D&D 5E Lord of the Rings 5E Is Coming Next Month

For those who prefer to adventure in Middle Earth using the D&D 5E ruleset rather than Free League's The One Ring game (which made over $2M on Kickstarter in 2021), the 5E-powered version is coming in May!


This will be a 236-page hardcover book containing 6 new classes, journey rules, and magic which represents the more low-key magic of Tolkien.

Additionally, Shire Adventures is a 104-page book with 5 short adventures and setting details for The Shire region of Middle Earth.

That's not all though -- there will be a RIvendell compendium, and a Loremaster's Screen too.

These will be landing on May 9th.
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I have the PDFs of this version, still reading through it and haven’t played a session using it yet. Our group is a but slower at 1 session a month at best right now but ill try to devote some additional time to reading to give feedback.
Wait, what? PDF of the upcoming book? Like some kind of pre-release beta version for kickstarter backers?

Okay, I'm somewhat more interested in the fact that this live play is POST Lord of The Ring Trilogy. (In before the hardcore LoTR lore buffs who swears its blasphemy).

Interesting. The license has always just included the books and the time period in between them. I wonder how many years past the crowning of Aragorn are available to use for new content? Since it is part of the Appendices, I think, I wonder if Aragorn's entire lifetime is allowed?

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