[M&M 3E] October 1962 (Full)


Hmm. I was thinking it over, and i think I’ll make the gradual stuff cosmetic. I’ll give him all his power up front. Or most of it, anyway. I thought of a way to do it that makes sense.

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I guess I'll have to decide what Jennifer is going to become. Initially, I was just thinking some form of paragon but now that she's been seen to be so together, I'm thinking something less controlled. Hmmmm....


I’ve basically got Gabriel becoming a Paragon. Mostly, anyway. I’ll be adding a touch of healer and energy manipulator later, but for now, yeah.

Mark, are you going to make a proper rogue's gallery thread for this story now that we have meaningful character sheets?

And to be clear, we've gain 4 PL and 60 PP compared to the PL1 pcs we started with, right?


Ok, I need to know the limits of how many points we're allowed to put into a single power. I found a place that says a skill can't have more than twice our PL, but what about powers?

For example, there's a supplement I have for Life Powers, and one of them is Bio-Adaptation. It's Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects) Limited to effects you have experienced at least once. It costs 15 points because of the limitation.

In other words, once you're exposed to a specific type of Foritude Effect, the body adapts, and develops a resistance or immunity. So if I get sick, after I heal, I am immune to that sickness again. Or if I suffocate, then I no longer have to breath.

It's a great power, but I don't know if I can put 15 points into one power like that at this level.

Another option would be Life Support, which is 10 points, and basically means he doesn't need to eat or breath and can survive in any environment. It's one that's naturally on the Paragon list, but also something I feel he can grab later, as an upgrade.

But the previous one, BioAdaptation, does this as well, but in a narrative way. If I ever Starve near to death, my body will adapt and then I no longer need to eat. If I get a disease, I won't get it again later. So eventually, I'll get the Life Support Immunity, and much more over time. So while the Life Support is better in the short run, I'd rather spend the extra five points and get Bio-Adaptation now.

I could further limit it to something I have died from, and go full on Doomsday. Not sure if that would lower the Point Cost, though. I'd imagine it should, I don't expect to die often. Unless I do, and make that a central point to his powers. In fact, it should be, now that I'm thinking about it. His thing is coming back from the dead, and I plan for his Immortality Power to slowly rise in ranks, until he can literally die every turn and come back. If I tied this to his death, and made it so he got immunity to whatever killed him, how many points would that be? Immunity is normally 1 point per rank. BioAdaptation, with its limitation, which is much broader than "something I died from" is 1 point per 2 ranks. Could I go as low as 1 point per 3 ranks? 4?

I just thought being able to adapt to an environment after being exposed to it would fit, rather than just saying "He wakes up and realizes he no longer needs to breath!" It would be a way to get that "Gradual" feeling that I was looking for.

@tglassy By the rules, Skills cannot exceed PL + 10.
No area of effect or perception attack power can exceed PL.
No other attack power can exceed attack bonus + rank <= 2*PL.
(and don't forget the limits on defenses, ignored here because you're asking about powers.)

Otherwise, powers really have no limits beyond point cost. You could spend all 60 points on a single power (not wise, but also not illegal).


Okay, how is this for Sofia:

Hero: Mirage
Identity (Secret): Maria Sofia Ximena Ibarra (Sofia Ibarra)
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 105 lb
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Group Affiliation: Tres Reyes gang
Base of Operations: New Falls High School
Power Level: 5 (75p)
Power Point Totals: Abilities: 8 + Powers 63 + Advantages 0 + Skills 7 + Defenses 2 = 80
Power Points Earned: 5
Unspent Points: 0
Trade-offs (PL5):
- Skill Modifier (11)
- Attack/Effect (Melee): 0/0
- Attack/Effect (Ranged): 0/0
- Dodge/Toughness: 1/1
- Parry/Toughness: 1/1
- Fortitude/Will: 1/1

Abilities (8p)
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Agility: 1
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 1
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 1
Presence: 1

Initiative: 1
Melee: +0
Ranged: +0
Specific Attacks:
- Unarmed: +1; DC 11 (Damage 15, bludgeoning; crit 20)

Defenses (2 p)
Dodge: 1 (1 Agility)
Parry: 1 (1 Fighting)
Fortitude: 1 (1 Rank)
Toughness: 1 (1 Rank)
Will: 1 (1 Awareness)

Skills (14 Ranks, 7p)
Acrobatics: 1 (Trained Only)(1 Agility)
Athletics: 1 (1 Strength)
Close Combat
- Unarmed: 0
Deception: 3 (1 Presence + 2 Ranks)
Expertise (Trained Only): 0
Insight: 1 (1 Awareness)
Intimidation: 3 (1 Presence + 2 Ranks)
Investigation: 0 (Trained Only)
Perception: 1 (1 Awareness)
Persuasion: 3 (1 Presence + 2 Ranks)
Ranged Combat: 0
Sleight of Hand: 2 (2 Ranks) (Trained Only)
Stealth: 3 (1 Agility + 2 Ranks)
Technology: 2 (Trained Only)(2 Ranks)
Treatment: 0 (Trained Only)
Vehicles: 2 (Trained Only)(2 Ranks)

Advantages (0p)

Equipment (0ep)

Powers (63p)

Teleport 11 (Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Extended, Mass 5, Turnabout)
  • Range: 8 miles; Extended: 2000 miles
  • Mass: 1600 lb

Complications: Responsibility (little sister)
Motivation: Thrills, Greed

Sofia was born in Havanna, Cuba. Her family fled to Miami when Castro took over the country. In Miami, she fell in with the Latin gang Tres Reyes. Two years ago, when Sofia was a junior, her father died. Her mother moved the family north to New Falls, Washington when her mother got a job with Titan Defense. Sofia found herself out of place in the small town and missing her gang friends in Miami. With her mother working long hours, Sofia was left babysitting her little sister Alejandra. Sofia also found it difficult to fit into the new school with its tight cliques and few minorities like herself. She acted out, often getting in trouble and landing in detention.


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