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[LPF] The Forbidden Isle of Ancient Secrets


First Post
From his vantage point, Aradra is able to see the rest of the party climb out of the depths. Seeing that Kalinn is unbound, Aradra carefully makes his way over, confirming that Kalinn is in her right mind again.

Soaring like a bat from up high, Aradra floats down from the revolving island onto the building with the hidden switch, then draws his bow, but doesn't nock an auto created arrrow. Looking down at the group, Aradra asks "We good?"
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Satin Knights

First Post
Yesterday, it was easy to get up to the floating spire that was tumbling around the island. It made a good hiding place for one who was alone in this dangerous land. Upon seeing the rest of his party emerge from the pit, Aradra watches carefully, and Kalinn does seem to be back to normal on this day. His knowledge of the aboleths suggests that the dominating effect, while long is not permanent.

Having an prepared an appropriate spell with the dawn, Aradra casts Glide upon himself before jumping out of the spire. But Glide doesn't give him the control that a real fly spell would, so he gets buffeted and tossed around as he is exiting the maelstrom's edge. He gains enough composure to land on his feet.

After verifying the party is calm and back to normal, leaving seems to be a priority before anything else crawls out of a hiding space. Making your way over to the southwest portion of the island and down the stairwell, the boat you had before was taken by the villagers in their egress. You find Iosef, huddled in an outcropping of rocks. Sickly, his mind seems as broken as his body, and doubts as to if he will ever go on another mission run deep. Providing him one of the potions allows him to heal the physical malodies, but shame in his failures is a pain that may never heal.

Aradra rummages through his haversack and pulls out a metallic feather. Invoking the command inscribed upon it, it forms into a graceful mechanical swan boat. The party starts to climb into the boat, but there is trouble. Relic, standing at the water's edge, starts choking and gasping for air. The necklace he is wearing is glowing and the baubles on it are spinning. Stepping back to the sand, he is able to regain his breath. Stepping forward again, the necklace refuses to go over the water. With the necklace getting more agitated, Relic strips it off and drops it. But, the necklace has other plans than simply falling in the sand. It starts floating, returning towards the northeast. Not waiting to see what might happen next, the party continues piling in the boat and shoves off from the shore.

While the boat ride getting the island a few days ago was violent and treacherous, this swan boat, with its paddling feet underneath is able to maintain a steady course through the bottom edge of the storm and safely make the journey back to the mainland.

Being a slow moving boat, you are spotted from shore long before your arrival. Alder and Sara Vanderloth come out on the dock to meet you. The greet you with joy that you have returned and had freed so many villages. But, a melancholy has fallen over the villagers as well. The realization that most of them are actually adolescent skum who have not turned yet weighs heavy on their souls. Some have embraced their gillman heritage, some have not. Alder himself seems to be showing early symptoms of the cough that racked Iosef so heinously. Having used six of the eight potions Gerlach had concocted, you give the last two to Alder and Sara. Alder's health returns in a few minutes, and Sara is restored to the beautiful woman that you would expect a wizard of reasonable power would be able to woo. Relic finds a place with a table and chair and busily starts copying. Once he has all the information that was in the journal, he gives it to Alder so that he can return to the island in time and brew more of the potions. In thanks, Alder gifts the staff that served Relic well to him and hands over a heavy bag. "Sorry the gold is so heavy, but I think you can deal with that burden." he chuckles.

While the villagers in their shame and inbreeding are quite unfriendly, they have at least tended to your horses well. Mounting up, you head off for the City of Glass, leaving behind the Forbidden Isle and its vile secrets, only some of which you discovered over the course of the past few days.

The End.

Satin Knights

First Post
[sblock=Totals and Treasures]
Kalinn finished earning 106,968 XP to finish at 135,666 XP and earning 83,404 GP.
Aradra finished earning 99,316 XP to finish at 122,653 XP and earning 79,095 GP.
Iosef went AWOL Feb 5th earning 23,477 XP ending at 37,376 XP and earning 23,226 GP.
Daylily finished earning 70,440 XP to finish at 78,658 XP and earning 63,359 GP.
Relic finished earning 70,314 XP to finish at 78,179 XP and earning 62,814 GP.

Treasure: There was a lot of it. Let me know if you are skipping items so I know what to put back into the Mystic Pearl. You can also trade around the items. The last few items found, I had specific suggestions because of how much was due to the individual, or possibly to shore up a need before the next adventure.

16,000 gp ~ +4 Belt of Mighty Constitution
12,500 gp ~ Blessed Book
..9,000 gp ~ 3rd level Pearl of Power
..8,340 gp ~ +1 Darkwood Spellstoring Quarterstaff containing Force Punch
..4,000 gp ~ Pearl of Power 2nd level
..2,500 gp ~ Ring of Sustenance
..1,500 gp ~ Bookmark of Deception
..1,000 gp ~ Bookplate of Recall
..4,075 gp ~ Some more scrolls: Dimensional Anchor scribed, Fleshworm Infestation, Summon Monster IV used, Malicious Spite, Howling Agony, Loathsome Veil, Seek Thoughts, Spontaneous Immolation.
..2,026 gp ~ Watertight scroll case containing: Fireball scribed, Lightning Bolt scribed, Tiny Hut scribed, Fly scribed, Draconic Reservoir scribed, Rope Trick scribed
.....150 gp ~ 1 Cure Moderate Wounds potions
.......50 gp ~ 2 scrolls (Comp Languages) 1 used, 1 scribed into book
61,141 gp in items of the 62,184 due leaves 1,043 gp in coins

24,000 gp ~ Cloak of Minor Displacement
21,012 gp ~ +1 Adamantine Furious Transformative Glaive-Guisarme
10,000 gp ~ Belt of Thunderous Charging
..5,500 gp ~ Boots of Striding and Springing
60,512 gp in items of the 63,359 due, leaving 2,847 gp in coins

..4,000 gp ~ +2 Belt of Physical Might ~ Iosef
18,315 gp ~ +1 Holy Longsword ~ Iosef
.......40 gp ~ 2 alchemist's fires ~ Iosef
22,355 gp in items of 23,226 due, leaving 871 gp in coins

36,900 gp ~ Living Steel Impervious Adaptive Endless Ammunition bow string bonding with original +1 Seeking composite longbow ~ replacing original bow.
-8,600 gp ~ the original +1 Seeking bow it bonded with
22,000 gp ~ +3 Celestial Armor
,,8,000 gp ~ Shirt of Immolation
..4,000 gp ~ Shocking Amulet of Mighty Fists +0 ~ Shadow
..3,000 gp ~ A Cauldron of Brewing ~ Aradra's haversack
.,2,000 gp ~ Apprentice Cheating Gloves
..,..720 gp ~ a campfire bead
.....300 gp ~ 2 Cure Moderate Wounds potions
,.... 90 gp ~ 3 thunderstones
...,...75 gp ~ 1 ioun torch
69,985 in items of the 79,995 due leaving 11,510 gp in coins

36,000 gp ~ +6 Belt of Giant Strength
24,000 gp ~ drinking horn ~ Drinking Horn of Bottomless Valor
16,000 gp ~ Robe of Arcane Herritage
..2,000 gp ~ Feather Step Boots
.....300 gp ~ potion of Levitate used
77,300 gp in items of the 83,404 gp due leaving 6,104 gp in coins

1,500 gp ~ 6 Potions of Levitate ~ 1 used, 5 available for the Party
..2,250 gp ~ Wand of Remove Curse, 10 charges
..4,000 gp ~ Clear Spindle Ioun Stone
..4,000 gp ~ + 2 Headband of Alluring Charisma
..4,000 gp ~ +2 Cloak of Protection
..3,002 gp ~ Adamantine kris dagger
,,2,500 gp ~ A Ring of Swimming
4848 gp ~ gold pieces and gems

Party Consumption
.....450 gp ~ A feather token swan boat ~ party ~ Carried by Aradra in haversack

Macguffins that stay on the island
,,2,500 gp ~ fancy necklace ~ Relic ~ Amulet of the Orrey*
.......?? gp ~ 1 bottled, live Homonculus ~ Daylily
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First Post
[sblock=OOC]I'm actually skipping the cloak so I can get some other goodies, but I can bring it to the Pearl myself. No matter to me either way.

I'm also going to be upgrading the Boots of S&S to Boots of Haste and the Charging Belt to a Belt of Physical Perfection, so if anyone wants a claim on those, let me know.

Thanks for the run, SK.[/sblock]


First Post
I'm also going to give up the shirt of immolation, the Cheating gloves, and the cauldron of brewing, and try and get a Glove of storing for Aradra's bow. I am also going to try and upgrade a few other items that will make it easier for Aradra.

Thanks for the run!


First Post
[sblock=OOC] Thanks for the awesome adventure SK. I look forward to the next.

I am going to give up several items as well so I can spread my wealth around a little, but it will depend a little on what I roll up as available when I get to the Pearl.

I think I will sell most of those evil spells that I was going to study on day 2 and get some others that will weigh slightly less on Relic's conscience. (Except maybe Malicious Intent ... given the right situation, that might be awesome to turn two evil guys against each other!).

I think I will take the +2 Cloak of Resistance though.

The objects I am considering giving up are:
- the +1 staff of spell storing as I think a couple of metamagic rods might be more useful given Relic's terrible to hit chance.
- The level 3 Pearl of Power: It's very expensive. I could get another 1st and 2nd level pearl and have enough for another metamagic rod or a 2nd level wand left over.
- The belt of constitution: I am thinking a +2 belt would still give Relic a boost of 10 HPs and wizards aren't meant to have such great HPs are they? With the rest of the money I can boost my INT to make spell DCs higher and get a few more cheap items that will balance Relic out a bit.

Thank you though for all the thought you put into the treasure. It is fantastic! And greatly appreciated, as is all the time and effort you put into making the adventures we play so enjoyable! [/sblock]


First Post
[sblock=Scrolls Used or Scribed] Relic definitely scribed lightning bolt into his spell book. He didn't use the scroll as detailed in the treasure summary.

He tried to scribe Rope Trick but perhaps due to interruptions never was able. I wasn't entirely sure on that one. But he definitely didn't use it for any other reason, so if he didn't scribe it, he would still have it wouldn't he?

Bit of a mission keeping track of all these things!! [/sblock]

[sblock=Watertight Scroll Case] I am trying to do all of the math to update my characer sheet and I can't figure out how much the water tight scroll case is, SK.

By my calculations 5 3rd level scrolls = 1875 gp + 150 gp for 1 2nd level scroll = 2025 gp
The only reference I can find to a scroll case in pathfinder gear is worth 1 gp.
You have the treasure value for this listed as 2101 gp.
Is the 75 extra gp the water tight scroll case? (as the only scroll case I could find gave no explicit reference to being watertight?)
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Satin Knights

First Post
[sblock=questions]Sorry. I thought the rope trick was use to get on top of the walls when fighting the grey oozes in the teaching pool. But, it was Aradra using a normal rope. I had it marked down as used earlier. So, put it in as scribed in the spellbook as well. So, I will switch both Lightning Bolt and Rope Trick to scribed in a couple of minutes.

The water tight scroll case is just 1 gp. The 75 that it is off is just an accounting error on my part. I make several of them. I spent several hours last night double and triple checking the XP and GP earnings last night. I will adjust all the appropriate places on that one as well.

Once things get back to the wiki, the total earned, total carried currently, and total consumed are the critical numbers. So, selling off the scrolls you don't want is just fine and dandy. It was simply the mage that wrote them originally was a very nasty bastard, toying with summoned creatures and all that. So, I was picking out the worst of the worst spells. I didn't expect you to keep many.

Let's see. I have an ancient advanced imp, and a homunculus, now insane since his master is dead, to take over this island and still cause havoc. Yeah, I think it is still going to be a forbidden place for a long time.[/sblock]


First Post
Preparing Stat Block for next adventure after level ups and wrapping up:

[sblock=Relic lvl 10]
Relic Nevyn
(Lvl 10) Human Wizard 9/Oracle 1
HP: 83
AC: 14 Touch 14 FlatFooted 11
Initiative: +8; Temporal Celerity: Rolls initiative twice and can use either result

Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will: +11
Wizards Spells: lvl 0: Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand
Lvl 1: Shocking Grasp; Magic Missile
Lvl 2: Summon Monster II, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility,
Level 3: Haste 0/2 Used; Lightning Bolt; Fly
Level 4: Black Tentacles, Summon Monster IV 0/2 Used
Level 5: Summon Monster V 0/2 Used; Telekinesis
Bonded Ring:
Pearl of Power #1 (lvl 1):
Pearl of Power #2 (lvl 1):
Pearl of Power (lvl 2):
Lightning Flash 8/8 uses left today
Cyclone: 8/8 uses left today
Oracles Orisons: Detect Poison, Create Water, Guidance, Purify Food and Drink
Oracles Spells: lvl 1: 0/3 uses left today
Wand of Mage Armor: (45/50) charges
Wand of CLW: (47/50) charges
Wand of Protection vs Evil: (50/50) charges
Wand of Glitterdust: (50/50) charges
Wand of Align Weapon: (50/50) charges
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Extend: 3/3 uses left today
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Bouncing:3/3 uses left today
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Piercing: 3/3 uses left today
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Silent: 3/3 uses left today
Consumables: 2/2 CLW Potions; 1/1 CMW Potion; 4/4 trail rations
Scrolls prepared for Battle:
Curse: Clouded Vision: Max Vision limit 60'; as Darkvision
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I reviewed the numbers and plugged in the encounters and leveling up into Mowgli's tracker and I found eight of the dates for leveling up off a bit.
Kalinn reached 8th on 8 Jul 2012
Daylily reached 7th on 26 Dec 2012
Relic reached 7th on 5 Jan 2013
Aradra reached 9th on 16 Jan 2013
Daylily reached 8th on 27 Mar 2013
Daylily reached 9th on 5 Jul 2013
Relic reached 9th on 14 Jul 2013
Aradra reached 10th on 30 Aug 2013

For most part this has resulted in actually more gold and XP in the final numbers. (Except Kalinn's XP for some reason and I think there is just an error in math or something since his last level up. Dunno.)

Final Numbers that I have:
Satin Knights DMC = 36.82
Kalinn's Final XP = 135,160xp; Final GP Earned 83,676gp
Aradra's Final XP = 122,733xp; Final GP Earned 79,253gp
Iosef's Final XP = 37,383xp; Final GP Earned 23,276gp
Daylily's Final XP = 79,027xp; Final GP Earned 63,683gp
Relic's Final XP = 77,783xp; Final GP Earned 63,191gp

I have 2 spreadsheets (One with Iosef, and the second after he left) to look through if you want, SK. But the only time I used a calculator was to add the TBG together from each one with the Encounter GP.

Satin Knights

First Post
PM, can you give me a screen print of the two spreadsheets? I reworked the numbers because I hadn't put in an adjustment that I found in later games. The spreadsheet starts counting at 1. My numbers effectively start counting at 0. So, I have to push the start date from 116 back to 115 to get it to come out with the sheets. Reworking that through, a few characters did level on different days. But, I am still coming up with numbers from 21 to 431 xp off from what the sheet generated. My OCD wants to find out why.


Yeah, even using the Excel Tracker you have to put the start date 1 day earlier to allow it to count the first day.

I emailed you the excel sheets too.
[Sblock=Screen Shots] LPF Forb Isle Pt1.jpg

LPF Forb Isle Part 2.jpg[/sblock]


Okay, in light of learning the error in the spreadsheet I was using I went and worked them again to fix the error. I have found that Kalinn has a level up via TBX that happened before a the end of combat with the Phase Spiders on 19 Nov 2012 as well.

Here are my latest screenshots.

[sblock=Screen Shots]


Satin Knights

First Post
I was shuffling too many other things today and my net connection went flaky for a while. I will be able to check things late tomorrow. They are right within +/- 500 so use those at the moment, and I will chase things later if needed. At the moment, I need some sleep.

Satin Knights

First Post
Okay. I got the final numbers up in the first post. The eXcel sheet doesn't handle leap years properly, so it drifts away from my numbers by a bit. Since mine are a bit higher, I am going with my numbers for a final result. We don't have to mess with the leap year stuff for another 3 years, so I am not worrying about fixing the sheet for now. I kept a copy of she sheets' screenshots just for records. Sometime later today, I will put the skipped treasure into the Pearl's inventory.

This was fun. Overall, you covered most of the areas. The few you missed were:[sblock=Skipped encounters]In the library to the northwest, there were rust monsters. Getting past them would have allowed more research into what you were facing. In the big shiny/watery globe, a giant octopus. Nothing special there. In the vault that couldn't be opened, I was putting in a non-scripted beholder. If you got in there, all the treasure you would have found would have been high value items. +6 type stuff. I figured he was a guardian very few could get past. :lol:[/sblock]


Okay. I got the final numbers up in the first post. The eXcel sheet doesn't handle leap years properly, so it drifts away from my numbers by a bit. Since mine are a bit higher, I am going with my numbers for a final result. We don't have to mess with the leap year stuff for another 3 years, so I am not worrying about fixing the sheet for now.
How does leap year impact this game? You started after Feb 29th. I actually asked Mowgli about the leap year issue and he thinks it tied to Microsoft Office's handling of dates so it should be fine. He was going to check when he had time.

Satin Knights

First Post
Well, the numbers started diverging after the 1st, except for Kalinn's. Taking an even closer look, I am going to ask for another revision. The eighth level seems to be giving 88 XP per level instead of 89. Pretty much the same issue as the fifth level in the other game.

I found I was off by a day for Iosef's eighth level as well. I have adjusted his numbers in the first post.

Combine that with moving line 12.2 from 1/5/2013 to 1/3/2013 for Relic's level up,
Daylily's level up at line 25.1 from 7/5 to 7/1 and
Relic's level up at line 25.2 from 7/14 to 7/12 should get the numbers a lot closer to what I have. There are too many cascade effects to trace by hand after that point. But, it should get us close.


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