[M&M 3E] October 1962 (Full)

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Wait, we wake up in the shelter? Are there hundreds of people around? I assumed we would wake up in an obviously different place. My reveal makes no sense this way. I guess I have to change it if there are beds.

Mark Chance

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Wait, we wake up in the shelter? Are there hundreds of people around? I assumed we would wake up in an obviously different place. My reveal makes no sense this way. I guess I haves to change it if there are beds.

In the shelter? Yes. There are no other people around. I didn't mention beds, but that's fine. It's not an unreasonable addition to the shelter, as further events shall clarify.


I figured we can improvise if we need to. Helps the DM and we can always retcon if we add something that shouldn’t be there.

I hope it's not a time travel (or at least no a lot of time passage). What's the point of family back story if we're 200+ years in the future (or past).


The same point with any time travel story. It adds tension. The effort of getting back to your own time, or of trying to prevent the disaster that killed everyone, or finding their future selves or whatever, adds to the story and makes your character care.

If we’d just all made orphans with no attachments to anyone, they wouldn’t care if a bomb just destroyed the town. This gives personal stakes.

And I’m just guessing about the time travel anyway. I’m looking forward to hearing where we’re going from here.

The amount of tension added is dwarfed by the amount of interaction removed. When you make an NPC, you want to interact with them. If the NPC ends up being the end goal of traveling back to the starting time, they're just a MacGuffin. Not a character.

Um, Star Trek didn't debut until late 1966. Although I suppose since it is 1972 technically outside the shelter maybe Sofia was able to receive those transmissions. :)

And the computer called Sofia Jennifer.

Mark Chance

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Add another 3 XP.

I don't have access to the rules right now, but I'll be working out the details of the "shelter" and posting those to the RG thread.

Welcome to the future of the 1970s!



I'm giving Gabriel healing powers. It goes with the whole Phoenix theme. But I want it to be Empathetic, so he basically takes the injury away. I'm going to add the Resurrection modifier as well, so he can raise the dead. Of course he dies when he does this, but he'll come back the next day, or sooner as he gains power, and have a resistance/immunity to whatever killed him. So yay.

However, I had thought about being able to transfer my injuries to others. A power that I can only use if I am, in fact, injured.

How exactly would I go about doing that? Could I do an affliction based, or a damage based touch attack, with a limiter that I can only use it when injured? I could do "Injury Transfer: Damage, Alternate Resistance (Fortitude), Limited (Only when injured).

If it hit, I would then heal from the injury, so would I have a separate Regeneration power with the flaw "Must inflict damage from Injury Transfer Attack"? That would trigger my Regeneration, but only when the first attack was made, and the first attack can only be made when I am injured. Or would it be easier to do Healing, Limited by Self Only and only when the attack hits?

I know this is getting complicated, I've just had this concept in my head for along time and I want to see how it plays out. If I'm reading it right, that would be:

Injury Transfer 2:
Damage (Alternate Resistance (Fortitude) +0, Limited (Only when injured) -1)
Regeneration 2: (Limited: Only when attack hits)


Injury Transfer 2 (2 points):
Damage 2 - Alternate Resistance (Fortitude) +0, Limited (Only when injured) -1
Healing 2 - Limited (Self Only) -1, Limited (When attack hits) -1

Either way, it basically makes an attack that I can only do when injured that transfers my injury to someone else. Coupled with the healing I gave him, which is only 1 point, I can get all this for the 3 points. Well, I say "All This", and its only 2 ranks in each thing, 1 in the healing, but still. That power can grow over time.

Okay, I did the math 10/23/1962 2:30 PM ish + 3704.75 days is 01/12/1973 around 8:30 AM PST, So if we're in New York (or where it was) then it is 11:30 AM local time (I'm surprised the computer didn't announce the date. :) )

Looking around, I don't see any evidence of the Gas Crisis that was going on at the time. :)

Mark Chance

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Forgot I was in charge of the spelling bee when I was making extracurricular plans for the week. I'm tired and delayed. I'll try to move the game along ASAP. Until then, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Mark Chance

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Good day.

Real life interfered. Half the family down with food poisoning over the weekend, and I was under sedation much of yesterday for some pretty hefty dental work. More or less have my wits back today. Time to play catch up with my students, and then get things moving again elsewhere.

Hey just wanted to give you a heads up that work drop 4 projects in my lap over the last week and it is consuming most of my time. I'll try to post when I can but might be delkayed in posting till things calm down a little.

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