Looking for D&D gamers in Twin Falls ID


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Hello. My husband and I host a Pathfinder 1st edition game at our house outside of Twin Falls. We recently lost a couple of players due to family issues, so we are down to one DM and 3 players. We are looking for a couple of players to fill out the group. It is set in a fantasy Realm my husband created, with a few interesting twists. The main thing is that a modern city from the US has ended up transported into the Realm, and their arrival has brought modern technology, especially guns, into the world. The PC's are currently a special forces unit working for the Uptimers (as the people from Earth are called) and assisting in their war with the Wood Elves who attacked them when they arrived. The game is a mix of city missions, army encounters, and standard dungeon crawls. If you are interested, please let me know. My email is ltcmndr_erised@yahoo.com, and I can provide my phone number upon request so that we can talk. If you prefer, I am on facebook as Desire Adams, and we could talk over Messenger.

I can also provide more details of the game if anybody is interested.

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