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Honestly these two tweets excite me the most.

Edit: Damnit I was out scooped by Thaumaturge. Curses!
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Wait and see approach

I am very excited about the newest edition of D&D. I am really hoping that WOTC redeems themselves from the lameness of 4th edition. I purchased the 3 book box set of 4th edition, ran a campaign. I hated it, and so did all of my players. I have not bought any other 4th edition books since.

Everyone in my group now plays pathfinder and it is going to be difficult to switch. Making the investment into a new set of books is expensive. WOTC is going to really have to wow me in order for me to spend my money and trust on them, especially after what they pulled in 4th edition.

I will not be rushing out to buy their books either. I will wait a year or two. Read reviews, and read through the books while standing around in Barnes and Noble. I will be absolutely certain this time about what I am buying into. With 4th edition, I gave them my trust and money blindly because of my love for D&D. They destroyed that love and trust by being super lame.

So I will wait and see...

Hutchimus Prime

If you're worried about cost and laying out money for a system you guys won't like; why not try and introduce your group to the free to download Basic D&D that WOTC is releasing?

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