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[Merged] D&D forum renaming thread

Since all I did was change the name of two forums, there’s no way it could have unsubscribed you from anything.

Then some other glitch happened at about the same time. I only keep subscriptions to threads I have commented on, and I go through every few months and unsubscribe to the oldest stuff that has gone inactive or that I no longer have interest in. So I probably had between 5 and 10 subscribed threads since the last time I did that. But when I realized I was only getting email notifications for one thread, even though there should have been others, I checked my list and there was only that one thread subscribed. I went ahead and unsubscribed from that one, since I was not reading it anymore, but I have no idea what happened to the rest that should have still been on my list.

Edit: and I just went now to look and make sure this thread was showing as subscribed, and there are 24 other threads showing now that were not when I made my other post. Some of the ones showing again are ones I was sure I had manually unsubscribed to, so something weird is going on.

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I don't get it.

If the only thing changed is name changes, that sounds like a shruggable edit.

If, OTOH, now 3E, 4E and 5E threads are jumbled together that's a huge change, and a very unfortunate one.


I've given it some time, but I'm still not a fan. I agree that Jim Ward's column is wonderful, but I don't think it was worth the confusion the merge has created.


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I know I said it early, but I just want to restate it to confirm that it's not a knee-jerk reaction:
Unless edition tagging is mandatory (and somehow retroactively applied), it's just unusable ATM.
Filter by 5e? Miss out on the untagged 5e threads.
Use no filter? Wade through everything else and hope that the interesting untagged thread is about 5e.


I’m used to it. I could make it so every time you posted you got sent $10 and there would be a loud vocal faction who hate everything about it. I’ve learned not to worry about initial reaction to any change, and wait for things to settle. :)

I am willing to beta test this feature. ;)


[MENTION=6780961]Yunru[/MENTION] is right. I care about two kinds of posts:
- relevant to 5E
- relevant to all editions of D&D

However, there's currently no filter that shows me what I want. I need to either open the forum twice, or "filter with my eyeballs." I'd love it if tags were mandatory, and there were a viewing mode that showed both threads tagged with 5E and threads tagged with "All Editions." The best UI would be to make the filter selection check-boxes and I can include the editions I want. But now I'm just dreaming.


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So far I don't mind this change.

The problem with forced tagging is that sometimes questions asked* or discussions raised regarding one D&D edition either already have an answer in another or are applicable to more than just that one edition even if the OP doesn't realize it and-or only cares about one.

* - with the exception of specific rules questions; "rules" maybe should have its own sub-forum inside D&D with tagging mandatory in that sub-forum only.


From the man himself:

Well I am worried that a lot of really awesome D&D articles on older D&D articles will be buried under pathfinder/starfinder as they are not moved over to the D&D forum. I do no think that more than 20-30% of the 1.4 million posts in there is really about pathfinder or starfinder.
Would have made more sense to have those sorted out and moved to a new forum and then renamed the remaining to "Older D&D editions".


One problem I see is that there's a lot of older 3.x stuff currently in the "Pathfinder" section. Stuff from relatively recently, as well as *years* of history in the old 3e Rules forums. If you look at post statistics, it looks like this site is a Pathfinder site that recently jumped ship to D&D.

Would it be possible to only take [PF] tagged threads for the new Pathfinder forum, and take everything else to D&D where it belongs? I don't think that gives proper separation between the Old School and New School stuff, but it would be a big step in the right direction.

If there is no intent to do this sorting from the administrator side (which I am not sure there is or not as we still have not recieved an answer to that question yet in these forums), please provide the means for thread owners to at least change them themselves. If the later is somehow is possible, please provide instructions on how it is done, because I have not figured it out yet


Maybe merge this thread with other forum reorg thread? This way you don't have to respond in both, [MENTION=27229]MoR[/MENTION]rus.


Well, that was fun
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The forum names have been changed, but no threads have been moved yet as that's a much bigger job.

Bu because you showed so much concern about correct forum placement, I moved your thread to the correct form. You are very welcome. :)

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