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Starfinder Little House In The Vast


The sheriff shakes his head ruefully. "No, I am afraid not. A bounty would have been provocative and so we did not budget for one," he answers. "That lashunta is vicious, but within the town limits they were mostly troublemakers and occasional thieves. Their real predation occurred mostly away from town. No one was really keen on risking taking them on, especially considering that crime is not exactly in short supply in the Cluster. Maybe someone else tries to take their 'turf' or maybe they have connections with the Syndicates. Which is not to say I am not relieved you have dealt with them - just we have our full complement of personnel to deal with whatever comes next. Had we tried to take them on ourselves who knows what might have happened?"

The shirren pauses a minute to look away again. "All that said - while there is no reward per se you might find folks here are grateful to have them off our antennae. I will notify the Voyager Vehicles manager to expect your arrival. Do not worry too much about the lashunta's condition. You are not likely to be taken before the magistrate for 'maltreatment' around here if you are just trying to do what needs doing."

OOC: Forgot to mention - the ship is not that far away from town. Less than a half hour drive. If the terrain were completely flat you could probably see it from town on a good day.

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OOC: Half an hour on a super-tech vehicle could easily be over 50 km away. Or so I thought. :)

"So, we can gather the prisoners into the vehicles and drive them back to town. I'll go out and get our vehicle. Anyone want to come with me? Just in case something else is out there." Zyzzy says.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"I'll come with you," Sobec says, eager for some action. Then he hesitates.

"Will you be alright without us?" he asks Skitter specifically. "You should close the ship behind us to avoid intruders. Or a cold draft that could make you sick. Do you need my blaster?"

Skitter shoos Sobec away.

"I'll be fine, just need a little rest." The ysoki shakes his head. "You keep it I can barely hold that thing even when I'm not half frozen."

Skitter flashes a half smile and tries to suppress the shivers that are still wracking his body. After a second they pass and he relaxes.

"Cannister, you staying here with us? I'm pretty sure you'll be more useful here than in a cell with your former mistress. Plus I could use some help repairing Sparky."

Skitter looks to Zyzzy hoping he didn't overstep. He liked the android and figured it didn't deserve to end up in some backwoods jail because of some outlaw who probably stole him to begin with. He waited briefly and then began to talk to the android.

"So tell me how you ended up in this place?"

"They should be fine, Sobec," Zyzzy says. "Besides, the sooner we have our rental in the bay, the sooner we can get them out of here."

Zyzzy leaves the bridge (presumably with Sobec) and heads for the hanger. She is mildly curious about Skitter's line of questioning but decides she can find out what answers they receive afterwards.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"I know, I know," Sobec mutters. "I just want to make sure you're alright."

With a sigh, the vesk turns and follows Zyzzy.


Cannister gives Skitter a curious look. "I... can stay? I was purchased by my mistress several years ago. I am not sure where I was manufactured - I was transported away before I was released from my container. My mistress had been discharged from the lashunta military on Castrovel for, ah, disagreeable behaviour. She took me and we, along with a couple of her former colleagues, left the Pact Worlds. We had been moving from place to place for a bit where there was work for ex-soldiers when my mistress lost her arm in a firefight. It that was after that that she formed a, well, um, unusual attachment to me. It was after that that we ended up in the Tabori Cluster and, eh, here." He is more than happy to assist with any repairs with Sparky.

Meanwhile the rest of you gather up Hesala, Brill, and Gistanne and head back down to the bay to load them into the buggies. While you are busing lifting the lashunta into the stolen Voyager Vehicles buggy the young human woman steps towards the open bay door. She just stands there for a moment near the top of the ramp, hands tied in front of her, looking out over the landscape while the warm breeze licks at her shaggy hair. "Wait..." she says as she turns backs to you. "Where's the robot?" Her mouth twists and her voice acquires an edge. "Don't tell me you offed him and let that no good gear scum live?"


"The android that was locked up in the bridge," she replies, suddenly thinking better perhaps of using the term she had before.

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