Looking for a table that has a BUNCH of sentient creature types on it

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I'd like to get a table that has a BUNCH of sentient creature types on it

For my dungeon23 project, as the world is built out, I'm going to be adding levels that are dominated by one or more cultures. So I'd love to add cultures there. Weirder the better tbh; but open to "normal" cultures like dwarves etc

The ~40 playable species from across all the books is a place to start; but I want to include non-playable cultures as well

Most sentient creatures (but not all I guess) have some sort of culture. Culture defined by any agglomeration of population larger than the biological mating combination (if said creatures are even said to have biology)

So - wondering if there's anything like that out there?

I'm really really hoping to not have to take this page, choose every creature that's low intelligence and higher (maybe not supra-level intelligence and higher) and then refactor it into a long ass list


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I was just prepping my Against the Giants adventure and the Frost Giant part has giant ice toads and yetis. Both are in the 6-8 Int range and the module has the toads worshipping a large crystal carved to vaguely look like them.

I always liked the Kuo-toa as well as they can worship about anything and wierd powers form.

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