ZEITGEIST Looking for a writer for a ZEITGEIST setting book


'Consultation' is as much as I had hoped for, honestly. I'd just like to contribute. Though I am free for the next few months...

I have made a thread to discuss this topic, so we stop clogging this thread.


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We’re finally going to make a hardcover ZEITGEIST setting book (and a stand alone WOIN-powered ZEITGEIST RPG).

For that we need a writer! This is a big job for the right person - a compilation of existing setting material throughout 13 adventures and two guides. This is, of course, a paid gig.

Are you reliable, familiar with ZEITGEIST and either 5E or WOIN? Ready to tackle a sizeable project? Let me know!
Hello Morrus,

I have been keeping my eye out for something like this, as I have grown quite fond to the ZEITGEIST setting since I first started running a game in it some three years ago. I would say that I am very familiar with the setting and tone, since I have gone on to run a second (smaller scale) game using the materials in these books, and using D&D 5e no less.

I have no knowledge of WOIN or its systems, however I have been running D&D 5e for long enough to become very proficient in its systems.

I am currently only working part-time so a sizable project should be perfectly fine for me currently.



I'd be happy to throw my hat in the ring for this.

I am a longtime GM (10 years experience, in a variety of systems both published and homebrew) with detailed experience in the ZEITGEIST setting, from reading and analyzing the books at length and currently participating in a campaign on the player side. The vast majority of my GMing work has been in original settings, and I have long had a passion for lore and worldbuilding.

I am quite familiar with the specifics of 5E. I do not have experience with WOIN, but I have confidence in my ability to pick up new RPG systems in short order.

In other qualifications, I have a BA in History and in Computer Science, and am currently employed as a technical writer for developer-facing content in the software industry. I am thus well-accustomed to organizing and executing research and writing projects of significant scope.

And, well, it looks like a fun and interesting project for someone who's been recently considering getting their start in freelance RPG work.


Hi Morrus,

On reflection, I would like to present myself a touch more professionally.

In 2017 I graduated from the Australian National University with a double bachelor's degree in Information Technology (Information Systems major) and Laws. I feel this experience has given me a broad and valuable background in legal thought, in government policy, in systems design and in the roles of technology in any system.

I discovered TTRPGs in my first year at Uni, and have embraced them thoroughly- participating in and GMing a number of campaigns. Initially a Pathfinder GM, I have recently branched out into 4e. I have developed a focus on text-based campaigns, initially PBP and evolving into text-only campaigns conducted over Skype and Discord. The first independent setting I have written (donut steel) is rough, but I feel shows my potential as a writer.

Beginning in 3/3/2018, I have been running my own Zeitgeist campaign; text-based, 4e, beginning with three players now with two. Our IC channel consists of ~1,201,725 words and our side channels cumulatively are ~487,382 words. We are about 9/10ths through Book 12. In the campaign we have done our level best to plumb Zeit's depths for every plotline and every scrap of lore, partly thanks to my desire to be as 'by the book' as possible, partly thanks to my players' talent and dedication. I have worked to author additional materials (1, 2) for the campaign, including maps and art (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

I am currently volunteering with an emergency relief charity with my region, and am active with my local university's philosophy group. In February I will be commencing a new position with the federal government.

Given my lack of professional writing experience or education, and my lack of experience with 5e and WOIN, I do not believe I would be capable of being 'in charge' of a project of this scale. However, I fell I could be an invaluable part of any 'writer's room' for the purposes of debating setting ideas, or as a writer for smaller parts of the overall work.

Best of luck with the project, Morrus, I hope I am fortunate enough to be chosen to be a part of it.
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Sorry to keep people waiting; I'm having the slowest conversation in the world with Ryan (by email), but I'll post some more info soon!


This listing for a setting book has come to my attention. From my reading of the product description, it seems that this will not be a sequel, but rather, a book for the setting as it is at the start of the adventure path. I can see that being a valid choice: a setting book for adventures in the world taking place alongside or instead of the grander scope of the adventure path.

Or is this a sequel regardless, with the product description simply being written so as to avoid spoilers for the adventure path?