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Malvoisin's Savage Tide - Rogue's Gallery 2


First Post
Role Call:

Current Characters

"Mad" Col Tobinson, Crazed Archivist by stonegod
Anar Tovanni, Dashing Rogue by Rhun
Kalenestarianthalus 'Kalen' Floriandin, Gray Elven Beguiler by Voadam
Baelathavin ('Bael'), Elven Warmage by Legildur
Eyjólfr 'Eyvi' Hafmundarson, Barbarian Northman by covaithe
Hawthorne Hap, Cleric of the Sasserine Haps by James Heard

Retired Characters

Keoni, Bronze Dragon Shaman by hafrogman
Nicolai, Storm Mage by Land Outcast
Damash Dawntide, Aventi Priest of Ishtishia by Tonks
Chongo, Amedio Tribesman by GwydapLlew

Party XP Record

[sblock=Spoilered for Length]**For reclaiming The Blue Nixie for Lavinia Vanderboren by defeating Soller Vark and his gang, as well as a hungry rhagodessa escapee: 375 xp.

**For cowing the iron cobra guardian of the Vanderboren family vault: 100 xp.

**For solving the combination lock riddle in the Vanderboren vault: 100 xp.

**For destroying three ravenous zombie pirates in the old smuggling tunnels under Parrot Island: 150 xp.

**Two more ravenous zombie pirates have met their final end in the smuggler's tunnels: 100 xp.

**Yet another pair of Ravenous Zombie Pirates in the smuggler's tunnels goes down! Is there no end to these things? 100 xp.

**Five small monstrous crabs have met a violent end in the tunnels under Parrot Island: 125 xp.

**Under Parrot Island, another pair of ravenous zombie pirates are returned to the grave: 100 xp.

**In the tunnels beneath Parrot Island, the vile huecuva Veldimar Krund was released from his curse of undeath, thanks to Bael's battery of offensive spells. Krund put up a 'huecuva' fight, though....150 xp.[/sblock]
XP Totals: 1300 (Anar, Col, Bael, Kalen) 1000 (Eyvi, ???)

Current Party Loot

Anar: Masterwork Leather Armor
Col: 1 Elixir of Swimming, 1 Potion of CLW, 1 Earth Elemental Gem
Kalen: Masterwork Silver Dagger
Bael: 1 Potion of CLW


1 Gold Holy Symbol of Olidamarra (value: 50 gp)
1 Gold Ring (value: 120 gp)
1 Masterwork Dagger
7500 copper pieces
1500 silver pieces
1000 gold pieces
2 small pouches of assorted gems (total value: 500 gp)
1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds
1 Potion of Lesser Restoration
1 Potion of Invisibility
1 Potion of Barkskin +3
1 Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
1 Wand of Mage Armor (11 Charges)
1 Small Jade Coffer (value: 300 gp)

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
They say Col Tobinson was once a fine ship's mate, aye, able to navigate on maps incomplete and uncharted. Many a ship would hire him, and he was decently well off for his efforts. That was his life for many a year, travellin' upon the Blue Mistress called the sea. Even when he got the white hairs, his eye was keen and his mind sharp.

That all be changed with his last trip on the sea. A tall, black ship, the Midnight Fury was, and paid a pretty penny for Col Tobinson. But something happened on that trip. No one knows for sure, and, well, Col doesn't speak of it much. All thats really known is that he was found upon floatsam, clutching to gnawed remains of the Fury's late Captain, and babbling about "THEM" and "IT CANNOT BE" and similar nightmares.

"Mad" Col was what we be calling him from that day. He gave up the sea, and instead began lookin'. Lookin' for answers to questions only he be know'n. He dove into book upon book, and learnt things that most people wouldn't. They say he can channel some carsed power now, and knows more 'bouts the dark secrets of the depths than most, but... he's a touched one, "Mad" Col Tobinson is.
"Mad" Col Tobinson (CR 2) (1300 XP)
Male human archivist 2
CN Medium humanoid
Init +0; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal
AC 14, touch 10, flat-footed 14; +4 armor
hp 9 (2 HD)
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5
Spd 20 ft. (30 ft. base)
Melee longspear +1 (1d8/x3) or
Melee sickle +1 (1d6) or
Melee cold iron dagger +1 (1d4/19-20) or
Ranged light crossbow +1 (1d8/19-20)
Base Atk +1; Grp +1
Special Attacks dark knowledge (tactics) 3/d
Combat Possessions 2 elixirs of swimming, wand of cure light wounds (36), 2 scrolls of cure light wounds, earth elemental gem (wand of lesser vigor pending)
Archivist Spells (CL 1)
- 1st: bless, protection from evil, summon monster I, summon monster I
- 0: detect magic, light, read magic, unprepared
Abilities Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 9
SQ absent minded, dark knowledge (tactics) 3/day, lore mastery, middle aged
Feats Academy Graduate, Master of Knowledge, Scribe Scroll (B)
Skills Concentration +5, Decipher Script +11, Knowledge (arcana) +11, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (history) +8, Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +8, Knowledge (religion) +10, Knowledge (the planes) +13, Listen +1, Search +4, Sense Motive +2, Spellcraft +11 (+13 to decipher scrolls), Spot +1, Swim -6, Survival +2 (+4 planar), Use Magic Device +4 (+8 w/ scrolls)
Possessions combat possessions and longspear, sickle, cold iron dagger, light crossbow with 30 bolts, chain shirt, backpack, bag of augury bones, 2 belt pouches, 10 pcs. chalk, collection of wooden holy and unholy symbols, ink, inkpen, 10 sheets parchment, prayerbook (20 pages used), scrollcase, spell component pouch, rumpled traveler's outfit, 2 sunrods, waterskin; 94 gp 3 sp, 3 cp. 267.5 lbs.
Prayerbook 0: all SRD cleric; 1st: bless, comprehend languages, divine favor, doom, magic weapon, omen of peril, protection from evil, shield of faith, summon monster I.
Afilliations The Seekers +0.5
Absent Minded Col's monomania with his studies gives him a +1 bonus on knowledge skills but a -1 penality on Spot and Listen checks.
Dark Knowledge (Ex) Three times per day, Col can draw upon his expansive knowledge of monsters, granting allies benefits against the creatures they face. Doing so counts as a move action. The secrets of dark knowledge can only be applied to aberrations, elementals, magical beasts, outsiders, or undead. To use the ability requires a Knowledge check vs. DC 15; it applies to one or more targets within 60 ft. He has the following abilities:
-- Tactics With a successful check, allies gain a +1 bonus on attack roles. By every +10 he makes the check, the bonus increases by +1.
Lore Mastery Col has a +2 bonus on Decipher Script and Knowledge (the planes) checks.
Middle Aged (Ex) Col is middle aged, gaining a -1 penalty on physical attributes and a +1 bonus on mental attributes.
[sblock=Advancement]L1->Archivist 1 HP 6 (1d6+0) SP: 36 (4x4+1x4+4x4)
Concentration +4, Decipher Script +4, Knowledge (arcana) +4, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +3, Knowledge (geography) +1, Knowledge (local) +1, Knowledge (nature) +3, Knowledge (religion) +3, Knowledge (the planes) +4, Spellcraft +4, Use Magic Device +4
Abilities: Str 11 (3pts) - 1 age, Dex 11 (3pts) - 1 age, Con 11 (3pts) - 1 age, Int 17 (13pts) +1 age, Wis 14 (10pts) + 1 age, Cha 8 (0pts) + 1 age
Feats: Academy Graduate (STAP Player's Guide: Knowledge (arcane), Knowledge (dungeoneering), and Use Magic Device class kills, +2 bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (nobility), those skills can be used untrained), Master of Knowledge (HoH 123: +1 to knowledge checks)
Spells: omen of peril (CD 171, SC 149: get indication of safety of next hour)
Other: dark knowledge (tactics) 3/d

L2->Archivist 2 HP 3 (1d6+0) SP: 9 (4+1+4)
Concentration +1, Decipher Script +1, Knowledge (arcana) +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Knowledge (the planes) +1, Spellcraft +1, Use Magic Device +1
Spells: doom, magic weapon
Other: Lore Mastery (+2 in Decipher Script and KN: Planes[/sblock][sblock=Future Advancement]
L3: Archivist 3 (dark knowledge 4/d). Feat: Spell Penetration
L4: Archivist 4 (still mind). +1 Wis
L5: Archivist 5 (dark knowledge: puissance)
L6: Archivist 6 (dark knowledge 5/d). Feat: Spell Focus (conjuration)
L7: Archivist 7 (lore mastery)
L8: Thaumaturgist 1 (improved ally). +1 Int
L9: Thaumaturgist 2 (Augmented Summoning). Feat: Imbued Summoning
L10: Thaumaturgist 3 (extended summoning)
L11: Archivist 8 (dark knowledge: foe)
L12: Thaumaturgist 4 (contingent summoning). +1 Int. Feat: Greater Spell Penetration
L13: Thaumaturgist 5 (planar cohort)
L14: Archivist 9 (dark knowledge 6/d)
L15: Archivist 10 (bonus feat: Skill Focus (Knowledge (the planes))). Feat: Elder Giant Magic
L16: Archivist 11 (dark knowledge: dread secret). +1 Int
L17: Archivist 12 (dark knowledge 7/d)
L18: Archivist 13 (lore mastery). Feat: ?
L19: Archivist 14 (dark knowledge: foreknowledge)
L20: Archivist 15 (dark knowledge 8/d). +1 Int.[/sblock][sblock=Tracking]There is No Honor:
  • XP
    • 375 XP: Blue Nixie Thugs and Giant Bug
    • 200 XP: Vanderboen vault
    • 725 XP: Parrot Island
  • Gold
    • +11 gp, 5 sp: Start
    • +68 gp, 7 sp, 3 cp : Loot from the Blue Nixie
    • -50 gp: 2 scrolls of cure light wounds
    • -10 gp: Id elixirs of swimming
    • +200 gp: Payment from Lavinia
    • -125 gp: Col's share of the wand of cure light wounds
    • -1 gp, 3 sp: Money for the grifter Shefton
  • Possessions
    • +Light crossbow and 30 bolts: Blue Nixie
    • +2 elixirs of swimming: Soller Vark
    • +2 scrolls of cure light wounds: Purchased
    • +wand of cure light wounds: Purchased
Col was born to a well-off family in Sasserine, an only child. There were tales that his folks may have been scions of the scions of minor nobles going all the way back to Sasserine's founding, but all that was really known is that they had a very small but well kept manor in the Noble District and no particular occupation to speak of. The boy Col, however, was always drawn to the sea. He grew up near, on, and under the water. His youth was not remarkable for one of his middling station. His folks, according to their wealth, paid for him to go to the House of the Dragon. He was a sharp boy, but only passively participated in his studies, only really paying attention to the classes on geography and sailing, though some of the arcane lore classes he snuck into held his fancy. He dropped out when he could finally have gainful employment on the Blue Mistress.

Col was a navigator in and around the waters of Sasserine for almost five decades. His services were used by wealthy captains both legitimate and questionable. Col was well regarded both for his skill and for his discretion. Col also had a keen mind for remembering forgotten grottos, dangerous reefs, and the frightening tales that sailors tell each other. These germs of tales would germinate into the obsession that now grips him.

Col never exactly became rich, but, with his families wealth---which he inherited after their death while he was at sea---money was not his concern. He was not as rich as some of his merchant captains or the others that lived in the Noble District, but he was better off than many. He met many on his travels, such as the tribesman Chongo and the up-coming sailor Anar, and developed a good reputation. All that changed after the trip on the Midnight Fury.

No one knows what happened on the Midnight Fury. The captain did not post his course with the harbormaster, and only Col survived the journey---and he is not talking. All anyone knows is that was the day Col became Mad Col, the day everything changed.

Col left the sea, burning several bridges as he did so. He burnt through the money he inherited trying to learn the things he needed so desperately to learn. He started with the books only accessible to the wealthy; he even re-enrolled at the House of the Dragon, one of the oldest graduates ever. When they would not have him anymore, he found lore wherever he could, making bargains with disreputable sorts in town. Col would hunt down any speaker of tales or odd sort, such as the mysterious elven traveller Kalen or the odd tribesman Keoni. He as spent almost every coin on seeking occult knowledge, and now lives almost in a destitute existence. The old manor is in tatters, and his neighbors in the District give him a cold eye whenever he passes. No one will hire him for his sailing skills anymore, though a few secretly seek him out on bits of arcane knowledge about the area they will sail through---just enough to sustain his existence.

Journal[sblock=Waterday, Goodmonth 12th, 596 CY]Odd day, t'day. Started on The Legends of Black Furyondy that I gots from the Inner Labryinth on Moonday. Been at it for gods know how long now. There are definitly signs of the green worm moving south towards the Mistmarsh, but that is far, far from here. Almost found the proof I be lookin for of of the Dark Mountain Walker in the mountains to the south when there was a knockin at the door. I ws a grumpy, so I dinna even open it up, just called through. Some bit halfling named Kora prattling about some Lady VWhatever wanten ta see me. Told the bint to leave her note at the door and I'd get to it later. Took her a bit, but she finally let up, leavin me to peace. Wasn't till several hours later, when I lost whatever I had though to find in Black Furyondy and decided to see if Crystal Whisper had that Koran Horn I'd ordered when noticed the parcel that witch had left a me. Here's the original, neat hand writtin and all:
Greetings, and I trust this missive finds you in good health!

My name is Lavinia Vanderboren, and I humbly request your attendance at dinner at my estate on Festival Street and Blue Skink Lane tomorrow evening. I think that I can present you with an opportunity uniquely suited to your skills. Please inform the bearer of this letter of your response to this invitation, and I hope to be speaking to you soon!

-Lavinia Vanderboren
That got me head ascratchin fer sure. Half remembered some Lady V or somesuch, but couldn't place the name exactly. Donna know what she want, but she be laying the table, so who am I to turn that down.

Oh, and the Whisper still doesn't have the Horn, curses![/sblock][sblock=Sunday, Goodmonth 16th, 596 CY]That Vaderboren bint sure do have her claws everywhere. The dinner on Freeday was good an all, but she had many odd blokes from cross this carsed town there: Kalen, the hoot'n enchanter, Chongo, that friendly savage, Keoni, the beholden to the Dracolexi, Anar, a scallywag tongue-waggler and skuldugger, and some odd boy Damash I'm sure had some'n to do with Ishtishia. Anyhow, she do have problems with some dockmen, and asked us to be gett'n her boat. A trifling matter, but worth con. Trifling, until we do find them thugs not too happy w' us and they do be smuggl'n exotics and vile vermin! Said varmint almost kilt us all, but a luck stab by Anar do put it down. Now that crazy lady do want us to 'elp her w'gett'n her booty from her family's vault. Odd work, to be sure, but she's gonna pay. Got more research on the Three Hexes that needs pay'n.[/sblock]Appearance and Personality
Mad Col is a man in his middle age (about 40) who looks like he has not been taking care of himself. His salt-and-pepper hair is in tangles, and his beard would make a dwarf cry. His hands and face show the signs of a life at sea with permanent creases and a deeply burnt tan. Col has piercing hazel eyes, and strangely enough, all of his teeth (apparently, he likes his citrus). He has obviously slept in his clothes a few times. When expecting trouble, he wears an ill-kept chain shirt under his disheveled clothes and carries a tall spear in hand and a wicked sickle at his hip. He is 5' 11" and 180 lbs.

Col is obsessed with forbidden lore almost to the point of monomania. He sees dark signs everywhere, and always has a comment on the strangeness of the world, peppering his speech with such observations. He is quite erudite in his knowledge, even if he expresses it in a course, semi-educated manner. The one thing he absolutely will not talk about is what happened on the Midnight Fury, and asking him about it is a quick way to boil his anger.

Thoughts on the other PCs
- Keoni: Col discovered the tribesman soon after he came off the boat. He has pestered the young man about his strange tales of dragons using drink and food to purchase this information. Col is not sure how the green native think of him, but is not particularly concerned about it.
- Damash: Col spends some time at the docks and has heard the stories of the "Man who swims like a fish." He has some questions about him, but without any evidence, he has not approached the dockworker.
- Chongo: The jungle man Chongo has been in Sasserine for a while, and had been on the same vessel as Col more than once before the accident. After the accident, Col probed the jungle man for any information he could. They occasionally meet for drinks, and Col seems to like the man.
- Anar: Col and Anar had served upon the Velvet Lass before the Midnight Fury incident. Their acquaintance, however, is only a passing one.
- Nicolai: The ex-pirate and Col never served upon the same vessels. It is a possibility they may have crossed paths in Shadowshore.
- Kalen: Mad Col sought out such an obvious oddity in the search of his occult lore. Col listens aptly to any and all of Kalen's tales, though he trusts little of them, listening instead of the rare true nugget underneath the tales.
- Bael: Col and Bael were both studying at the House of the Dragon at the same time (Col's second time around), though it is much more likely the former remembers the latter than the other way around.

Col is a seeker of knowledge, and brings this knowledge to bear in his travels. He has backup divine might from his occult studies, and knows the weakness of many maddening foes. In combat, he uses this arts to directly punish his enemies, or fights from the background with his longspear.

Col will stay in the background, using his longspear primarily. When he casts, he prefers summoning foul creatures to his aid (he sees it as only appropriate) and direct damage spells against more normal foes; he will buff the party to protect them from extra-planar or unusual foes as needed. He is not a healer, and does not know any of their arts.
[sblock=Common Summons]Summon Monster I
Celestial Dog
LG Small animal
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +5, Spot +5
AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 12
hp 6 (1 HD)
Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5; SR 6
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +1
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares)
Melee bite +2 (1d4+1)
Base Atk +0; Grp -3
Atk Options Smite Evil 1/day (1 hp)
Abilities Str 13, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 6
Feats Alertness, Track (B)
Skills Jump +7, Listen +5, Spot +5, Survival +1 (+5 to track by scent)

Celestial Porpoise
NG Medium animal
Init +3; Senses blindsight 120 ft., darkvision 60', low-light vision; Listen +8, Spot +7
AC 15, touch 13 flat-footed 12
hp 11 (2d8+2 HD)
Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5; SR 7
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +1
Speed 80 ft. (16 squares)
Melee bite +4 (2d4)
Base Atk +1; Grp +1
Atk Options Smite Evil 1/day (2 hp)
Abilities Str 11, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 6
SQ hold breath,
Feats Weapon Finesse
Skills Jump +7, Listen +5, Spot +5, Survival +1 (+5 to track by scent)

Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion, Small
NE Small animal
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 60'; Listen +0, Spot +4
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 14
hp 6 (1 HD)
Resist cold 5, fire 5; SR 6
Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +0
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee claws +1 (1d3-1) or
Melee 2 claws +1 (1d3-1) and string -4 (1d3-1 plus poison)
Base Atk +0; Grp -4
Atk Options constrict 1d3-1, improved grab, Smite Good 1/day (1 hp)
Abilities Str 9, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 3, Wis 10, Cha 2
Feats Weapon Finesse (B)
Skills Climb +3, Hide +8, Listen +0, Spot +4
Poison (Ex) 1d2 Con, Fort DC 12

Fiendish Octopus
CE Small animal (Aquatic)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Listen +2, Spot +5
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 13
hp 9 (2 HD)
Resist cold 5, fire 5; SR 7
Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +1
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares), swim 30 ft.; jet
Melee arms +5 (0) or
Melee arms +5 (0) and bite +0 melee (1d3)
Base Atk +1; Grp +2
Atk Options Improved Grab, Smite Good 1/day (2 hp)
Abilities Str 12, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 3
SQ ink cloud
Feats Weapon Finesse
Skills Escape Artist +13, Hide +11, Listen +2, Spot +5, Swim +9

Fiendish Snake, Small
CE Small animal
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +7, Spot +7
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 14
hp 4 (1 HD)
Resist cold 5, fire 5; SR 6
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +1
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares), climb 20 ft., swim 20 ft.
Melee bite +4 (1d2-1 plus poison)
Base Atk +0; Grp -6
Atk Options Smite Good 1/day (1 hp)
Abilities Str 6, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 2
Feats Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse (B)
Skills Balance +11, Climb +11, Hide +11, Listen +7, Spot +7, Swim +6
Poison (Ex) 1d6 Con, Fort DC 10
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First Post
Anar Tovanni
Neutral Good Human Rogue 2
XPs: 1300

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft. 0 in.
Weight: 175 lb.
Eyes: Green-Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Fair

STR: 14 [+2]
DEX: 14 [+2]
CON: 14 [+2]
INT: 12 [+1]
WIS: 08 [-1]
CHA: 14 [+2]

HP: 13
Armor Class: 16 (10 base + 2 dex + 1 dodge feat + 3 armor)
Initiative: +2
BAB: +1
+4 Rapier, masterwork
+3 Dagger, melee
+3 Dagger, thrown
+3 Sling

Speed: 30’

FORT: +2 (0 base + 2 con)
REFL: +5 (3 base + 2 dex)
WILL: -1 (0 base - 1 wis)

- Human Bonus Feat
- Human Bonus Skill Points
- Sneak Attack +1d6
- Trapfinding
- Evasion

1st Level
- Mobility
- Dodge

Balance +4 (2 ranks, +2 dex)
Bluff +5 (3 ranks, +2 cha)
Climb +4 (2 ranks, +2 str)
Diplomacy +7 (5 ranks, +2 cha)
Disable Device +6 (3 rank, +1 int, +2 circumstance)
Listen +2 (3 ranks, -1 wis)
Gather Information +4 (2 ranks, +2 cha)
Hide +6 (4 ranks, +2 dex)
Move Silently +6 (4 ranks, +2 dex)
Open Locks +9 (5 ranks, +2 dex, +2 circumstance)
Perform: Dance +4 (2 ranks, +2 cha)
Search +4 (3 ranks, +1 int)
Sense Motive +1 (2 ranks, -1 wis)
Spot +2 (3 ranks, -1 wis)
Swim +4 (2 ranks, +2 str)
Tumble +5 (3 ranks, +2 dex)
Use Magic Device +4 (2 ranks, +2 cha)

- Common, Elven

Armor & Shield
-Studded Leather (25gp, -1 ACP, 20lb)
-Studded Leather, masterwork (-0 ACP, 20lb)

Melee weapons
-Rapier, masterwork (---, 1d6/18-20, 2lb)
-2 Daggers (4gp, 1d4/19-20, 10ft, 2lb)

Ranged weapons
-Sling (0gp, 1d4/20, 50ft, 0lb)
-20 bullets (2sp, 10lb)

Mundane equipment
-Courtier’s Dress (30gp, n/a)
-Costume Jewlery (5gp, 0lb)
-Backpack (2gp, 2lb)
---Bedroll (1sp, 5lb)
---Waterskin (1gp, 4lb)
---Trail rations, 3 days (15sp, 3lb)
---2 Sacks (2sp, 1lb)
---3 Torches (3cp, 3lb)
-Beltpouch (1gp, 1/2lb)
---Flint & steel (1gp, 0lb)
---Thieves’ Tools, masterwork (100gp, 2lb)

Magical Items
-Potion of Cure Light Wounds
-Potion of Cure Light Wounds (beltpouch)
-Potion of Invisibility (beltpouch)
-Potion of Barkskin (+3) (beltpouch)

Weight Carried: 54.5lb
Remaining money: 245 gp, 18 sp, 11cp

At 6’ even and a trim 175 pounds, Anar has a tone, athletic build. His blonde hair is nearly shoulder length, and a broad white smile is ever-present upon his face. His eyes are the color of the sea after a storm, and his handsome features make him quite popular with the ladies.

Anar is quite taken with dressing in fine clothing, and always tries to maintain a clean, immaculate appearance. His usual dress consists of fine wool pants tucked into lustrously polished leather boots, and a brightly colored silk shirt over which he wears a suede open coat with slashed sleeves. A wide and finely tooled belt finishes the ensemble, to which he straps his rapier and dagger. While he keeps a suit of studded leather armor ready for combat, he only wears it when expecting danger. Anar wears a few trinkets and baubles of gold (plated, of course) to help maintain the illusion of a young aristocrat.

Young and dashing, Anar is a man of great passion and little conviction. He has a great love of ships, swordplay, women and strong drink, but lacks the discipline to stick with any one of his loves. After all, variety is the spice of life, or so he will lead you to believe.

Anar grew up on the streets of a busy port town, and early on took to hanging about the docks. With a keen interest in meeting people from the far corners of the world, Tovanni would take to talking to strangers and learning what he may. Eloquent and likeable, it was an easy thing for him to get folk to open up and share their experiences.

Confident, yet careful, Anar tries to avoid trouble where he may. He has trained his eyes and ears to spot trouble before it starts, and Tovanni is a firm believer that discretion is the better part of valor. Talkative and pleasant, Anar is a deal maker, and believes that if one takes the time, most situations can be solved through negotiation.

Anar grew up on the streets of Sasserine’s Champion’s District, son of a warrior of fair skill and a mother who had too much beauty and too little talent. Anar’s father would take the boy Sasserine Arena to watch the weekly fights, and this ignited Anar’s interest in swordplay.

Between the weekly fights and his own studies of martial techniques, Anar would also visit the Azure and Merchant Districts. With a keen interest in meeting people from the far corners of the world, Tovanni would take to talking to strangers and learning what he may. Eloquent and likeable, it was an easy thing for him to get folk to open up and share their experiences.

While not a sailor by trade, Anar had befriended many in his times about the docks, and even served a brief stint upon the vessel Velvet Lass. His agility and natural sea-legs were of great benefit to the crew, but after a short time the rogue returned to Sasserine. There was too much idle time spent onboard ship, and not enough time spent in ports where the man could put his charm to work.

[sblock=Beginning relations to other PCs (?)]
- Keoni: Anar has spoken with the tribesman on several occasions. He finds the man to be quite interesting and is always plying him for tales about his homeland and places and things he has seen.
- Damash: Anar has also spoken with Damash in passing. As Anar spends much of his time at the docks and among the taverns of the Azure District, it is only natural that the two would have met and chatted.
- Chongo: Anar finds Chongo to be an interesting acquaintance. He likes the tribesman’s directness, and finds him to be an amiable, if blunt, drinking companion.
- Col: Col and Anar had served upon the Velvet Lass before the Midnight Fury incident. Their acquaintance, however, is only a passing one.
- Nicolai: Has possibly spoken with the ex-pirate in Sasserine during one of Nicolai’s landfalls.
- Kalen: Anar enjoys spending time with the fanciful mountain elf. The price of the drinks is well worth the incredible stories that Kalen weaves. Although Anar only believes about a tenth of what the elf says, he likes him and enjoys his company.[/sblock]
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Elf Warmage 2
[B]Neutral Good[/B]
Experience: 1300 (3000)
Witchwardens affiliation score: 2.0

[B]STR:[/B] 12 [+1] (4 points)  
[B]DEX:[/B] 16 [+3] (6 points +2 racial) 
[B]CON:[/B] 12 [+1] (6 points -2 racial) 
[B]INT:[/B] 14 [+2] (6 points) 
[B]WIS:[/B]  8 [-1] (0 points) 
[B]CHA:[/B] 14 [+2] (6 points)

[B]Hit Points:[/B] 11
[B]Hit Dice:[/B] 2d6+2
[B]Armor Class:[/B] 15 (10 base +2 armor +3 Dex)
[B]Initiative:[/B] +3
[B]BAB:[/B] +1
- [b]Melee:[/B] +0
- [b]Ranged:[/B] +4

[B]Speed:[/B] 30ft

[B]FORT:[/B] +1 (0 Base + 1 Con)
[B]REFL:[/B] +3 (0 Base + 3 Dex)
[B]WILL:[/B] +2 (3 Base - 1 Wis)

- [i]Immunity to sleep effects
- +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects
- Low-light vision
- Martial Weapon Proficiency (longbow)
- +2 racial bonus on Listern, Search and Spot checks
- Automatic Search for secret and concealed doors
- Favored Class: Wizard
- cast arcane spells from Warmage spell list
- Proficient in all simple weapons
- Armor Proficiency (light)
- Shield Proficiency (light)
- Armored Mage (light) (Ex)
- Warmage Edge (Ex) +2[/i]

1st Level
- [i]Point Blank Shot[/i]
- [i]Precise Shot[/i][/size]

- [i]Non Combatant[/i] - -2 penalty to all melee attacks[/size]

Concentration (Con) +6 (5 ranks, +1 Con)
Intimidate (Cha) +2 (0 ranks, +2 Cha)
Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +7 (5 ranks, +2 Int)
Knowledge (history) (Int) +4 (2 ranks, +2 Int)
Listen* (Wis) +1 (0 ranks, +2 racial, -1 Wis)
Profession (Wis) -1 (0 ranks, -1 Wis)
Search* (Int) +4 (0 ranks, +2 Int, +2 racial)
Spellcraft (Int) +8 (4 ranks, +2 Int, +2 knowledge synergy)
Spot* (Wis) +1 (0 ranks, +2 racial, -1 Wis)
Swim* (Str) +3 (2 ranks, +1 Str)

* Cross Class skill[/size]

- [i]Common
- Draconic
- Elven
- Orc[/i][/size]

[B]Age:[/B] 142
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]Height:[/B] 5'1" 
[B]Weight:[/B] 101lbs
[B]Eyes:[/B] pale blue
[B]Hair:[/B] light brown
[B]Skin:[/B] pale

[b]Caster Level:[/b] 2nd
[b]Save DC:[/b] 12 + Spell Level
[b]Spells Per Day:[/b] (6/4), remaining (6/4)
[b]Spells Known:[/b]
[b]Cantrips –[/b] Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Light, Ray of Frost
[b]1st level –[/b] Accuracy, Burning Hands, Chill Touch, Fist of Stone, Hail of Stone,
Lesser Orb of Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sound, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, True Strike.[/size]

[b]Melee weapons[/b]
-[b]Dagger[/b] +0 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2) [i][/i] (2gp, 1lb)

[b]Ranged weapons[/b]
-[b]Longbow[/b] +4 (1d8, 20/x3, 100ft.) [i][/i] (75gp, 3lb)
-+5 (1d8+1) if within 30ft (Point Blank Shot)
-arrows (19) (2gp, 6lb)

-[b]Leather[/b] (+2 AC, Max Dex 6, ACP 0) [i][/i] (10gp, 15lb)

[b]Miscellaneous Magical[/b]
-[B][/B] (0gp, 0lb)

-Type (gp)

[b]Wands, Staffs or Wands[/b]
-Type (XX/50chg) (gp, 1oz)

-Type (gp)

[b]Mundane equipment[/b]
-Traveler’s Outfit (5gp, 0lb)
-Backpack (2gp, 2lb)
-Bedroll (0.1gp, 5lb)
-Flint & steel (1gp, 0lb)
-Pouch, belt (1gp, 0lb)
-Rations (trail) 6 (3gp, 6lb)
-Sunrod (2gp, 1lb)
-Tindertwig (1gp, 0lb)
-Waterskin (1gp, 4lb)
-Whetstone (0gp, 1lb)

Weight Carried: 49lb Medium (<43lb=light, 44-86lb=medium, 87-130lb=heavy)
Remaining money: 61.6gp[/size] 

[b][u]Special Equipment[/u][/b]
[I]Effect[/I]: .
[I]Cost[/I]: gp[/size]

[size=1][B]1st-Level Spells[/B]
[I]Accuracy[/I]: V/S/M, Std, Touch, One Wpn, 20min, Doubles range increment.
[I]Fist of Stone[/I]: V/S/M, Std, Personal, You, 1 minute, +6 enhancement to Str for atks and grapple plus slam atk at 1d6+str bonus
[I]Hail of Stone[/I]: V/S/M, 1 rd, 120ft, Cylinder (5 rad x 40 high), Instant, SR applies, 1d4+2 damage
[I]Lesser Orb of Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sound[/I]: V/S, Std, 30ft, one orb, Instant, Ranged Touch for 1d8+2 damage.

375 (starting amount)
100 (iron cobra)
100 vault combination code
150 3 parrot zombies
100 2 parrot zombies
100 2 parrot zombies in store room
125 5 crabs
100 2 parrot zombies
150 Veldimar Krund, huecuva-ized cleric of Olidamarra
At two fingers over five feet in height, Baelathavin stands at average height. He is lightly built, even by elven standards. His light brown hair is something a little different in color to your typical elf, and in being cut short it and well trimmed, his appearance is atypical for an elf. The pale skin is mostly shrouded with traveling clothes, with a suit of plain leather armor secured over the top. His pale blue eyes are nothing remarkable.

A simple backpack rests between his shoulders, with only a longbow and a dagger as weapons.[/SBLOCK][SBLOCK=Personality]
Obviously intelligent, and with a quick tongue, Bael (as he prefers to be known) sometimes says a little too much. While he has an aura of strength of personality, he often alienates people by speaking first before his brain is engaged. This is a constant source of frustration to Bael.[/SBLOCK][SBLOCK=Background]
As a son of two plantation workers, growing up on Lantern Street backing the city wall, Bael was often left to his own devices during the day. Whilst his parents were specialists engaged in the growing, harvesting and drying of tobacco for one of the nearby plantations, these were still demanding jobs, and so Bael had much time on his hands.

With the many passing years, as his human friends aged more quickly than he, Bael withdrew further from regular contact with those who were not elven. Often his time would be spent with the various sages of Sunrise, his young mind absorbing information and stories of what lay beyond the walls of Sasserine. Eventually his interests and energies drew him into the circle of Witchwardens, where his strength of personality and intelligence were harnessed for elementary training in the arcane arts. While his newfound powers had been put to some use in the defense of the city over the last year, he hasn’t, as yet, been deemed suitable for a more fulfilling role with the organization.

With each year, his parents are becoming more eager to see him make his own way and so the timing of Lavinia’s invitation was both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate in that it seemed to offer him a way forward, and unfortunate in that he missed receiving the letter in time to attend the dinner because he been out partying with friends for two days straight. Although late, Bael decided to visit the address given, hoping that the offer was still open.[/SBLOCK][SBLOCK=Witchwardens Affiliation]
Requirement: 20 gp application fee (paid)

Character level: +1/2 level
Knack for Magic Feat: +1
5+ ranks in Knowledge (arcana): +1
Can cast arcane spells of 3rd level or higher: +1
Can cast arcane spells of 5th level or higher: +2
Donates magic item worth 1,000 gp or more to the guild: +1/item, max of 3/year
Research or discover a new arcane spell: +1/spell, max of 5/year
Member of the Dawn Council affiliation: +2

Member of any other affiliation (other than Dawn Council): -4/affiliation
Fail to assist Sasserine against a magical threat: -4
Unable to cast an arcane spell: -20[/SBLOCK][sblock=next level]Warmage 2, HD: +1d6+1, Skills: +4 (k(arc) +3, Conc +1), BAB +1, Will +1, Spells 0:+1, 1:+1, affiliation +1.5.[/sblock]
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Eyjólfr Hafmundarson, "Eyvi"
Chaotic Good Human Barbarian 2
XP: 1000
[B]Age:[/B] 26                   [B]Eyes:[/B] pale blue
[B]Gender:[/B] Male              [B]Hair:[/B] Blond
[B]Height:[/B] 6 ft. 3 in.       [B]Skin:[/B] Tanned and weathered
[B]Weight:[/B] 230 lb.

[B]STR:[/B] 16 [+3]         [B]HP: 22[/B] (2d12+4)
[B]DEX:[/B] 12 [+1]         [B]AC: 16[/B] (10 base + 1 dex + 5 armor)
[B]CON:[/B] 14 [+2]         [B]Initiative:[/B] +1
[B]INT:[/B] 10              [B]Speed:[/B] 40', 30' in armor
[B]WIS:[/B] 14 [+2]         [B]BAB:[/B] +2
[B]CHA:[/B]  8 [-1]

  +7 MW Greataxe, melee, 1d12+4/x3
  +5 Heavy Flail, melee, 1d10+4/19-20x2

[B]FORT:[/B] +5 (3 base + 2 con)
[B]REFL:[/B] +1 (0 base + 1 dex)
[B]WILL:[/B] +2 (0 base + 2 wis)

[u]Raging:[/u]                            [u]Fatigued:[/u]
str 20 [+5], con 18 [+4]           str 14 [+2]
HP: 26, AC: 14                     Attacks:
fort +7 ref +1 will +4               +6 MW Greataxe, 1d12+3/x3
Attacks:                             +4 Heavy Flail, 2d10+3/19-20x2
  +9 MW Greataxe, 1d12+7/x3
  +7 Heavy Flail, 1d10+7/19-20x2
Rage lasts for 8 rounds.

[url=http://www.d20srd.org/srd/classes/barbarian.htm#barbarianFastMovement]Fast movement[/url] (Barb 1)
[url=http://www.d20srd.org/srd/classes/barbarian.htm#illiteracy]Illiteracy[/url] (Barb 1, negated by skill points)
[url=http://www.d20srd.org/srd/classes/barbarian.htm#rage]Rage[/url] 1/day (Barb 1)
[url=http://www.d20srd.org/srd/classes/barbarian.htm#uncannyDodge]Uncanny dodge[/url] (Barb 2)

 [url=http://www.d20srd.org/srd/feats.htm#powerAttack]Power Attack[/url]
 [url=http://www.d20srd.org/srd/feats.htm#weaponFocus]Weapon Focus (greataxe)[/url]
Total Ranks:  25     Max ranks:  5/2.5
Trained skills:
  Swim +8, +0 in armor                (5 ranks + 3 str - 8 ACP)
  Climb +8, +4 in armor               (5 ranks + 3 str - 4 ACP)
  Jump +12, +8 in armor               (5 ranks + 3 str - 4 ACP + 4 speed )
  Profession: sailor +4               (4 ranks + 2 wis)
  Use Rope: +3                        (4 ranks + 1 dex)
  Literacy                            (2 ranks)
Untrained skills that can be used:
  Appraise +0                       (+0 int)
  Balance +1, -3 in armor           (+1 dex)
  Bluff -1                          (-1 cha)
  Concentrations +2                 (+2 con)
  Craft +0                          (+0 int)
  Diplomacy -1                      (-1 cha)
  Disguise -1                       (-1 cha)
  Escape artist +1, -3 in armor     (+1 dex)
  Forgery +0                        (+0 int)
  Gather Info -1                    (-1 cha)
  Heal +2                           (+2 wis)
  Hide +1, -3 in armor              (+1 dex)
  Intimidate -1                     (-1 cha)
  Listen +2                         (+2 wis)
  Move silently +1, -3 in armor     (+1 dex)
  Perform -1                        (-1 cha)
  Ride +1                           (+1 dex)
  Search +0                         (+0 int)
  Sense Motive +2                   (+2 wis)
  Spot +2                           (+2 wis)
  Survival +2                       (+2 wis)



[b]Armor & Shield[/b]
 Breastplate (200 gp, +5 AC, -4 ACP, 30 lb)

[b]Melee weapons[/b]
  Masterwork Greataxe (320 gp, 1d12/x3,  12 lb)
  Heavy Flail (15 gp, 1d10/19-20x2, 10 lb)
[b]Mundane equipment[/b]
    Traveler's outfit                --
    Backpack                        2 lb
        Waterskin                   4 lb
        Trail rations, 2 days       2 lb
        Beltpouch                  .5 lb 
        100 feet silk rope         10 lb

[b]Magical Items[/b]
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds

Coins: 242 gp

Weight Carried: 70.5 lb  
Light load: <= 76 lb
Med load: <= 153 lb
Heavy load: <= 230 lb

"An eagle-eyed sentry who stood in the doorway
studied them closely. 'What country do you come from
with your curved shields, your meshed war-shirts
and mask-helmets, your iron spears?
I am the herald of noble Hrothgar.
I have never seen so bold or brave
a band of foreigners, so it is less likely
that you are landless strays than valiant adventurers..."
- Beowulf, trans. Dick Ringler

At a sturdily built 6'3", Eyvi Hafmundrsson is an imposing figure. His raggedly cut blond hair and beard have been bleached nearly white by constant exposure to the sun, and piercing ice-blue eyes twinkle in his deeply tanned face. He wears a sailor's tunic and wrapped leggings over leather boots. His forearms are encircled with the intricately patterned tattoos common among the Suel tribesmen.

Eyvi usually wears a breastplate, and nearly always carries a massive axe of exquisite craftsmanship, etched with runic script and designs similar to those tattooed on his forearms.

When Eyvi won his tattoos and became a man at the age of 13, his father Hafmundr presented him with an axe as tall as he was, and an oar on the longship of Yngvi Iorundson. Eyvi sailed with Yngvi for three years, raiding up and down the coastline. One evening, as Yngvi's band were drinking up the spoils of a particularly good month's raid, word arrived that a large troop of armored horsemen were riding towards town. Yngvi's men quickly put out to sea -- except for Eyvi, who was otherwise occupied with a friendly girl in a private location, and missed the whole thing.

The next ship to arrive in that port was a merchant ship bound for Sasserine. Despite his experience as a sailor, Eyvi had trouble getting a berth, until the ship's navigator, one Col Tobinson, put in a good word for the lad with the big axe and the funny accent. Col was kind to Eyvi, teaching the Suel raider to read and write and introducing him to some Sasserine ship captains not too particular about their crews' past.

For the last ten years, Eyvi has worked as a sailor on various ships out of Sasserine. He has a reputation for being good in a fight and for being loyal to his current employer, and his modest income as a sailor is often supplemented by work of a more violent -- and more profitable -- nature.

Eyvi was busy enjoying the fruits of his most recent employment when word reached his ears that one day a group of people including Col Tobinson were asking questions about one Vanthus Vanderboren, and the next day they had disappeared...

Eyvi is usually good-natured and happy to share a drink and a tale with anyone, but can go from smiling to infuriated in moments. Though his accent is worn to almost nothing, he retains the blunt speech and boastfulness of his homeland, which is often mistaken for rudeness by the thin-skinned. Eyvi is very loyal to friends and only slightly less loyal to employers.

+900 gp starting at level 2
-200 gp Breastplate
-320 gp MW Greataxe
-15 gp Heavy Flail
-1 gp Waterskin
-1 gp Trail rations 2 days
-1 gp belt pouch
-20 gp 100 ft silk rope
-50 gp Potion, CLW
-50 gp Potion, CLW
242 gp

+1000 starting
1000 xp total


Kalenestarianthalus Floriandin gray elven beguiler

Kalenestarianthalus Floriandin
Gray elf Beguiler level 2 CG

Str 8
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 8
Cha 12
hp 11
AC 15 (+2 armor, +3 dex) Touch 13, Flat footed 12
F +1 R +3 W +2

Init +7 Move 30'
BAB +1
Grapple +0
Attack +1
dagger +0 melee +4 ranged d4-1 19-20 slashing RI 10 or
Short bow +4 d6-1 x3 ranged piercing RI 60 ft

Feats: Improved Initiative

Skills (skills with ranks marked with a *)
Balance +5
Bluff* +6
Climb -1
Concentration* +6
Diplomacy* +8
Disable Device* +11
Escape artist +3
Gather Info +1
Hide +3
Jump +1
Listen +1
Knowledge Arcane* +9
Move silent +3
Search* +11
Sense Motive -1
Sleight of Hand* +10
Speak Language* NA
Spot +1
Swim* +4
Tumble* +8

Languages: Common, Elvish, Abyssal, Giant, Sylvan, Auran, Draconic, Goblin, Orc, Gnoll, 1 TBD

Spells 6/5

Spells known
0 dancing lights, daze, detect magic, ghost sound, message, open/close, read magic,
1 charm person, color spray, comprehend languages, detect secret doors, disguise self, expeditious retreat, hypnotism, mage armor, obscuring mist, rouse*, silent image, sleep, undetectable alignment, whelm*

Echantment Compulsion Mindaffecting
V, S
1 standard action
Close 25' +5ft/2 levels
10'R burst
No save
sleeping creatures in AOE awaken[/sblock]
Echantment Compulsion Mindaffecting
V, S
1 standard action
Close 25' +5ft/2 levels
1 living creature
Will negates
SR Yes
1d6 non lethal, increases as Magic Missile.[/sblock]

Equipment light load 26 lbs. carrying 23.5 lbs.
Leather armor 15 lbs
Snazzy silver elven clothing
dagger 1 lb
short bow 2 lbs
quiver and 20 arrows 3 lbs
Deck of cards
Spell component pouch 2lbs.
Thieve's tools masterwork 2 lbs
cure light wounds potion
Belt pouch 1/2lb.
163 gold 7 silver 5 copper


To hear the mountain elf tell it, he won knowledge of illusions from the demon prince Fraz Urb Lu and a frost giant jarl after besting all comers at cards in Queen Titania's faerie court. His enchantments were taught by the green dragon Matsuu Dargus before she disappeared from the world in a cloud of ravens. A djinn blessed him with an eye for trapspringing after he released the air spirit from a brass bottle trap. He has travelled the Wild Coast, the Kingdom of Dream, and dallied at the Courts of the Fey.

Kalenestarianthalus Floriandin is a gray elf beguiler. Like most elves magic came easily to Kalen. He dove into the mysteries of mind magic, the arts of illusion and enchantment. Reality and truth are states of mind he bends to his will. He has a wanderlust to see and experience the wonders and charms of the worlds, both real and imagined. Not one to brood, Kalen faces life's challenges with optimism and good humor.

Taller and grander appearing than typical high elves, Kalen is a handsome golden haired gray elf. His violet eyes are full of amusment and self confidence. He typically attires himself in striking clothes of silver cloth.

Recently, as elves measure time, Kalen arrived in the human port city of Sasserine. He has ensconced himself in the merchant quarter and explored the city, seeing the different flavors of life it has to offer. He amuses himself with games of chance and sharing tales of the wonders of the world he has seen over drinks with friends. Some take his tales with a grain of salt but enjoy the fanciful details.

One recent incident did not go so well.

"You're a liar an a cheat, pointy ears!" Kalen glanced up at the man sitting across the card table and raised an eyebrow inquiringly while pulling in the hand's winnings, his pleasant smile never faltering. "You don't say Kern." the elf said laconically, almost amused. "There's no way you could've gotten the knave o' stars in your hand aft'n I ... You could'n 'ave. You cheated. An there is no dream king, no fairy court you been to. You lied about the dragon teachin you magic and freein the genie. I'll bet you can't even do any magic at all. You're a liar an a cheat, a nothin" the man leaped up and slammed his dagger hard into the table where Kalen's hand had been a second earlier, "An we'll be taking all these coins you stole from us and those others of yours that should be ours. An that fancy hat." The other men at the table laughed and went for blades as well while the bartender looked on apprehensively. In the blink of an eye Kalen was out of his seat calling out in a booming voice words of power, his hands flashing to a belt pouch then performing intricate acrane gestures. The men backed up and one closed his eyes flinching in anticipation. But when nothing apparently happened the blades came out and they advanced on the elf. "See," Kern said "No magic t'all, tis jest a big blu- . . ." Then his words stopped as all eyes turned to look in horror to the beastie materializing to Kalen's right.

An eight foot long white body with dark spots, the massive arachnid seemed to coalesce instantly out of the ether, venom dripping from its mandibles. "Gentlemen, did I ever tell you the tale of how the Lady Anansi granted me the use of her pet phase spider?" Kern and his bravos desperately leaped to the attack against the beast, but their blades fell through the apparition revealing it to be as ghostly as the ether. However it was enough time for Kalen to draw forth a handful of red, white, and tan sands from his pouch and blow them towards the trio of toughs. A burst of color exploded from the sands enveloping the men and overwhelming their minds. They collapsed in a heap. Kalen gathered up his winnings, tipped his hat to the bartender, and decided it was time to depart.

Eight days later a halfling woman delivered an invitation to the elf. Never one to pass up a party or possible intrigue, Kalen accepted graciously.

James Heard

Hawthorne Hap
Male Human Cleric 2
CG(N backsliding) Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init -1; Senses Listen +2 Spot +2
Languages Common, Olman, Sueloise
AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 14; -1 dex, +3 sharkskin armor, +1 buckler
hp 12 (2 HD)
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 MW cutlass (1d6, 19-20*) OR +3 MW dagger (1d4, 19-20, 10 RI) OR -3 armor spikes
Ranged +0
Special Actions Domain Granted Powers
Base Atk +1; Grp +1
Combat Gear masterwork cutlass, masterwork dagger
Abilities Str 11 Dex 8 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 16
SQ *+2 Circumstance bonus to resist being disarmed with cutlass
Feats Simple Weapons Proficiency, All Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Able Learner,
Skills (Armor check penalty -2) Concentration +5 (5 ranks), Diplomacy +4 (1 ranks), Escape Artist -1 (+5 when bound with rope or other easily cut bindings, 0 ranks), Gather Information +5 (1 ranksCC), Heal +7 (5 ranks), Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering) +3 (1 ranksCC), Knowledge (Geography) +4 (2 ranksCC), Knowledge (Religion) +7 (5 ranks), Profession (Sailor) +7 (5 ranks)
Experience Points: 1000
Possessions combat gear plus equipment in equipment worksheet
Cleric Spells Prepared (4/2+1, CL 2nd, +0 ranged touch, +1 melee touch, Domains: Family, Ocean):
  • 0th— (DC 12) Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Mending x2
  • 1st— (DC 13) BlessD, Cure Light Wounds x2

Height: 6'2
Weight: somewhat scrawny
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Family Domain Granted Power (Su): Once per day as a free action, you can protect a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modified with a +4 dodge bonus to AC. This ability lasts 1 round per level. An affected creature loses this protection if it moves more than 10 feet from you. You can affect yourself with this ability.

Ocean Domain Granted Power (Su): You have the supernatural ability to breathe water as if under the effect of a water breathing spell, for up to 1 minute per level. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies, lasts until it runs out or is no longer needed, and can operate multiple times per day (up to the total daily time limit).

Merchant's Tongue: Growing up around the merchants of this district made you glib and gave you a keen eye for value.

Benefit: You have already made quite a bit of money, and have a knack for making more. If you take this feat at 1st level, you gain a one-time bonus of 300 gp to your starting cash. In addition, whenever you sell an object, you can make an opposed Diplomacy check to automatically sell an object for 5% over its asking price.

L1>Cleric 1 HP: 8 SP: 20
STR 2pts DEX 0pts CON 2pts INT 6pts WIS 8pts CHA 10pts
Skill (ranks) Concentration 4, Gather Information 1, Heal 4, Geography 2, Religion 4, Sailor 4, architecture & engineering 1
1st Feat: Merchant's TongueRegional, Able Learner
Languages: Common, Olman, Sueloise

L2>Cleric 2 HP: 4 SP: 5
Skill (ranks) Concentration 1, Heal 1, Religion 1, Sailor 1, Diplomacy 1
[sblock=Equipment Worksheet]
Starting Gold = 1200GP

0000.00 pirate's (travelers) outfit (one free outfit to hide naked adventurers, includes jack tar hat)
0085.00 sharkskin armor (counts as as armor spikes, +6 circumstance to escape artist) 15lb.
0010.00 oilskin suit (Sea-Coat) 10lb.
0004.00 (w/ inside pocket (tiny), DC 25 Search to discover)
0110.00 (w/ Everburning lucky coin inside)
0300.00 (w/ 100gp pearls x3 inside)
0315.00 masterwork cutlass 3lb.
0302.00 masterwork dagger 1lb.
0015.00 buckler 5lb.
0001.00 (w/ holy symbol painted onto the surface)
0010.00 (w/ hidden space (bought as false scabbard) (tiny), DC 25 to discover)
0001.00 flint & steel
0005.00 signet ring
0001.00 belt pouch .5lb.
0005.00 spell component pouch 2lb.
6GP SP, 36.5lb light load (less than 38lb.)
[sblock=Inspirational artwork good and fairly won through the graceful pirate arts of Google]
Art by Anry

[sblock=Of the Infamous Haps of Sasserine]

Some say that Haps have distinctive features, dark eyes, a particular chin, a certain bearing - but the truth is that though you can sort of tell a Hap by looking at them the simple fact of the matter is that Haps are bad news, and they wear that bad news in everything they do.

Sasserine has been home to generations of Haps, and it is most surely the home of Hawthorne Hap. Of unknown origin and ethnicity, the Haps have in varying degrees enlightened and disgraced the landscape of Sasserine for as long as anyone can fairly remember.

There are Hap drunks, gamblers, ladies of ill-repute, a couple of cousins a little too close for conventional society - and there are also even darker Haps, like Harkness Hap and the Hap Gang, who once preyed upon travelers and village-folk alike with a strangely consistent Hap sense of matter-of-fact'ness that seems to hover on the tongue of even the youngest Hap like a dirty word in church. Then there are the church Haps, who fairly never seem to follow a normal sort of gods, they're always mixed up with Mungo the Monkey of Fair Play or some fish-headed squid cult that requires regular participation on the docks at night drunk and singing awful songs. There are even a few well-to-do Haps out there, though strangely most keep well away from their fellow Haps, even to the point of barring the employment of their cousins and kin from their manors. This has led to the Hap saying of "There's no greater love than a brother with an empty purse."

Haps have many detractors and opponents, people that the Hap clan has swindled, committed adultery upon, sired children upon, beaten up, cheated at dice with, and some people just plain offended by their very nature. This isn't to say that every abuse heaped upon a Hap was ever deserved, but most folks who are familiar with the Haps are prone to be allowing as to a Hap that's not done one person wrong has likely done something worse to another. Or, even being a saintly, non-threatening sort of Hap, they're likely just plain weird.

It can't change the fact that Haps are the "salt of Sasserine" though, as the Hap saying goes. While many "newcomers" to Sasserine have only lived in the town for a few centuries, family legends suggest that the Haps have lived in the area around Sasserine since the time of the old empires, eking out an existence trading with the passing pirates for whiskey and sniff, barely on the smiling side of civilized. This has led to many Haps growing up with a chip on their shoulder from sweeping up the floors of the high and mighty through the generations, but most people would agree that Haps, being Haps, probably would have grown up with a chip on their shoulder regardless.

All through Sasserine you can see the Hap lip, the Hap jaw, have your purse stolen by mischievous young Hap cousins, or be propositioned by not so young Hap patriarchs in bars for having bumps on your chest (or not, depending on how drunk they are). You can visit Harkness Hap up at his shack in the jungle and listen to him ramble on about all the women and gold he stole before his change of heart, or how he met the love of his life, or the town pardoned him, or he killed his damned ol' daddy Handsome Pol Hap who made him evil mad his whole life. You can have you washing and cleaning done by a score or more of Hap wives who all have something to say about each other and everyone and who need the extra coin to pay for the hordes of children beget upon them by their loutish, irresponsible, lazy Hap husbands. If you find the Hap husbands you'll find farmers, moonshiners, fishermen, cooks, and the heart of Sasserine daily life entire. You also will find your wives and daughters leered at and commented upon, yourself beaten and cheated at with dice, a friend to drink you under the table with in your darkest hours, every single vice available in Sasserine laid out like a roadmap of long-term Hap connections, and some of the most loyal, cutthroat, and bloodthirsty friends you shall ever find. This has led to the Hap saying "A more honest friend than a Hap can't be had, and a Hap will have you." This has led to another Hap saying, "There's no more honest lie than the honest truth," which gets repeated a lot but no one can explain rightly outside of the family much.

In any case, Haps can clearly trace their hand in each and every building in the entire town of Sasserine and most of the bloodlines, through marriage or not, making the Haps of Sasserine nothing if not famous, or infamous, in their tiny corner of the world - at least to other Haps. This has led to the Hap saying "A Hap has had a hand in every stone and pants in Sasserine." Various noble houses refuse to comment, except occasionally in whispers when a young child "accidentally" drowns at a young age. You can't be too careful with a Hap.
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Hawthorne Hap is a lad with large, oversized features surrounding a slightly build and intense-looking blue eyes. Despite earning a few suspicious looks from his pa when he was born, Hawthorne's large, luminous eyes and fine (for a Hap) features have served him well over the years. Regardless of his heritage he has a singularly unsuspicious-looking face and that has vexed more than one towns person in the past that have based their judgments on appearances. Hawthorne's Pa, Big Mick Hap, runs a taxidermy service, acts as a guide to unwary travelers into the jungle, repairs all manner of buildings and sea craft, holds a monthly cockfight in the large shed erected near the beach where he does his woodworking, and collects the mushrooms and rare herbs related to his Uncle Tobbick's "farm" for a share of that business as well.

As well as being a busy, hard-working honest Hap, he instilled upright Hap values in all of his children. Two of Hawthorne's older brothers are in prison in Urnst for piracy, while the oldest slips in a few times a year with his crew to update Pa on how far they've come on springing them out. All of Hawthorne's sisters, well except for little Marlee, are all fat and round, married off to luckless dupes to raise Hap heirs and kinsmen. Hawthorne even had a twin once, or so he's told, but "he had the devils in him" and his mother drowned him before he could cause evils when he was a baby. Hawthorne is his Pa's constant strain and agony.

Hawthorne speaks with the peculiar and slightly adaptive drawl and slang of the entire Hap clan. It contains a startling number of curse words derived from all over the world, piratical and agricultural references, and sometimes seems to be something of another language entirely to outsiders.

Hawthorne Hap often appears around town looking like the very essence of a Hap in his homespun hickory cloth pants worn and torn just below the knees, often shirtless or in the wide, off-white loose shirts common among the Hap field men, wearing a beaten straw hat and shoeless. This is worn calculatingly to give the appearance of guilessness in his broad, honest-looking, sun-kept features. His over-large blue eyes peek mirthfully from beneath an enormous mop of sun bleached blonde hair. His nose is perhaps just a bit large and bent from scuffles with his cousins over the years and sits above a wide, expressive mouth that would smile at his own funeral to show a most remarkably white and straight (for a Hap) set of perfect teeth.

Though his accusers’ notions of slackery are often warranted, Hawthorne's hands belie that fact and show the hard usage of any other Hap. Often fawning young girls can be found trying to straighten his cracked and split nails or combing his hair in the common rooms of the taverns, weaving braids containing charms into his hair as he sits seemingly placidly resigned to his nigh horrible fate, complacently shuffling dice or reading texts of surprising subjects and rare origin like books of Orcish poetry, or Gnomish romance novels.

The truth be told, in fact, that once most folk get to know Hawthorne, they can't quite decide what sort of Hap he might be. That suits Hawthorne just fine, seeing as he's still not quite sure himself. Born with the "th'heart of a wounded star," Hawthorne was probably doomed from the start. Outsiders have scoffed at the young man's "search for th'deepest true" as more Hap nonsense, but in his own indifferent way he's earnest enough about it. Virtually every temple and priest in Sasserine has had to endure varying degrees of interrogation and comparison with their fellows from the mouth of Hawthorne Hap.

As the years have passed, Hawthorne's inquisitive nature has never lessened. Double parts credulous and willful, virtually no aspect of religion is left unturned no matter who strange or foul - though often he's as likely to simple ask to observe the more onerous rituals, and during long services he has a tendency to snore until the "good stuff." Hawthorne himself is either seems to regard, or at least promotes the idea that, his own powers of healing and such are merely "tricks." Most people aren't quite sure if Hawthorne means to say that the gods themselves are stupid, or if Hawthorne is more clever, or something else that probably only makes sense to Hawthorne.

Regardless of how he does it, an awful lot of common folk often benefit from it as he's varying degrees of free most of the time, unless you happen to be a pretty girl in which case his initial prices often have to be talked down from "undergarments." No one was quite sure what the prices were for the folk who can afford such things as divine healing, as Hawthorne either didn't do it or didn't talk about it until recently. Unfortunately for Hawthorne, regardless of the girl's apparently eager willingness to pay the price and participation, her father was less than amused. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if the girl weren't quite so besotted with him and denounced her betrothed, or declared in public that she was keeping the baby, or pushed her mother into the canals, but that's all water in the boat now. Hawthorne's in a bind. One way or another he's got to sink or swim and he's got a clear idea of which he'd prefer. Get out of town or make himself acceptable or both, or at the very least move to someplace where every other girl around hasn't heard the story.
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Mad Col: "Pok'd all salt and vinegar. Col's a joy to follow t'market or better'n still t'chat with bout the puffers pranced all round n'der idols n'stuff, but pok ALL why won't th'man sit down n'tell me bout that DAMNED SHIP! Y'buy a man rum n'tell em bout which skirt turns loose fer a bit of wine and the blighter won't talk bout a simple tale o'his madness. Bleedin' annoying it is, an worse my Ma wails on a sight when she finds out I been a talkin' to him."

Anar Tovini: " MEESTER Tovini! Argh! I get a kick out'v saying that still. Served wot me on de Lasser's Ass he did, and a swell fellow he wod fer sure. Can't hold his liquor more'n a babe off the :):):) o'course, but dat's orright s'long as yer only fortifying the ladies for their charms alike. Dunno if'n he's any sort of salt, bot th'seas not kinder when you sail without some pretty pickle like Anar along."

Baelathavin: "Wot? OO's e? Bella wot? S'that something you rub on yer feet?"

Eyjólfr Hafmundarson: " Oi, Effer's th'palest salt yer likely to run inta, alike ye can't tell sometimes wot with all the paintin' he's gone along. Not a'poor sort, mind you - jus a queer bit soft in th'head or something. Har Har, you should see him like when he's all red-faced and tacked up. Not that I'd care for that sort of attention misself, but oh, the tragedy that man brings at his hams and steel!"

Kalenestarianthalus Floriandin: "This'un's not t'be trusted. Oh, I see em round, but you give that sort a wide berth and hope e' don't come t'steal yer breath away in the night. S'not right, his kind. S'one thing to dally in larceny, and a whole another t'call it yer whole profession. Slicker'n slime on the main spar are his sort, and honest men keep one hand on der purse an th'other on der daggers when spoiling sugar wot em."
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