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ZEITGEIST Looking for a writer for a ZEITGEIST setting book


After conferring with Morrus, I thought I might write a quick update for anyone interested in the new setting book.

Morrus and Ranger have been kind enough to choose Edna (also known as Adslahnit) and I to work on the post-adventure setting book. The job is well underway, though still at an 'alpha' stage. Plenty of paragraphs on nations, tools, arcanotechnology, planes, and the nature of magic have been written, and will doubtless be rewritten as we try to make as coherent and interwoven a setting as possible.

Those of you who have been following this thread from the beginning (or are interested enough to scroll up) might note that Edna and I had some pretty serious concerns regarding the idea of this setting book, and were pretty harshly skeptical. To some degree, we still have those concerns; were we tasked with writing a setting book all on our own, perhaps we would not choose to set it in this time period. However, I think our broader concern was that Ranger would be, to be blunt, 'half-assing' the book; rushing out a quick 'sequel' with only lip service paid to the gravity of the adventure's upsets. After talking with Ranger and seeing the work he has already done on this setting, that concern has disappeared.

Even before we started the project, Ryan had done a ton of work: nation introductions, themes, backgrounds, campaign hooks. All were written with a lot of insight into what makes Zeitgeist so special and enjoyable. Edna and I have been very happy to add to his worldbuilding; me primarily through writing politics, culture, and history, and Edna through virtually everything else. I’m quite happy to say that Ranger, Edna, and I have developed a good working relationship, providing editing and feedback on each others’ writing where necessary and appropriate.

tl;dr = Edna and I are working on the project, and we’re pretty darn confident that the final project will be a worthy Zeitgeist successor-setting. Morrus is keen for us to do an irregular blog sharing details and teasers regarding the new setting, and hopefully in a month or two we will be at that stage.

If you have any questions or suggestions on things you would like to see in the book that we can respond to without getting too spoiler-y, do feel free to post them.

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Chapter Six is about the planets. The second writer would talk about the nature of how planets affect magic, and give a page or two write-up of each planes for folks who want to do Edgar Rice Burroughs style extraplanar adventures. Paizo did something similar for Golarion's solar system, though I haven't done a ton of thinking about how ours would stand out.
---Expected Word Count: 10,000 words (1,000 is reused)

I was one to vote "skeptical" to the poll regarding the future of the setting, but seeing this makes me extremely interested in the final product.

Ryan Nock was the one who decided on the roster of planes for the sequel setting. I am just doing what I can to hash it out.

The planar roster is not exactly utopic, or even optimal, but the sequel setting has had to make numerous concessions in the name of presenting a setting ripe with conflict and in need of adventurers. Air is Caeloon, earth is Urim, fire is Jiese, water is Ostea, life is Av, death is Amrou, space is Mavisha (a retcon from before), and time is Ascetia. Teykfa is a bonus plane in this configuration. Iratha Ket also made the cut, though it is not actually a plane, which means it does not confer its altruism and spontaneous musicals.

~10,000 words is not particularly expansive for a whole cosmology, including the various Dreamings for each reason, but we will do what we can to compress the information in a compelling fashion. We might be able to push it up to ~15,000.

One of the major sponsors for planar exploration is none other than Pemberton Industries' planar division.
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