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D&D 5E Lock and Key Kickstarter Campaign


Registered Ninja
The Lock and Key Kickstarter campaign is now live.

Since the dawn of fantasy roleplaying games, opening locks has been a staple of fantasy adventures. This mini-supplement for the worlds most popular roleplaying game is filled with information about locks and how to open them.

It includes:
  • A real-world history of locks and keys
  • Ideas for a fantasy history
  • Variant Locks – Including real world items like false keyholes, and fantasy items like talking locks
  • A random key generator
  • 2 new traps
  • 4 new magic items
  • 1 new spell
  • 3 new monsters

Check out our Kickstarter page to back Lock and Key.

A locked chest surrounded by locks and keys.

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Moderator Emeritus
Neat! This is the kind of Kickstarter I like! Three bucks to support and a PDF? DONE!
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