D&D 5E Lord of the Rings 5E Is Coming Next Month

For those who prefer to adventure in Middle Earth using the D&D 5E ruleset rather than Free League's The One Ring game (which made over $2M on Kickstarter in 2021), the 5E-powered version is coming in May!


This will be a 236-page hardcover book containing 6 new classes, journey rules, and magic which represents the more low-key magic of Tolkien.

Additionally, Shire Adventures is a 104-page book with 5 short adventures and setting details for The Shire region of Middle Earth.

That's not all though -- there will be a RIvendell compendium, and a Loremaster's Screen too.

These will be landing on May 9th.
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Well, that was fun
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So how many versions of Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth 5e are there now? I'm losing count.
Currently in print? This will be the only version of MIddle Earth 5E available. Prior to that Cubicle 7 did Adventures in Middle Earth which was also 5E.

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