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We have Magnus, should any care. Waste your spells all you like, even a Wish will not bring him back. At the moment we are torturing him to the extent of his limits on pain. Perhaps he will continue to exist as one of us, hunting down those he used to care about. Perhaps we'll turn him to simply let him bake in the sun. His fate lies in our hands.

-Defcarr, Commander of Darkness.

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Magnus Vincent

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A note

*a note apears pined to the one above*

Do not be so sure of your captive, as he may be more than you can handle. You are a cocky sort, and your arrogance will be your downfall.


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I'll tell him that as I use his ribs to dissect his chest. Considering he is still in my custody, you may look forward to the way I release him. In separate bags, or as a bloodthirsty monster?


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