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Long Way Down - A Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Hybrid Adventure for 5E



This module was released on January 1, 2020 on DriveThruRPG and has been a front page hot seller!

As a remote village dons the trappings of its annual harvest festival, they are haunted by a brooding terror lurking beneath their feet.

Long Way Down is a spooky dungeon delve for a level 8 party from the world of Blades & Blasters. Master your emotions, discover the horrific secrets of the otherworldly Ghol 'ichaeus, and save the residents of Cullsfield before time runs out! Play it as a one-shot, as an adventure connected mini-campaign, or incorporate it into an existing story!

This adventure draws on material from the core B&B Rulebook, but the book is NOT REQUIRED for play; all relevant B&B material, including alien monsters, weapons, and technology, can be found within this adventure's pages.

What's Included?
With your purchase you'll get a full color and a printer-friendly version of the adventure PDF. Within its pages you'll find:
  • 25 pages of adventure
  • 14 pages of appendices which include stat blocks for all aliens, monsters, and NPCs; rules for alien weapons and technologies; and all relevant spells
In addition to the adventure document, you'll receive:
  • Map printouts
  • Standee figure printout
  • Prop book printout
Buy it now for 25% off!
The module will be on sale for $2.99, down from $3.99 until January 7th.

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