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Over 30 years ago I had an hour game of a Basic DnD homebrew with my uncle. I then went on to spend the next 30 years building a world and rules with my group to design a game which gave us:
  • interesting creatures to play (I never wanted to be human(ish));
  • dynamic team-based play with hidden objectives;
  • addictive upgrade and reward system that was frequent and unrestrictive; and
  • grounded in realism, clear strategic options for players that made sense and reduced down-time.
It all resulted in: Interstellar Mercenary. We are finally unleashing it on the world! It comes with a full campaign (use it with DnD if you want) and STLs.

More details HERE, follow for a early bird discount.

Would love to provide some more details for those interested, let me know in the comments if you have questions.

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