Looking for group in Madison Heights, Michigan


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I'm in Madison Heights, Michigan and I'm looking for a group of people to join in person. I miss sitting at a table with people I can see and rolling actual dice. I would probably need help with transportation and resources (at least a character sheet and pencile) and the fact that I'm currently dirt poor doesn't make this easy. I do have dice and when it comes to rule books I can just borrow them during sessions and look up PDFs if I want to look something up at home.

I'm sort of wanting to try pathfinder 2E but I'll try anything. I have a decent amount of D&D 5E experience .

My best day for play is Sunday. Monday can also work as can the evenings of Wednesday and Saturday.

I'm A quick but unconventional learner who learns best through a hands on approach. I'm a bit of a rules lawyer but I'm learning to use that trait for good and not evil.

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