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[Merged] D&D forum renaming thread


Yeah, it's really inappropriate (for lack of a better word) for 4e threads to be under the Pathfinder forum.

Tagging isn't sufficient, either. I think a tree structure of subfora under the general D&D forum for past editions makes the best sense. Maybe also have a separate subforum for 5e rules questions and homebrew. That way the general news discussion and higher-level discussions or such wouldn't be swamped by too much theory crafting of minutia.

Tony Vargas

Still waiting to have all my 4th edititon threads moved to the new structure, as they are now hidden under Pathfinder.
I have not seen a single thread being moved into the new structure. If the ambition level at least was to move one a day, or better 100 per week, it would at least indicate some ambition level
Would bumping them with the note "Please move to the D&D forum" help?

Is there any way to add a tag to an old thread you, yourself, started?


Well, that was fun
Staff member
That would not help, no.

Folks, right now we have a nasty bug which means moving threads is a problem. It’s being worked on.