Lost Tales of Myth Drannor Now On DMs Guild

The ENnie-nominated special adventure book produced by D&D Adventurers League admins last August, containing six adventure for characters level 1-20, was created for Gen Con's 50th anniversary last year, and was available at the convention. It's now available - in PDF format only - on the DMs Guild.

"This book is the work of the D&D Adventurers League Administrators who wanted to dedicate something special to our fans on the anniversary of the original, longest running gaming convention in the world. Happy 50th birthday Gen Con! In this book you will find updates to Hillsfar and Myth Drannor that represent the choices of D&D Adventurers League players all over the world. We’ve taken the actions of your players, updated the world of Forgotten Realms, and given you six more D&D Adventurers League adventures that you can run for your players where they can explore the Cormanthor Forest and the Ruins of Myth Drannor."

It's a 76-page PDF for $14.99 by Greg Marks, Claire Hoffman, Alan Patrick, Travis Woodall, Bill Benham, and Robert Adducci. Click here or on the pretty picture above to jump to it.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


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As someone who has done POD on the platform, it usually takes about a week for POD titles to get approved, THEN a proof needs to be ordered so I’d say minimum 2 weeks until we see a print option.

There will be POD. Right now the plan is for color/softcover POD for sure. Once OBS finishes the test prints and we give final approval (as not it takes a week or two to happen, so I'd guess right around Gen Con or so) we'll have that option up as well. A few people have asked about a hardcover version, and it is something we're considering, but it looks like pricing makes that unlikely given the shorter length of the product (76 pages). The door is not closed on it however, much like .mod file versions of the book but now that the PDF is up, getting the softcover POD option up is our priority.

Don't forget, its also up for an Ennie in the Best Organized Play category, so if you like it, go vote for it! http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2018/

Also, please know that profits from LToMD are being used to create the next AL book project, code named Secret Project Cookie Bag.


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[MENTION=70203]skerritthegreen[/MENTION] Thank you for the information. If a person buys the softcover (once its available), does it come with the PDF? Similarly, if one buys the PDF will there be a discount on the softcover? Is the pricing of the POD known? I'm very interested in this!


I've wanted to read through this after first hearing about it. If the review are positive and the sample looks promising then I would prefer to buy paper version.

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