D&D General Looking for an old D&D novel

I have no idea what it was called, or who wrote it. I don't even know what setting it was in. But I remember very clearly picking it up because it had the same Larry Elmore cover as the Companion set; the one with the big green dragon. I remember it featured a main character who was a kind of disavowed knight of some kind, and he had a redemption arc of sorts, and there was another thiefy character. Kind of like Rutget Hauer and Matthew Broderick. I read it, I believe, in the late 80s, although it might possibly have been the early 90s.

Anyone else have any memory of this book, its title or author? Sadly, I got rid of it decades ago. I don't remember thinking that it was necessarily wonderful, but I kind of wish I'd held on to it to revisit it again.

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