D&D 5E Free League's 5E-Powered Lord of the Rings Game Is Now Available

Core rules, The Shire adventure book, and Rivendell sourcebook

Now available in both hardcover and PDF, you can buy The D&D 5E version of Free League's Middle Earth-set TTRPG (of course, you can also get The One Ring,which is the version with its own ruleset).


The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying %E, Shire Adventures, and Loremaster’s Screen & Rivendell Compendium are all available from Free League's online store. Also available is a bundle containing the whole set.
  • The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying 5E is the 236-page core rulebook and contains 6 cultures, 6 classses, journey rules, monsters, and more.
  • Shire Adventures contains a full description of The Shire, along with five adventures.
  • Loremaster’s Screen & Rivendell Compendium contains inforamation about Rivendell, rules for High Elf characters, and a screen for use by the Loremaster.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Aha! It has arrived. Let's take a quick glance.
  • New skills -- Explore, Hunting, Riddle, Old Lore, Travel
  • New rules for Encumbrance, Resting, Rewards and Virtues, Shadow and Corruption
  • Cultures (this is in place of species) -- Bardings, Dwarves of Durin's Folk, Elves of Lindon, Hobbits of the Shire, Men of Bree, Rangers of the North
  • Callings (classes) -- Captain, Champion, Messenger, Scholar, Treasure Hunter, Warden
  • Crafts look a bit like feats, things like Beastcraft, Songcraft, etc.
  • Journey rules
  • Fellowship phases - like a narration thing after each Adventuring Phase
  • Loremaster (GM) stuff
  • Monsters and foes -- men, orcss, trolls, undead, wolves, nameless things
  • World stuff

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