WotBS Lyceum's Other Adventuring Groups


I am getting prepared to run adventure 3 and during my preparation I wanted to seed a few characters that will come up later. Specifically the heroes have the opportunity to run into the adventurers who will form the other parties that Lyceum will use on missions.

I know one group of 5 is mentioned again during the Monastery adventure (Eril, Metran, Klezmer, Shelton, and Misreth), but there are 3 other missions discussed prior to adventure 4 - one sent to find more evidence about the fate of the torch, one to Shahalesti, and one to Ostalin. Skimming the other adventures, I haven't been able to find anything further about these groups.

Do they come up again at all or are they just background? If they do, are there names to watch for?

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They don't come up at all again. I was more concise with the word count back then. Nowadays if I were writing a ZEITGEIST adventure I'd probably have planned for each party to show up three times throughout the campaign, some as allies, some betraying the party, etc etc.


Sounds good. I think I will replace the one group with Clan Millorn then to let the group see them in advance and let them have more presence in the story. It also has the drawback/advantage of letting them feel something is wrong prior to Deception's antics there. As for the others, I can have some fun with them myself and see if they are memorable enough to warrant reappearance.


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