D&D 5E Magical Metals and Alloys: We Need More


for s/g I wen thru and homebrewed up most of the materials from WoW. If you want more flexibility (or simply more choice) you could try the MW (3x/PF) rules from The Black Company CS.

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People might like this. Just some stuff I've compiled over time.

Quick Reference for Smithing Nuts like me.

Item Make Crafting DC Effect​

Normal Item 10

Masterwork Item 20 As per PHB

Dire/Elfcraft/Devanian +5 +2 Weapon Damage/Weight Reduction

Perfect 35 Custom +1/+1 for Wielder (innate)

Truly Perfect 40 +1/+1 Innate, all wielders.

Modifiers Bonus Tools DC Ranks Needed​

Mastercraft Item +1 - +5 12

+2 +4 +10 15

+3 +6 +15 18

+4 +8 +20 20

Metals and Materials DC Hard HP Armor and Weapons​

Cold Iron +5 8 20 As PHB

Alchemical Silver +5 10 30 As PHB

High Carbon/Meteoric Steel +5 15 30

Mithral +10 15 30 1/2 wt., as silver

Truesteel +8 15 30 As Cold Iron

Silversteel +8 15 30 As silver

Glassteel (Glass) +20 20 40 1/2 wt, as Adamantine

Adamantine +10, 10 ranks 20 40 As PHB

Duskwood/Soarwood +5 10 30 Wood, ½ wt.

Arandur +5 12 30 Sonic Res2, Keen

Alchemical Copper +5 10 30 Acid Res2

Alchemical Gold (Heavy) +5 10 30 Acid/Fire2

Alchemical Platinum (Heavy) +5 10 30 Cold/Sonic2

Darksteel +5 10 30 Cold/2

Fever Iron +7 12 30 Fire/2, Fire+1

Dlarun (blue 'ice' steel) +5 10 30 Fire/2, Frst+1

Living Metal +5 12 30 Dex +1, Repairs self

Hizagkuur +15, 15 ranks 10 30 Cold/2, Fire/Light +1

Hizagluur As Hizagkuur… Fire/2, Cold/Light+1

Zardazil +5 10 30 Body Phase

Telstang +5 8 20 Immune/Shapechange

Aurorum (Olympus) +5 10 30 Rebonds if broken

Frystalline +5 10 15 Good aligned

Serren Wood +5 As Wood Ghost Touch

Solarion Truesteel +5 11 25 +1 Crit Confirm

Ysgardian Heartwire +5 +2 vs. Crit Confirm

Baatorian Greensteel (Tantulhor) +5 12 30 +1 Dmg Enhance

Baatorian Greysteel (Djavva, arjale?) Unknown, ignores Hardness of stone

Moonblood (facepaint) +2 AC

Pandemic Silver As silver, screams in high winds for fear

Rimefire Ice As Iron, radiates cold flames

Runebronze As bronze, counts as magic/dr, -1 dmg

Stygian Ice Ice, radiates cold dmg, drain wis/con

Susalian Chainweave As iron, DR 3/Piercing

Thinaun As iron, sucks up souls (no raise/resurrect), stores 1 at a time


Deep Crystal As Iron, 2 pp = +2d6 dmg

Byeshk as iron; +1 dmg bludgeon, +dr vs aberrations

Calomel As Iron, counts as magic vs Fire creatures.

Densewood As wood, Hardness 8, Hp 20/inch Break DC+5, x2 wt.

Eldritch Whorlwood As wood, straightens as it loses charges.

Flametouched Iron As Iron: Wpn = good, Armor = +1 Res vs fiends, +1 turn fiends

Livewood As wood, does not die after being cut, treated as living plant.

Purple Mournlode As Iron: = silver/cold iron vs Undead; +1 Res vs Undead, +level to turn/channel dmg vs undead

Riedran Crystal As Iron: +1 enhance to dmg if character is psionic

Sentira As mithral; can only be made by psionic creatures.

Targath As Iron; -1 th/dmg/hardness; overcomes DR/deathless; +2 Fort saves vs disease.

Shiftsilver: As silver, +2 dmg vs creatures vulnerable to silver. +1 TH if forged using a shifter wielder's blood. +1500 gp, DC 25 to make. Shifter blood required to make.

Alchemical Treatments (FR all)​

Blueshine: Damage from Acid is normal (1/2), does not rust under normal circumstances, Alchemy DC 20 to apply.

Everbright: Gleaming silver; does not rust at all, Immune to acid, Alchemy Check DC 25

Stealthslake: Nonmagnetic, Silent, Nonreflective black, Alchemy DC 25.


All materials other then common steel are automatically assumed to be masterwork, before applying the cost of the material.

High Carbon Steel (wootz) is the old material used to make +3 weapons in 1E. It is simply highest-grade normal steel. It is half the price of Mithral.

Silversteel is as hard as mithral, with the properties of Silver. Priced as 1/2 Mithral.

Truesteel is as hard as mithral, with the properties of Cold Iron. Priced as Mithral.

Mithral: Properties of Silver. Elfcraft metal weapons are made with Mithral and/or Darkwood.

Darkwood: 1/2 normal weight of wood, -2 to ACP if wooden shield.

Element/2 is resistance to that Element (fire/2 removes 2 pts of fire dmg/rd) and applies to armor made with the material. Element +1 does additional dmg of that element when swung (Fire/Light +1 does an additional point of Fire and Lightning dmg when it hits).

None of these properties are considered magical; they are simply innate powers of the metals.

Arandur (FR): Silver-blue in color. +2000 GP.

Darksteel (FR): Weapons +1500 GP, Armor +2000 GP, Purple with Silver Highlights.

Dlarun (FR): As Darksteel, bone-white.

Fever Iron (FR): Made from Magma, cost as Darksteel, ‘fiery’ core.

Alchemical Gold: Requires Alchemy Check 20

Alchemical Platinum: Req Alchemy Check 20

Hizagkuur (FR): Minimum 15 ranks, Alchemy DC 30. Pale silver-gray. Cost as adamantine.

Hizagluur: A variant of the above, armor grants fire/2, does dmg cold/light +1

Living Metal (FR): Gray-green in color. Repairs itself 1 hp/min. Price as adamantine.

Telstang (FR): Armor made of this renders the wearer incapable of/immune to shapechanging (such as polymorphing, or to imprison a shapechanger). Price as mithral.

Zardazil (FR): Weapons made of this are blood-bonded to a single person, and have ‘body phase’, they are ‘intangible’ to that wielder… a nice way to have a blade that cannot be turned against you. Price as Silver.

Kuni Crystal: As Iron. +2d6 dmg vs Shadowlands, opposed level check for Shadowlands to get within 5xEnhancement bonus of wielder. Glows at same distance from Shadowlands to detect them. Requires Craft Crystal Weapon to make. +3 Bonus for extra powers. Oni cannot regenerate damage from these weapons.


: +4000 GP, if sundered, pieces reseal if held together.

Frystalline: From Elysium, +2000 gp. Good alignment.

Serren Wood: from the Beast Lands. +4000 GP. Ghost Touch.

Solarion Truesteel: +1 to hit rolls to confirm crits. +1000 GP. Golden in appearance.

Ysgardian Heartwire: +1500 GP. Added to other suits. Gives them +2 AC against crit rolls.

Baatorian Green/Graysteel: Sinister mossy green/rotting gray. +2000 GP for a weapon. An eager export from the Hells. A Greensteel weapon is non-magical +1/+1 enhanced (i.e. master work +1, natural +1 dmg). As a default, you could make all weapons used by Devils to be Greensteel Dire weapons, for +1/+3, without them being magical.


: Skymetal. Radioactive metal, equal to steel. Used to make poison. DC 18 d4 Con 2 saves.

Bulette Plate Armor: Wt: 65 Dex +2, Hardness 12

Bulette Leather Armor: AC+3, as leather.

Blood Crystal: +1 dmg vs any creature suffering from Bleed.

Darkleaf: 1/2 weight and +2 dex limit for armor made from leather.

Djezet: Skymetal. Used to fuel magical spells. +1 Heighten effect, spend doses = old spell level.

Dragonhide: As metal, armor is immune to attacks of that Element. Can be used by Druids.

Eelhide: As leather, +1 Dex, -1 ACP, Lightning Res/2.

Elysian Bronze: +1 dmg vs Magical Beasts & Monstrous Humanoids, +1 to hit any such which has been crit by the wielder for 24 hours (one at a time only.) As adamantine armor vs attacks of same.

Fire-forged Steel: Fire Res/2. Absorbs 10+ fire dmg to do d4/d6 dmg for 2/4 rds if weapon (the greater dmg if also wearing FFS armor).

Frost-forged Steel: As fire-forged, but for cold.

Greenwood: takes 1/4 dmg from fire. If planted, heals dmg at 1 hp/hour.

Horacalcum: Skymetal. Wpns: +1 Circumstance bonus on attack rolls. Armor +1/2/3 on init checks. Subtly warps time for wielder/wearer. Very pricy/rare.

Inubrix: Skymetal. Ignores iron/steel. Hard 5/Hp 10. Wpn dmg as one size smaller. Cost +5k. Ignores iron/steel armor/shield bonus.

Living Steel: Repairs dmg at 2 hp/day, 1 hp if Broken. Will break a metal weapon that strikes it with a 1 if wpn fails a DC 20 Fort check.

Noqual: Skymetal. Weight as mithral. Resists magic, +4 for item. +1 dmg vs constructs and undead. Spell failure +20% if worn. Hrd/Hp 10/30. Armor grants +2 resistance saves vs magic. Enchant like Cold Iron.

Sharkskin: As leather, possible +2 bonus vs certain checks oriented on grips (being dismounted, disarmed, etc).

Siccatite: Skymetal. 50/50 hot or cold type (does not change). 1 hp dmg/hit or rd, but also to wielder/rd. Armor does the dmg, but also grants fire or cold res (opposite type) /5.

Silkweave: 1/2 weight of normal cloth/light leather items.

Silversheen: Count as silver, immune to rust. Cost +750 gp.

Glaucite: Skymetal alloy, admantine/iron. Hard 15, hp 30, +50% heavier than iron. Starship hull material.

Umbrite: 1 lb or more: +3 Circumstance bonus to Hide. Attracts shadows.

Viridium: Skymetal. Inflicts leprosy (DC 12 Fort). 1/2 normal hardness, fragile.

Voidglass: Crystalline, but as iron. +1/2/3 vs mind affecting resistance bonus/armor, +1 dmg on slashing/piercing weapons if have psychic powers.

Whipwood: +2 vs Sundering, +5 Hit points. Loses power if Ironwooded.

Wyroot: Wood. On crit, gain 1 pt, swap for a ki point or arcane pool pt. 1, 2 or 3 pts, +1, 2 or 4k cost.

Copper Plating: Acid Res +1/3/5 for armor. -1 saves vs electricity. +1/die for weapons channeling electricity.

Lead-lined: Heavier, +1/2 dmg for one/two Handed weapons. Armor = Negative energy Res 1/3/5. +50% to weight. -1 to dex/str skill checks.

Chrome-plated/Stainless Steel: immune to rust, shiny

'Blessed' for Good Aligned (+1000 Gp), and Pure for Good +1d6 dmg vs Evil (+1). The other alignments are: Strict/Disciplined; Foul/Unclean; and Impulsive/Liberated.

Heavy doubles or triples the weapon's weight, takes an EWP, and makes it do dmg as if a size larger.
Light reduces weight and increases flexibility, takes an EWP, and makes it finessable.
Dire is based on the designs of lower planar weapons, festoons them with spikes and things, and takes an EWP.
Inspired is based on Upper Planar profound weaponry, and grants a +1 Perfection bonus to hit. A Perfect Weapon, DC 45 to make, is +1/+1 for the wielder it is made for. A Truly Perfect Weapon, DC 50, is +1/+1 for anyone who uses it.
Template is based on idealized lawful templates of 'perfect' Weapons, and is considered a 19-20 x3 weapon if trained properly (EWP req.)
Wild is based on Chaotic multifunctional weapons, and the weapon gains an additional damage type that makes sense, if used correctly (EWP).

Arjale and its alloy djavva are Hellmetals. Arjale is like black mithral. Djavva is Grayish Green and pliable. Moloch's whip is djavva.

Tantulhor: Hellmetal from Ed Greenwood/Dragon 91; Cuts all things except Stone; Treat as adamantine except vs Stone. Dispater's rod is tantulhor.

Both metals are very popular for diabolic soul talismans.

All barbed devil talismans use tantulhor.

All bone devils use bone.

All malebranche use obsidian.

Several devils use polished brass.

Oerthblooded Weapons and Armor (Dragon 351) (Weapon Treatment)

Items made from Oerthblooded metals are more easily enchanted than other substances, requiring 25% less time and XP expenditure to enchant. Oerthblooded items can also be “re-enchanted”, making their XP value fungible in the creation of a new item (minus a 10% penalty). Oerthblooded metals can also hold more magical power than other metals; effectively giving Oerthblooded weapons, armor, and shields a total allowed item bonus of +12, with an allowable enhancement bonus of up to +6.

Oerthblooded metals are extremely difficult to craft, thus all Oerthblooded items are considered to be masterwork. They have twice the Hardness of the base metal the Oerthblood is alloyed with (e.g. Oerthblooded iron and steel have a Hardness of 20). Oerthblooded metal items have damage points equal to 1.5 times the damage points for a normal item of the base metal's type.

Shields made with Oerthblooded metal parts gain no additional properties other than those listed above. Weapons and armor made primarily of Oerthblooded metal have additional properties as listed below.

Oerthblooded Weapons*:
1. A +1 luck bonus on to hit and damage rolls.
2. A target that takes damage from an Oerthblooded weapon incurs a -1 penalty to all saves vs. magical effects for one round; penalties from multiple hits stack.

Oerthblooded Armor*:
Light Armor: DR 1/-, +1 luck bonus on saves vs. magic effects.
Medium Armor: DR 2/-, +2 luck bonus on saves vs. magic effects.
Heavy Armor: DR 3/-, +3 luck bonus on saves vs. magical effects.

*Weapons and armor must be a specific alloy of Oerthblood, known mostly to the artificers and smiths of Irongate to gain the above benefits. Only primarily metallic objects would gain these bonuses.

Type of Oerthblooded Item Cost Modifier:
Ammunition +150 gp
Light Armor +10,000 gp
Medium Armor +20,000 gp
Heavy Armor +30,000 gp
Weapon +6,000 gp

Steel Ice: various types/colors. As Steel, but melts above freezing temperatures. carved rather then forged.

Many normal metals are available from other planes. If forged on the Prime in circumstances similar to the planes they were removed from, they can retain Alignment traits. Use Frystalline as a guideline.

Other Metals from Fantasy:

- Originally of Atlantean origin, it absorbs the properties of other metals, and transmutes metals that are in long term contact with it into it. Flowing liquid metal with a coppery-red hue to it.

Hihi'irokane (crimson ore, scarletite, et al) - Japanese equivalent of orichalcum. Rustproof, ultra hard, and conducts heat and spiritual energy.



This is where I usually go back to 3.0/3.5 as it seemed like they had a ton of Special Materials such as Cold Iron, Byeshk, Crysteel(Galvanized or regular: if you're a Psionic, you love for your weapons to made from it), Starmetal, Ferroplasm Darkwood/Ironwood, Purple Mournlode, Platinum, Frystine, Glassteel, Crystal, Flametouched Iron, Leafweave/Darkleaf(Hey Leaves/Wood that are as strong as metal AND can be used to make actual armor for Metal Hating druids? win!!) Aurorum, and many many many more........................in fact.

The first link on this post seems to collect/categorize all the special materials from 3.0/3.5 as well as what effect they have. You can probably "judge it" when coming up with how they would work in 5E.
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