Looking for extra bonuses for high ability scores

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a house ruled homebrew, in which I'm trying to find some extra bonuses to give for high ability (str, dex, etc.) scores and I could use some suggestions.

Note that abilities are capped at 25 for humans, but still follow the usual d20 progression for bonuses (8 is -1, 12 is +1, 18 is +4, etc.). I'm trying to come up with special benefits for high scores, which will be rare (18s won't even be possible at level 1; anything 20 and above is superhuman). Extra benefits have to be related to the ability, of course. Extra benefits will be available at odd scores (13, 15, etc.) so that every stat bump will actually mean something.

Here are a couple I have come up with:

Strength said:
extra bonus/damage to inanimate objects
ability to wield 2h weapons 1-handed
reduce armor speed penalty

Dexterity said:
speed bonus
ability to always act in a surprise round
turn a hit into a miss N times a day

Constitution said:
base non-lethal damage score is -N instead of 0
ability to continue fighting at negative hp

Intelligence said:
see patterns (bonus to checks)

Wisdom said:
insight (get DM clue N times a day/week)

Charisma said:
(one aspect of charisma will be luck)
roll 2d20 instead of 1 N times a day

If any of you have suggestions, I'd be very glad to read them.

Thanks in advance,


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