exploration buggies?" he asks, his antenna twitching slightly, though the answer is fairy obvious. "Our rates our reasonable: ten credits apiece per day, along with a fifty credit insurance deposit for each vehicle."


The lashunta gives the sort of look that says 'You walked by them on the way in.' But he answers. "There is seating for four, the driver and three passengers. There is some room for storage as well, though if you require space for substantial luggage you may wish to use restraints to strap it to the back."


The lashunta nods and types something into his datapad. "This planet is not what you would call 'heavily populated' and Voyager Vehicles stock reflects the possibility of significant wilderness treks. Our rentals are a bit, well, basic compared to what might be available elsewhere, even some of the more significant colonies on Pan, but they will go the distance. I had some folks drop off a buggy here once who said they had come from Gravewater, and that must be, oh, nearly a week's journey from here. Of course, those folks had to push it the last few hundred meters."

He pauses for a moment to regain his breath and to give your group a look over, taking you measure perhaps. He types in something else on the datapad. "I imagine that if you were looking to head straight to another colony you would not have gotten off that transport here. Do you have some other kind of destination in mind, or are you just looking to do some salvage or sightseeing?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec produces a soft deep growl that obviously means ‘none of your business’, then ignores the lashunta to address Tara

”I’m fine,” the big vesk says as he swings his large heavyduty backpack over his shoulder with ease, and then grabs Skitter’s bags as well.

”Which one is ours?” Sobec asks the lashunta for the buggy they can use.

The others may note that the vesk’s jovial attitude from only moments ago has changed to a more reserved one as soon as another person approached them.

Zyzzy stops herself from revealing their destination as Sobec growls. It takes her a moment to process that perhaps the vesk has the right idea to keep their plans secret. "Yes, we have arranged different transport options and need to meet them. We will certainly return the vehicle before leaving the planet."

Zyzzy pays the 40cr + 50cr deposit and accepts whatever "key" is needed to operate the vehicle. She boards the vehicle and sits in the pilot's position. "Let's get on board folks. No idea what the day/night cycle on this rock is so let's not waste daylight."

Skitter smiles at Sobec, the vesk had been almost fatherly to him since they met on Absalom Station. Skitter had gotten into a little trouble and Sobec had stepped in to help. Skitter motioned to sparky and stepped outside. He walked up to the vehicle and kicked one of the tires. The ysoki then made a slow circle around the buggy giving it a through once over. Once satisfied that it would get them to their destination he smiles. He motions to Sparky and the drone climbs into the back of the buggy. Skitter climbs in next to the drone.

"Ok Red it'll get us to our destination. I'm ready when you are."


There are four vehicles in total parked alongside the Voyager Vehicles building. All are painted in bright company red, and they are in reasonable state of cleanliness for a vehicle exposed to the elements as the buggies are not enclosed. They are something like roll cages with engines and wheels. But most importantly everything seems to be in good working order.

As you loading up and stowing any excess gear the relative quiet is momentarily broken by by another vehicle driving by filled with a gruff looking and raucous crew. Unlike the corporate vehicles its paint job is slapdash combination of black and other colours, though the basic design is more or less the same. There are also a number of seeming trophies and other decorations affixed to it. The crew, a human driver with a ysoki passenger and a big vesk riding in the back, seem to be chuckling and laughing amongst themselves. But right as they go by the vesk shoots you a menacing glare. They quickly turn the corner though and look to be headed out of town.

OOC: Did you mean to pay for a four day rental? It was 10 credits per day and a 50 credit insurance deposit.


"Hmf." Tara appraised the vehicle like she would a pack of potential hostiles, but says nothing.

Hmmm. That glare was... well, I shouldn't assume it was hostile, maybe that's actually a friendly greeting among the vesk. Sobec might be offended if I ask, so I'll just have to look it up later.

Finally, after some deliberation, Tara decided to ask the broker. "Were those locals?"


The lashunta, who appears to have suddenly turned a shade paler, pauses for a moment as if unsure and the nods slightly. "If by 'local' you mean, 'local menace'," he says, his voice agitated. "I am fairly certain they were behind the theft of one of our rigs about a month ago, but they've surely done worse; I'd say 'bandit' is a fair description. Their crew is holed up in that abandoned ship outside of town. You might have seen it on the way in."

Zyzzy, sitting in the driver seat of the ground vehicle, is on pre-ignition check 17 of 23 when she notices the whole group is not onboard. "Can someone find out what is taking Skitters so long to get on board?" As check number 23 is verified she starts the vehicles engines. She then begins pre-motion check 1 of 13.


"I do not know exactly how many more there are," says the lashunta, shaking his head. "I just know there are more than that. Watch your backs if you leave town, but as long as you do not go snooping around their base you can probably avoid trouble with them. I imagine that group was heading back their now."

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