Mega-Adventure Prelude--Tenebrynn's Revel


Upon arriving, Dorrin has his cleric's vestments brushed and carefully polishes his holy symbol. The important things finished, he heads down to the common room of the inn to find a good game of cards before leaving for the meeting.


After arriving, Jace gathers his things and finds a safe place to clean up and stash his things.
Jace then heads to the council with the other heroes in waiting.
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Maladar Lvl 1 Ranger

Maladar heads to the Inn with the rest of the group. During the travels here he did not speak much with anyone else, prefering the quite solitude of the ride. A little saddle sore he makes his way to the council.


On the brink of the grand group's departure, Jinx scrounges up an inkpot, pen, and a few sheets of parchment. If anyone asks, he explains: "Look. I'm no historian, and I don't know about you, but somethin' like half of all adventurers in the world ridin' off on magical horses, to meet some dire threat? I never heard about anyone doin' anythin' like this, ever.. so I don't figure there's harm in writin' some of it down. I think it's a tale that deserves to be on parchment, or paper."

During the trip, he's sociable enough; he tries to strike up conversations with various people, makes some effort to get to know the names of the entire party and write them all down, and exchanges tall tales of the sea and patent sailor's tips on making bland food taste more palatable around the nightly campfires.


Saithnar spends the journey mostly alone. He seems distracted and keeps cocking his head as if listening for some noise that no other can hear. When the time comes to chop more wood for the fire one night, he stares at a medium sized log until suddenly it explodes into pieces of kindling. Brushing bark strips off his shoulder, he says "My apologies. I am still attempting to fine tune my control."


Nura tries to learn as much as she can about her travel companions and all the things she does not know about. Lots off how, why, when, were, and who. Most of the time she leave those who does not seam sociable to them self and spend her time with the rest. However she does disturp Saithnar one early evening and bombard him with questions about psionc even through Saithnar seems distracted(if he does that night), she don’t seems to accept an I don’t know on issues but tries with surgestions and mindspin to sort out any posibilities. Unless he tells her to leave him alone the on slaughter continue until the camp goes to rest.

OoC: she told you she had lots of questions outside the inn


Ximix, High Elven Cleric of Gliran - submitted for lvl 3

OOC: Checking in and hoping to get in on the action as well, most troubled by the jump from 2nd to 3rd level Cleric, will Ximix still be able to join the MA?

Knight Otu

LogicsFate said:
For travel purposes Valan buys a horse and feed and follow the largest group to the council.
No need to buy anything if you travel with the main group. Magical horses and food for everyone.

Rae ArdGaoth

Fimble's mind is reeling from the sudden change in mood and the mass exodus that just occurred. Rikitiki, his weasel, pokes her head out from under his collar and watches the party attendees depart. Fimble waves goodbye to Tor and Babette, wishing them luck, and explaining that he would love to go but he has to visit the library first and maybe he'll be along later but he doubts it.

Still a little stunned, he shakes his small head and says, "Come on Riki, I have a strange feeling about something..."

Knight Otu

LogicsFate said:
OoC: True but Valans been wanting a horse since he lost his first one.
Maybe you should buy one in Medibaria, then, if possible (I think it is. Rystil?). I haven't looked at your sheet, but using a horse for this travel is likely to slow you down too much.