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The young man wearing the fez walks up and posts this note:

Nevish, I am Redeemer Elistor.
You have been corrupted by the Arcane Magic. I will Redeem you, and may Teht then have mercy on your soul.
I will give battle to you.
Simply name the place and time.

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the return

:fight!: A smal grey hole about three inches wide appeared in the room, cousing all the patron's to stop their drinking and to look at it.
It got bigger, growing swiftly it's colour changing to a bright white then light blue, by the time it turned purple it had grown to eight feet in circumfrence, lightning arched out of it starting a panic in the room.
A shape began to take form within the purple glowing circle, it was human and very tall as well as massive, when the ball of light had finally dissapated a very tall muscular woman stood in the room, growlling,..."TARRA " has returned.......:eek:


nevish darkwind

*staring at his newest challenge*
"if you posses enough property to make the fight worth it meet me on the rifting plane in the deep shadow. you will find me where shadow conjoins with the plane of baator. i shall await you there"

*stands and disappears from the room*

((OOC edited out. - Pounamu))

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