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PF1E Magus, wandwielder and spellstrike


Dusty Dragon
One of the arcana a Magus can use is "wand wielder", which allows you to use a wand and combine it with spell combat. So what my character would do was use a wand of chill touch (level 3) to trigger spell combat (get an extra attack) and add chill touch damage to my attacks during the round.

However, my GM has pointed out that the arcana says spell combat, and not spellstrike. This makes wand wielder far less useful. Is there an official ruling on this?


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Wasteland Knight

Per RAW, I’d agree with the GM, sort of.

Spell Combat with Wand Wielder would allow you to make your melee attack(s) at -2, and also have cast Chill Touch.

The casting of Chill Touch at L3 would then allow you to make three separate touch attacks to deliver the Chill Touch.

Chill Touch seems weird in PF1E. It has a duration of Instantaneous, but allows 1 touch attack per level. It seems you have to resolve all the touch attacks right then per RAW.

I wonder if there is errata out there?

Wasteland Knight

So I was recently talking with a fellow gamer about Magus characters, and thought about this thread.

Casting a spell for spell combat can provoke AOO while using a wand doesn’t. Maybe a house rule that a Magus using a wand can initiate spell combat, but it changes the use of the wand from spell trigger to spell completion.

I realize the only logic behind this is rules-mechanics.

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