Living Forgotten Realms ....... Virginia gets Aglarond? Yeesh.....


ElminstersApprentice said:
Hey guys,

Mike Lee, LFR SE USA - Aglarond point of contact here.

Now about Aglarond. Aglarond is awesome. You've got the Sea of Fallen Stars, the threat of Thay, the Dragonjaw mountains, and access to the Feywild via the Yuirwood. There is lots of potential for adventure, and we have little reputation to follow. So we as a region can do much to decide how Aglarond develops. Some of the better-known regions have been type-cast which has it's own advantages, and disadvantages.

The Simbul (our ruler) is gone. She's unaccounted for, and this will likely lead to some political unrest.

Mike, cool to hear from you.

The Simbul being gone, excellent. Heck, that alleviates 90% of my concerns about this LFR region, and the Forgotten Realms in general!

A place that isn't tied consistently to the old NPC regime is great, and I like the access to Feywild. Eladrins were a lot of fun to play at the DDXP.

I look forward to seeing how everything comes together. Having a fairly open region for development probably has advantages I didn't account for.


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