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[Merged] D&D forum renaming thread


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I don't want my peas mixed with my carrots (D&D mixed with Starfinder, for example).
But I don't mind having all my peas in one pod, either (all D&D forums combined into one).

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Ok, I'm not crazy!

I clicked on the 5e tab in the app. Saw the ice storm thread, and everyone talking about how the spell has no save vs. Fireball, which does.

This made me very confused as Ice storm certainly has a save - in 5e.

In short, very confusing change, but I can adjust.


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This was a really poorly implemented move.
With the lack of tags on the majority of threads, we have to go on context to work out edition.
Honestly, that's a lot of reading I've just not got time for.

And even if tags are fully implemented, what then? People who want 5e filter by the 5e tag and we might as well of had the forums remain separate.
And don't even get me started on the homebrew. Do we now have to choose between tagging it as a homebrew and stating what edition it's for?

EDIT: Not to mention the amount of traffic it's added. I'm seeing even popular threads getting pushed off the front page, less popular things (like Homebrew) just doesn't stand a chance.
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I think it can be a bit confusing because just what is D&D? All editions is one things, but what about D&D based games that aren't D&D? The host of 3e spinoffs or the dozens of OSR games that don't have anything to do with D&D? (Though none of those really get much talk here, so kinda a moot point)


I agree with Zardnaar. Having to sift through old edition threads for 5th edition isn't all that intuitive. If you do want all D&D in one, make "subforums" within the D&D portion of the forum. Make the main 5th edition (or the current edition), then one subforum for 4th, one for 3rd, and one for AD&D. Having everything mixed together is just a pain.


I don't know. Clicking the 5E filter (or whatever) doesn't feel like that much of a burden to me. But that's just my opinion.

Question though: Is it possible to get tags added to existing threads that don't have them? At least fairly current ones? (Like, for example, The Ghost of Saltmarsh Maps thread). Not a big deal, and a temporary problem. But just noticed that when I clicked the filter I lost a few threads I had been keeping an eye out for.

Edit to add: Oh, and is it possible to give a thread multiple tags? That would be cool. Totally understand if not.



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Side note -- you can sort threads by tag.

I don't know. Clicking the 5E filter (or whatever) doesn't feel like that much of a burden to me. But that's just my opinion.

But at that point you might as well have had a subforum. It has the same effect, except now it's less newbie friendly (and relies on people actually tagging their post).
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It doesn't solve the "Jim Ward" problem (luminary who deserves more traffic), but it seems that we are creating a huge problem by solving something that doesn't pop up very often.
Allowing us to filter by tag doesn’t help with this “problem” either, since the Jim Ward post isn’t tagged, so anyone who’s just viewing the filtered forum still won’t see it.

Could I suggest moving the "General" Forum to the top of the forum list, and the "Dungeons & Dragons" forum second? I think having a forum for all D&D combined is going to cause more general discussion to happen there. Having the General forum on top might help encourage people to use it for non-game-specific discussion.


Unless tagging is obligatory (and really should be retroactively implemented) it's going to make using the forums a less user friendly experience, and I imagine I'll be using it much less (yes, I know, low post count, but a long time reader). FWIW I'm exclusively interested in 5e content, for which this site has been my go to resource.

Please consider undoing the changes.

Cheers, Ludd

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