D&D 5E Lord of the Rings 5E Is Coming Next Month

The 5E-powered version is coming in May

For those who prefer to adventure in Middle Earth using the D&D 5E ruleset rather than Free League's The One Ring game (which made over $2M on Kickstarter in 2021), the 5E-powered version is coming in May!


This will be a 236-page hardcover book containing 6 new classes, journey rules, and magic which represents the more low-key magic of Tolkien.

Additionally, Shire Adventures is a 104-page book with 5 short adventures and setting details for The Shire region of Middle Earth.

That's not all though -- there will be a RIvendell compendium, and a Loremaster's Screen too.

These will be landing on May 9th.

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We play a lot of game in ME. Own lots MERP, Deciphers version and TOR v1 and 2.
The only good thing about AIME was it's excellent resale value when I sold what I had.
Really did not get on with it.
TOR2 runs much smoother than TOR1 so maybe FL will do a good job with 5eLOTR.


I, too (three?) would love to hear/read reviews from folks familiar with AiMe on The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplay. ;)
I'll repost here since it seems like discussion has petered out in the earlier thread:

Both AiME and LotRR are clearly adapated from similar sources (TOR 1e and 2e): they share many of the same concepts, often by the same names. But that doesn't make them compatible, any more than they're directly compatible with D&D; the travel rules are different, the social interaction rules are different, the extra skills, the classes, etc. are all reimagined to some extent.

You might get LotRR and prefer that over AiME, or vice versa, but you'll pretty much have to choose one or the other. I have all of the AiME material, and I liked how AiME did things overall, so I'll stick with it, but I'll buy LotRR products for more adventure ideas. As a general comment, I'll say that LotRR seems a bit more streamlined and simple than AiME to me; whether you think that's better is a personal choice.

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