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Starfinder Little House In The Vast

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Cannister answers, "I believe that the local authorities were unwilling to cause trouble with our crew. Much of our, well, the others' activities took place outside of town. As this is the frontier authority only reaches as far as you are willing to enforce it. However... now that you have apprehended us the sheriff, Zchavvirt, may be much more interested in making our acquaintance. But a bounty? I sincerely hope not. A bounty sounds dreadful."

"Let me know if you want me to place the call?' Skitter shrugs. "We could also return that stolen buggy. Voyager Vehicles might pay a finders fee for returning their property."


When you have decided to contact the sheriff you hit a few buttons and then it takes a few moments before the signal is picked up on the other end. Finally an image pops up - an older, mildly bloated looking shirren with a mottled red carapace. On the screen you can see a number of grooves in his shell, the shirren equivalent of battle scars. He looks a tad surprised to be taking your call. "Sheriff Zchavvirt, Kreba Farms," he introduces himself in the characteristic clicking tongue of his species. "Visitors, eh? What business might you have with the law?"

OOC: Sorry about the delay. I was kind of hoping you would talk amongst yourselves a bit more. I hope the wait has not slowed down the game too much.

"Hello, Sheriff Zchavvirt. I am Zyzzy, co-owner of the ship parked a couple hundred kilometers from town. We have found squatters on the ship and believe they may be responsible for some crimes in the local area." She proceeds to name and describe each of the crew and gives their wound status unless the sheriff interrupts her.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec is bored. He knows that contacting the local law enforcement is the best thing to do, but in the meantime he is stuck here without action.

The large vesk finds himself examining Skitter from a few feet away, making sure his friend is not hurt, or at least not too badly. Then he does the same with the others, telling them to watch their diet so they heal more quickly. Almost like a mother.


A brief flicker of nervousness seems to cross Zchavvirt's insectile face but it passes quickly. "Co-owners, you say?" he replies. "I am all too familiar with that lowlife Hesala and her crew. Well, except for maybe that android fellow. Never seen him around town. In any case we have a few cells here I could stash the lot of 'em in - indefinitely." The shirren looks away for a moment as he appears to be entering something into his own console. When he turns back to you he asks "Are you going to be returning to town currently? It would be more efficient right now if perhaps you delivered your prisoners to us, especially given the medical condition of Hesala, rather than us gearing up to come to you. I can send a couple of deputies later to help deal with the deceased and their effects."

"We have what we assume is a vehicle they stole from (name) rental. We can probably take them back in that and return the vehicle to its rightful owner. Though I would not want to be responsible for Hesala's condition. I do not know how injured they are. I am not trained in medicine," Zyzzy says. "Is there any kind of reward out for their arrest?"

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