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Starfinder Little House In The Vast

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Gistanne looks at you intensely for a moment. "Nothin' much," she answers. The young woman shifts a bit uncomfortably. "But if he's not here, an' he's not dead... Well, are you keeping him - or recruiting him? Is signing on a, um, option?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"You're not signing on," Sobec says harshly. The vesk can appreciate her skill in battle, but a feud cannot be so easily forgotten, and he does not appear to want to.

He does not speak much after that.


"Yeah, well, whatever," says the young woman, resigned. She moves over to the other buggy and climbs into the passenger's seat before slumping down.

"You can stay for now. Why don't we go to engineering. I'm sure there are better tools there to fix up Sparky."

Skitter gathers up Sparky and stuffs him into his pack. He indicates towards the door.

"After you." As they walk Skitter continues. "Why don't you tell me about the ship? You've been here for awhile and I'm guessing you know a good amount about her condition and any secrets."



Cannister nods slightly and begins the march down the length of the ship towards engineering. "I am afraid that my knowledge of the ship has been limited somewhat by my confinement on the bridge," says the android. "And I, well, I am not programmed per se with knowledge of mechanical functions, either robotic or biological. My skills pertain more to computation and astronomical phenomena. But I believe the ship has seen combat a number of times before. There are telltale signs in the code of on the fly patches to malfunctioning systems."

As you move through the living quarters the android points out some of the rooms and notes a few details about their previous occupants, now mostly deceased. "Quarters were generally assigned or awarded based on seniority within Hesala's company. Here, in the occupied room closest to the lower level, is where Gistanne and Martrew slept. Initially they had separate quarters, but not long after we had settled down here Gistanne moved her things into his. I believe he was on guard duty along with her when your assault began."


The rest of you pile into the buggies inside the bay and engage the two engines. Sobec takes the one with Hesala in the back, the thinking being that even if she wakes up and thinks about trying some really stupid she will be dissuaded by the huge lizard that already dismembered her once today. Zyzzy gets behind the wheel beside Gistanne while Tara keeps and eye on the young woman and Brill from the back seat. The android slowly guides her vehicle out of the bay and down the ramp between the two barriers at the bottom, with Sobec following close behind. Once you are back on dirt and grass you rev up the engines and make for where you stashed the rental. It only takes a couple of minutes to reach it, now that there is no reason for being stealthy, and then Tara hops out with Brill and they get into the third vehicle.

The trip back to town is mostly uneventful, other than whatever chatter the three of you engage in over comms. Hesala groans from time to time, but otherwise does not stir. Brill looks around at the surrounding terrain, maybe taking it in one last time before his extended stay in a cell - he makes the odd comment about things to avoid in sections of terrain he has passed over before. But Gistanne just kinda stares silently over her knees, almost oblivious to the galaxy.

As you pull back into town it appears your arrival causes a bit of a stir, with a few whoops and hollers of approval about taking out the trash. Most people keep their distance though, perhaps wary of getting too excited until your prisoners are safely secured in forcecages. You drive up to the sheriff's station which is located alongside one of two taller buildings in town, both of similar design, and which close up appears to have a retracting roof. The station itself has only a small sign with the AbadarTech logo - the building looks like it may be a prefabricated design for law enforcement rather than being an actual corporate outlet though. You slow to a stop in front of the entrance and it is not long until Zchavvirt exits accompanied by three of his deputies and a medic. "Thank you kindly for bringing them in," says the shirren. "They are welcome additions to my little hive here, though imagine they might prove to be something of a handful."

OOC: We probably would have brought the dead body of Martrew as well. Probably in the same van as Hesela. (We only killed one of them, right?)

"The injured ringleader, Hesela, is in that van the vesk is stepping out of," Zyzzy says to apparent medic. To Zchavvirt, she says, "We are just glad they aren't no longer our problem."


OOC: Zchavvirt said in the comms message that he would send deputies to take care of the bodies. There are five bodies: Martrew, the vesk, the ysoki, another human male, and the other lashunta.

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