#Lore24 - Worldbuilding in 366 entries


Dungeon23 seems to have been quite a big success and popular with a good number of people. But making a dungeon room every day for a full year isn't for everyone's style of running campaigns, so some of us on Mastodon have come up with Lore24. Writing a short description of one thing that is part of a growing campaign setting every day for all of 2024.

The main goal and purpose of the whole thing is to get practice and making a habit of getting general ideas for worldbuilding down into text, one item at a time. I have found that very often, putting an idea into words that are understandable to others makes it become much more real, and I often discover new details while I am writing, which in turn can inspire new things that could or should exist somewhere in the world.

The things to write about every day can be anything that exists in or is in some way part of the world. Could be a place, could be a person. Could be a creature, an organization, a spell, an event, a technology, a custom, and whatever else you could think of. They can be as long or brief as it seems appropriate to get the idea across properly, and as how much time you want to spend on it. They don't need to be completely new ideas either. Anything that you might have decided to put into a campaign some day but never gotten around to actually fully detail will be just as good for an entry.

Since all good worldbuilding depends very much on all the different pieces interacting with each other in complex relationships, I think nobody should feel compelled to treat every entry that is written as a now established hard fact of the world that you are stuck with, whether you want to or not. If you want to write about something that conflicts with a previous entry or invalidates it completely, I really wouldn't worry about that. Getting practice should be the main goal, not producing anything resembling a finished product. If by the end of the year, or even just after two or three months, you have produced a heap of entries of which you want to use maybe a third or a quarter in a future, I would consider this a great success and entirely within the spirit of this undertaking. It's all about getting creative, and that more often than not means trying out lots of things and finding which of them you like best.

Because of its much more open ended nature, Lore24 might be of greater interest to people for whom making 356 dungeon rooms didn't sound very appealing or achievable. Personally, I also think it's much more interesting for me to read a dozen small worldbuilding snippets than a handful of disconnected dungeon rooms. And there's a higher chance that people will see things they might want to adapt for use in their own campaigns one day.

There's now five more days left to decide on a world that you want to expand on, or the basic outline and parameters of an entirely new world to fill in with content.

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
This seems like it's much more in my comfort zone than #Dungeon23 was, for better or worse. Is there a detailed write-up anywhere, on the Fediverse or on the general Web, with more details?

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