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Starfinder Little House In The Vast

Skitter places Sparky on a work bench in engineering. He pulls a cable from his prosthetic arm and attaches it to the diagnostics port on the damaged drone. He he begins to run the report as he removes the damaged and now useless manipulator arms. The Ysoki shrugs and tosses them into a scrap pile. The arms had been useful on the Faabarrium but they had been pretty damaged and Skitter felt a camera might be more useful now. As the diagnostics ran he turned to Canister.

"My understanding is the ship had a pretty exciting life before it was mothballed here." Skitter points to some wires he'd like Canister to hold. "Being confined to the bridge I am guessing you spent a lot of time in the computer systems. Anything interesting you found? From what I saw most of the system was wiped before the old owners left but with skill files can be recovered."

The diagnostic scan beeps and Skitter shakes his head. It was going to be almost a complete rebuild. He sighs and begins to work, pointing and indicating places that Canister can assist. He continues to talk to the android asking questions about his former master and crew along with details about this planet.

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Cannister does as he is directed in regards to Sparky's repairs.

"Most of my time was occupied by the tasks my mistress assigned me to," says the android. "I spent some time rebuilding the operating systems of the ship. But I do not believe I found anything you have not already seen yourself. Wipes can have variable efficacy. It is possible that whatever program was used to shred the ship's data had a glitch that missed the last active file."

"Pan is only sparsely populated, though the ruins of ancient civilizations indicate it was once inhabited by an abundance of intelligent lifeforms. This planet, along with others in the Tabori Cluster, are rich in the mineral siccatite. Most of the colonies here are dedicated to that, or to supporting it, though the electrical interference from the surrounding nebula makes it a risky endeavour."

"Of course this being the frontier much of the activity here is controlled by organizations that would be deemed criminal in nature back in the Pact Worlds. I believe my mistress may have been in contact with one of these organizations, though she always took calls from them alone in another room after I had set them up. So, alas, I cannot tell you much about them."

"Besides mining siccatite there are also, by my understanding, a number of archaeological interests here on Pan. Most people do not bother themselves much with disturbing old ruins, however. Much of what was has decayed to nothing."

"We should first head back to the ship to see what Skitter thinks," Zyzzy says. "No one's input should be ignored when the group wants to make a decision."

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