D&D (2024) Maybe this is a bit late, but let's talk about Rogue's Niche, and What Rogue Should Be.


Flyssa, if google is to be believed
This is, to my knowledge, correct. Kabyle (Berber) weapon but it really looks like something an elf would wield.
Well, my fremen-like "wood" elves living in the desert among ruins and post-apocalyptic petrified forests wield them!

On topic: Swashbuckler are fine but you need, like with the Rogue, some bonus to damage mechanic. Dex would make the stats too strong, sorry for Dex fans. But class features can help. You "just" need a level based bonus to damage and/or another stat to damage like Int. Look at the PF1e Duelist and work from there. Steal something from the 3.0 Iaijutsu Master if you want to go unarmored and fish for weird mechanics.

You don't need to boost damage too much unless the system is heavy on damage reduction (5e is not). To encourage an interesting playstyle, encourage triggers (say, parry and reposte) and bonus attacks.
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