Paizo Logan Bonner Named Pathfinder Lead Designer

Logan Bonner has been named Pathfinder Lead Designer. He announced this on Twitter -- "This is officially official now: I’m now the Pathfinder Lead Designer! That means I’m in charge of the overall rules ecology for [Pathfinder 2E]. (Well, the parts made by Paizo, anyway.)"

Jason Bulmahn is currently Director of Game Design at Paizo, and is, of course, the creator of the Pathfinder RPG. His Twitter bio says he's "team leader for 2E".

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Jason Bulmahn

I assume Jason Bulmahn.
Technically there has not been one since my title was changed to Director of Game Design here at Paizo. Naming Logan to this position empowers him to do the job and take the reins on making some of the big decisions about the game. I could not be happier to have Logan helming this game. His work has been pivotal in making 2E the game that it is today.

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