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Starfinder Little House In The Vast


Now that you have a better chance to look around the upper levels of the ship are not as messy as you would expect, though some of the quarters were clearly inhabited by slobs. There are clothes and other personal effects, as well as a basic level of supplies, such as food, onboard.

Cannister is compliant, helping to move Hesala himself, but at some point turns to you and asks, "Do you really think it is wise to put my Mistress and Gistanne in the same location? One did, after all, entreat you to execute the other."

Gistanne and the driver, who turns out to be named Brill, are still right where you left them. Both exercise claims to the contents of their rooms, though Gistanne in particular is adamant that, "What's mine is mine, and it's not just 'loot' for you. I got a life, you know!"

If anyone thinks to go through the things on the bridge, they do come across one thing that may pique their curiosity: there is a hand drawn map and some notes written in Castrovellian about some kind of find in the nearby hills.

OOC: You guys have a bit to figure out what you want to do next but I wanted to get some of the housekeeping things out of the way. I am not in a rush to go in any direction, I just feel like giving the info drop on the loot this morning. First off you all receive 735 XP.

The equipment you have recovered from the last two fights includes: an azimuth laser pistol with 17 charges, an azimuth laser rifle with 18 charges, a static arc caster with 16 charges, a subzero hailcannon with 0 charges plus an extra standard battery with 0 charges, a pulsecaster pistol with 16 charges, another mk i frag grenade, and Hesala's mk i golemforged plating, though it could use some repairs on account of you know what.

I am feeling kinda handwave-y about the exact contents of the ship, so between actual credsticks and loot I figure there is around 2000 credits worth of stuff lying around, and you can either count that as credits you got back by selling things or you can say you 'found' something you wanted and just subtract the value from the credits worth you received.

There is also of course the two exploration buggies in the hangar, which are in addition to everything else.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec hesitates as the android suggests putting all of the prisoners in the same place may not be a good idea.

"Some vermin devour their weak so the strong survive," the vesk says harshly, but he seems to lack conviction. He then looks at his companions for suggestions.

"Nothing is yours unless we tell you," Sobec adds in response to the prisoners' complaints about personal possessions, but he does not gather those items they deem theirs, instead gathering other stuff that will earn the crew about 2000 credits in total.


OOC: You did notice earlier that one of the buggies seemed to have had the colours of Hesala's crew hastily painted over what appeared to be the same red as your Voyager Vehicles rental. The other one, which you had seen Brill and the others in earlier, did not have any clues as to its provenance, however.

Skitter finishes with the computer and walks over to the gathered weapons. He looks down at the static arc pistol and smiles. That was an upgrade from the pulsecaster mounted on Sparky. Thinking of the drone he checks his rig. He sees the wireless backup of Sparky's AI completed after the drone was destroyed. Rebuilding the drone would take time but that is all.

"We could ask about the local authorities? I'm sure there is someone who is supposed to keep the peace around here. Drop the three of them off with them. Might even be a bounty out for them." Skitter shrugs. "Either that or we drive them out into the middle of nowhere and release them."

Skitter walks over to the remains of his drone and begins to gather the parts.

"Not sure what the plan is but I'd like time to rebuild Sparky." Skitter motions towards the pile of weapons. "I'd also like one of the laser pistols if no one objects. It's a nice upgrade to Sparky's current weapon."
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OOC: Sparky is a stealth drone, is he not? I do not think he can use heavy weapons or even longarms unless he gets another weapon mount as an upgrade at level 3, or unless you rebuild him as a combat drone at level 2. The static arc caster is a heavy weapon.

Edit: Now that I reread - are you proposing rebuilding him now if you get some downtime? I suppose there would not be much harm in that.


Contacting the authorities is as simple as searching the local infosphere for the relevant information and establishing a line of communication through your personal commlinks. While scanning the readouts from the bridge console Skitter had noticed that ship's connection to the infosphere had been temporarily disabled, but that is easily remedied should anyone choose to do so. A short investigation turns up the name "Zchavvirt" as belonging to the local sheriff and a comm frequency for his post.

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